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  1. Trading down and acquiring picks is the Patriot way. I say hell yes.
  2. I Promise You. Just Watch.

    I totally, totally agree. Don't think I understood importance of accuracy all these years. Hackenberg is the ultimate example of what you have without it. Rodgers, Brady, Ryan (and Cousins!) with it. I also understand original posters hunch though. Sometimes long shots with a good head pan out. DC
  3. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Guys, I just want to take a moment to bask in the glory of this thread. This is the most replies I've ever received for one of my errant thought poops on here. I am thinking of holding a celebratory parade and gala for this thread, date/time/location TBD. DC
  4. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Ha ha. there it is. The dumbest reply in the whole thread!
  5. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Best private schools in country in NY/NJ/CT. Gorgeous houses and apartments. Center of the world. He'll wise up.
  6. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Colorado is awesome and weed is legal. You're nuts. Florida is a living breathing craphole filled with morons. And..meth? Yeah Florida has no meth at all. SMH.
  7. So what do you do, where do you go? 1. Cleveland. It's just too monstrous of a turnaround chance, too big a chance to be a hero to turn it down. 2. Jacksonville. With that D? You are immediately a serious Superbowl contender. 3. Vikings. Same, and a more storied team, more rabid fanbase. Assuming their crowded QB sitch thins out. 4. Jets. Another team on the rise, theoretically, with cap room and a major media market to become a hero in. Hopefully some new offensive weapons thru draft. A zombie for a head coach. 5. Denver. John Elway, great fans and organization and a still-tough D. Throwing to Demaryius. 6. Arizona. Another good team, with David Johnson and Larry Fitz and other good targets, and a decent D. For AFTER you answer - https://www.faketeams.com/2018/2/15/17017818/kirk-cousins-nfl-free-agency-landing-spots DC
  8. I am so far from a QB expert, but Jesus, the tape is so obvious. He's absolutely the best of this bunch. Will he be in 5 years, I don't know. Maybe some of these guys with more size and less 'tude will have more sustained success, but man, he looks like he has the goddamn goods! Throws people open all day. DC
  9. 6 Possible QB Scenarios

    Yes, that is what I was noticing. By a decent margin, this board likes the idea of Baker Mayfield. Watch his tape again. You may like him too if you're not on board yet.
  10. Josh Allen Did Very Well

    Absolutely fine with Alex Smith if we can get him. Mayfield is great too, he throws guys open and makes plays. Just don't move up for anyone unless it's Rosen or Darnold. We need help in every single solitary area.
  11. An out of the box idea

    As soon as I find a 1000 buttfumble icons, I'm going to tag them to your dumb use of "beta-male cucks." Jesus, what are you, an app created by Fox News?
  12. Anyone bet yesterday?

    Thanks for your concern. I have too much on the line (a family!) to let gambling ever become a problem. I bet peanuts on 2 or 3 games per year. That’s it. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    I am susceptible to footage of good throws. He looks good to me! But...NO. If there was ever a year to reduce every possible risk when it comes to QB, this is it. If you don't have as close to a sure thing for QB at 6, trade down, or grab BPA. I don't care about excuses/rationale. You need a decent completion percentage. DC
  14. I am a very conservative gambler. Jags with points turns out to have been a great bet, but I stayed away. I did prop bets: -Keelan Cole more than 36 yards receiving - WON -Under in Pats/Jags - WON (barely) -Gronk gets a TD - LOSS!! (Thought this was one of safest bets of the day) -Someone scores in first 6 min 30 sec of Vikes/Eagles - WON
  15. The reason I suggested it, is because there are racist cops. Lots of them. They get caught all the time. In South Florida? Yeah, of course in South Florida. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/four-fort-lauderdale-cops-out-over-racist-video-text-messages But I agree it was irresponsible to suggest it here out of the blue, with the only known facts being that a punk ass was once again a punk ass. I apologize. Anyway - cut him. Get rid of cancers early.