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  1. Is the forearm to the receiver's head allowed? Just asking.
  2. Gee, you'd think with ten days off, they'd have a little more energy.
  3. Well, at least the Mets won. That makes my sports day half a success.
  4. Gee, that ball they're giving the Jets must have pig grease all over it. Anybody looking for a butt fumble next?
  5. Jets D still can't get off the field on third and long. How about we try something different to address that.
  6. The clown car that is NFL officiating rolls on. You can leave the final decision to the referee when he and his entire crew missed the play in the first place. Call should be made by a video judge.
  7. So far, we have blown coverage by the kick coverage team and an illegal contact penalty. Multiple boneheaded plays.
  8. Ok. We're ahead again. What boneheaded play will we choose to go with to give it back?
  9. I don't know how you can have a penalty for taunting in a game where all everybody ever does is talk trash.
  10. Richardson ought to shut his mouth and rush the damn passer.
  11. Geez, is it me or are both these CBS guys rooting for the Bills? Alright a FG is a bit of a letdown but holding the ball for 8 minutes ain't chopped liver.
  12. Belicheat must've made a pact with Beelzebub. It's the only logical explanation.
  13. The only thing I would add is that Marshall should be credited with contributory negligence. That was 20+ yard gain that Fitz put right in his hands and he just dropped it.
  14. I think the game actually turned in the first quarter when they couldn't punch it in on three tries from the 5 already up 7-0. (In that, I agree with your conservative play call critique.) Then Folk gets his low FG kick blocked or the line fails to protect the kick. Instead of up 14-0 early and the Bengals back on their heels, Fitz and Folk fail to convert a turnover into anything and in the process lose the early momentum. All you can say is that the Jets competed -- D line and O line did well, the sacks and run blocking for Forte -- but creating opportunities and cashing them in are two
  15. Wish I could believe that and I would if I thought this Jet team would be revved up to avenge the loss that prevented them from making the playoffs -- a wound that should still smart. But they won't. And the game is in Buffalo where the Jets always seem to fall short.
  16. Wow. Revis beaten all over the field. Kicker misses an EP and a chip shot field goal. Marshall drops a key pass late. Fitz can't get them into the end zone from inside the 20 multiple times and gets INTed on the last play. How is this any different from last year? Shoulda, coulda been 29-20 when Cinci got the ball for that last drive. Deflating to say the least.
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