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  1. Same friggin' play every time. Who's assigned to the back coming out of the backfield?
  2. Can these DBs cover anything for longer than a split second? They always seem to not be in the picture when the pass arrives!
  3. My bad. Different angle showed it was the only decision. Too much hang time.
  4. Special teams need some work, too. Fair catch? Can't beat one guy? Next tackler was 15 yards upfield. Oh well, at least no muff.
  5. Looks like we'll need extra tackle drills in practice this week.
  6. THAT was a nice pass from Fitz. And Marshall undressed Sherman again. We needed that drive big time.
  7. Well, there's your typical Jet luck. Who manicured this field? Ah... I see it's not an INT. This b/c crew is clueless. Marshall is cutting on his off foot because he's favoring his injured knee. Knuckleheads.
  8. He's certainly more loquacious and entertaining... until his act gets old. Which it did.
  9. Yeah, but rebuilding from what? Rebuilding to what? It's not clear to me, at least.
  10. Good thing baseball comes on at 3:15. Even a meaningless Mets game would be better than watching this.
  11. It also makes you wonder how the Jet brain trust could field an offense without a useful TE. Hello? Have you heard of Graham or--say--Gronkowski?
  12. Even when the sports pundits were saying that the Jets would be good this year, I was saying to myself, "Whaaaat?" It's looking like the skepticism was warranted. The team does have some significant strengths but it also has too many glaring weaknesses that we are seeing exposed every week so far.
  13. 2nd and 25 and Ganley calls a straight running play. Pfft!
  14. It might be advisable for us to develop a least a little semblance of a pass defense.
  15. Still early in the season. 1-2 is not the end of the world. They have a ton of repair work to do. What matters now is how effective those repaired prove to be next week against Seattle.
  16. One glaring fact from the first 3 weeks - This is a tight end league and we have none.
  17. Whoever made up this schedule really hates the Jets. Or Woody Johnson. I'm not all that happy he owns this team, come to think of it.
  18. Looks to me like Fitz is pre-deciding where he's going to throw the ball regardless of whether the receiver is covered. He hasn't checked down to a second or third option all day. What's up with that? Yes, he's not Bart Starr reincarnated, but he is and has been better than this.
  19. Wow. Officiating PI and DH calls is so inconsistent. KC defenders have their hands on Jet receivers all the time and in this game it's being allowed. I've seen plenty of games where you just touch a receiver beyond 5 yards and there's a flag.
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