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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/03/khalil-mack-trade-super-bowl-prediction-peter-king/
  2. Name one person, ONE in all of sports commentary who you can even honestly say is "often right." There isn't one. Sports analysis and opinion is BY FAR the easiest job in the world. Zero consequences.
  3. Dcronin

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    Whoa --just looked it up. Gregg Williams' Cleveland D was ranked.... 30th!!!!! WTF? DC
  4. The greatest dynasty in the history of sports will continue its reign. Belichick and McDaniels in the building means playoffs every single year no matter what. This is what every offense should be like: dynamic, frustratingly unpredictable in a way that keeps Ds off balance. They will likely win today. I am not a Pats fan, just deeply respectful, despite all the Belicheat stuff. They are just unreal. Impossible place to win in the playoffs for opponents.
  5. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE. One thing is true about sports: no one knows anything. Anything could happen. A good historical example of no one knowing anything, recently mentioned somewhere, I forget: When Doug Pedersen was hired, Eagles fans were mostly like WTF??? At the same time, many NFL experts said "Nice job" to Cleveland for hiring Hue Jackson. He's a good offensive mind. He gels with Sam, we're in good shape, that's it. Everyone ******* relax. If he's as big a douch as everyone here thinks he is, I hope he's gone after a year with McCagg. DC
  6. God, I would hate working for a loud a$$hole like that, I really would. I didn't see Hard Knocks though - does it show moments where he's laughing and getting along with the players, too? Yelling works to an extent, but some players just tune that sh*t out after a while, too. Anyone concerned with that, or is his track record just too good? (Seems that it is.) DC
  7. Dcronin

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Oh my God this board. Holy crap what a bunch of miserable sad sacks. This is ALL about Sam Darnold, that's it. They hired the best guy to develop him into the franchise QB we all think he can be. He didn't have a QB in Miami. He's a great offensive mind. He's younger. Stop it. Jesus, what a buncha sad losers. Give him a chance. DC
  8. I would relax, bloodthirsty crowd who wants a rash decision. Let's make this job attractive to our next candidate, okay? AFTER this season. With cap space and a high pick. Not in the middle of a lost season with a torn and frustrated locker room. Calm the F down, everyone.
  9. I think the overall point of the piece is very much in defense of Sam. He is worth being protected. They are just saying bad systems and environments (like Sanchez had) can affect a kid. They really really need to help the kid out. Baptism by fire is one thing, but sending him into the fires of hell every Sunday without help or improvement or full-scale personnel/coaching changes is maybe not a great idea.
  10. Oof. A gloomy POV for sure, not sure I am on board with the analogy completely. Sanchez wouldn't have bounced back from his first NFL pass being taken for 6. But it's a reasonable call for concern. After today's showing, I don't know how you look your team in the eye without making a major change. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/11/4/18062302/sam-darnold-new-york-jets-miami-dolphins
  11. Dcronin

    People need to lay off Darnold

    And by that I mean. O.P. You have to lay off the kid. He has nothing to work with, he's being tossed to the lions out there.
  12. Dcronin

    People need to lay off Darnold

    You are absolutely right.
  13. Do you pull Darnold, for fear of him literally being eaten alive? We should have spent more in free agency this year. This is them packing in the season. This is disgusting.
  14. We are in the process of ruining a young QB. He is absolutely regressing and looks beyond terrible, despite his own team playing against him. Just awful.
  15. This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Up there with Fitz's 5 interceptions against KC. Are the Dolphins the #1 defense in the NFL? Because that's what they look like today.

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