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  1. Thanks allot for being part of the tanking Adam, we've decided to reward you with a tank of your very own, It's made out of die-cast metal and the turret goes around
  2. I thought he started out on offense , and was converted to Defense ?
  3. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/7b2b435d-a40a-4991-ac95-5d83b1eeccdf
  4. I'm praying for your family, I sure hope you all get well soon.
  5. 11) Tristan Wirfs {OT} 48) Prince T. Wanogho {OT} 68) Van Jefferson {WR} 79) Bradlee Anae {Edge} 110) Ben Bredeson {IOL} 140) Troy Pride {CB} 171) Chase Claypool {WR} 202) Rodrigo Blankenship{K}
  6. from a few weeks ago 11) Tristan Wirfs {OT} 48) Isaiah Wilson {OT} 68) JK Dobbins {RB} 79 ) Denzel Mims {WR} 110) Ben Bredeson {IOL} 140) Chase Claypool {WR} 171) Tommy Kraemer {IOL} 202) Tipa Galea'i {Edge} ---------------------------------------------- last week 11) Tristan Wirfs {OT} 48) JK Dobbins {RB} 68) Van Jefferson {WR} 79) Darrell Taylor {Edge} 110) Ben Bredeson {IOL} 140) Chase Claypool {WR} 171) Jon Runyon {OT} 202) Levonta Taylor {CB} ---------------------------------------------- yesterday 11) Mekhi Becton {OT} 48) J.K. Dobbins {RB} 68) Denzel Mims {WR} 79) Van Jefferson {WR} 110) Ben Bredeson {IOL} 140) Jon Runyan {OT} 171) Chase Claypool {WR} 202) Rodrigo Blankenship {K}
  7. very sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family

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