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  1. Not a fatal mistake by Wilson due to the D, but can’t have any more.
  2. Didn’t like the play call. Too aggressive that deep in your own territory.
  3. NFL up to its old favor the Pats tricks early. Quick whistle ruins a takeaway. Tick tacky roughing call gives Pats 15 after good play by D.
  4. To continue… if you get it deep and Carolina recovers it, you can play D almost entirely against the run daring Darnold to put it up.
  5. Onside kick odds are so low, I’d squib kick it deep, hope for a bounce and at worst put it on defense to get ball back with a minute left. But that’s me.
  6. Doesn’t apply if it’s a Jet QB that’s hit. we’ve seen this before.
  7. NFL salivated over this matchup, but it would have been better if the placed it at week 8 or later. This outcome is not at all a surprise — 4th year QB vs. untested rookie in his first. But NFL be NFL.
  8. It’s the Jets. Refs saw the uniform and pushed the flag deeper in their pockets.
  9. The Albany CBS afil chose the Bills game over the Jets. Is it wrong for me to be happy that the Bills are down 10 to Pitt?
  10. Just showed the play on RedZone. Didn’t look like he had the time. O line looks like a sieve.
  11. So, other than the fact that both lines have sucked, none of our first rounders have performed, the game plan seems non-existent, Wilson should be on the taxi squad and our punter was knocked out when he was injured by one of his own players, everything is ok. Right?
  12. Finally found game audio on Sirius-XM. But maybe I’ll wish I hadn’t.
  13. Well, in 3 years he almost never had that with the Jets and on the few occasions he did, he had nobody to throw to.
  14. I guess all Darnold needed was a real football team around him. Who knew?
  15. I can’t watch or listen to it in Albany but it sounds like…. SOJ!
  16. Can’t watch or listen to the game in Albany. CBS afil has Bills game here. ESPN which used to bring Jets here is carrying Jacksonville - Houston for some goddamn reason. Internet audio is shut off due to rights reasons. Fully screwed up here.
  17. This is the NFL turning itself into a joke. The transparency behind setting this as the opening game fails to impress. It would make far more sense for teams to open in-division and for this game to be scheduled further into the season when both QBs will likely be more established within their respective systems. Instead, we’ll have an NFL-engineered circus that will disservice both teams and their QBs, not to mention the fans. Is PT Barnum the commissioner of the NFL now?
  18. Yeah this Washington team belongs in the playoffs. Interception and 3 fumbles in the last 10 minutes.
  19. What the hell is Sudfeld doing out there anyway. They needed more solid evidence that he sucks? Got slabs for hands and happy feet to boot!
  20. The fact that any team from the NFC East is going to the playoffs is ridiculous. This is not quality football. It reminds me of watching the Jets.
  21. I never said stick with Sam. But I would pick a QB late and let the two fight it out for starter. I’d use the high picks and free agency to build the lines and get some playmakers. The QB shouldn’t be the first brick in the wall unless you’re giving him something to work with.
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