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  1. https://www.si.com/nfl/jets/news/former-new-york-jets-scout-explains-jermaine-johnson-first-round-pick-mistake-2022-nfl-draft Ex-Jets Scout Explains Why New York Made a Mistake Drafting Jermaine Johnson This former Jets scout thinks Johnson will struggle at the next level, saying he's disappointed in GM Joe Douglas for trading up to pick him in the first round. DANIEL KELLY 22 HOURS AGO The Jets really helped themselves with the selection of Ahmad Gardner and Garrett Wilson in the first round of the recent NFL draft. However, New York reached—I mean they really reached—on the Jermaine Johnson pick at No. 26 overall. New York traded back up into the first-round to select the FSU edge rusher, and as a former Jets’ scout, I was super disappointed. Nothing against Johnson, but shame on the Jets’ scouting department and shame on team General Manager Joe Douglas. I’m sorry, but I am not a part of this media hype machine. I am an evaluator and when someone gets whipped on game film against Wake Forest, excuse me for not getting excited. Pre-draft, I had put a fifth-round grade on Johnson. Who am I? I am the guy who told anyone who would listen, defensive end Dorian Boose was an undraftable reject in my interview with the Jets. Boose was New York’s top draft choice that year, and he went on to become a bust. I know what I am seeing on game film and Johnson is not the answer as a pass rusher for the New York Jets. Bottom line, Johnson is an opportunistic hustler who does not have the athletic ability nor the needed skill set to create pressure. He looked downright soft coming off the edge most of the time against college level competition, which does not bold well for Johnson now going up against far more talented personnel in the NFL. There was nothing on Johnson’s game film that remotely suggested he was an elite first-round pass rusher. If anything, Johnson is far better against the run. However, that is not going to win anything for the Jets in today’s pass happy league. This is not our Grandpa’s three-yards and a cloud of dust NFL anymore. Johnson will struggle getting to the quarterback for a lot of reasons. Former Jets Scout Explains Why Drafting Jermaine Johnson Was a Mistake This ex-NFL scout thinks Jets EDGE Jermaine Johnson will struggle at the next level, saying New York's selection of the pass rusher in the first round will be costly down the road. Grading Jermaine Johnson Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports 6-foot-5, 262 pounds 2021 game film reviewed: Notre Dame, Miami, North Carolina and Wake Forest Grade: D (below average) Scouting Report Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports Opportunistic hustler with good hand usage, but average football playing speed, average burst into the pocket and he is stiff. Flip flops from left to right side and can play with his hand in the dirt or standing up. Fights and gives top effort at all times and makes his plays as a direct result of that. He either ends up at the right place at the right time or when left clean to make garbage sacks. Battles and uses his hands rushing the passer, but shows no pop or explosiveness at the point of attack. Gets hung out to dry on the perimeter of the pocket often. Flashed spin move literally once in four games. Raw pass rusher with limited pass rush tools and arsenal of moves. No frills. Lacks top shelf football speed needed to win and has average bull rush power that gets curtailed by college level offensive linemen most of the time. Often stalemated on inside stunts and games. Struggled to make sudden adjustments in the pocket due to noticeable hip rigidity. Best when he is left clean or when the QB makes himself available to him by stepping up or rolling out to his side and he can easily move in. Highly competitive against the run. Not afraid to bang around and get in on the stop if at all possible. Solid wrapping tackler and a hard hitter. Struggled to disengage if seriously contested. Only really a factor once the action reaches his level. Classic try-hard who was grossly overvalued and over-graded. Bottom Line Anne-Marie Caruso/NorthJersey.com / USA TODAY NETWORK Douglas needed to get someone in here that can get to the QB, and he failed to do so with this pick. He failed to select a defender in the first-round who can win the edge. I am putting it out there in plain English before the first snap of the regular season. There were a plethora of edge rushing prospects who showed they can wreck the pocket on their college game film still on the board when Douglas reached for Johnson (Cameron Thomas, Nik Bonitto, Myjai Sanders and Arnold Ebiketie). Interior pass rushing demons Devante Wyatt and Logan Hall were still sitting there too. It is not good, especially considering all the prolific passers that are littered all over the Jets’ schedule this season. The selection of Johnson will prove to be very costly to the Jets and Douglas’ tenure with New York when we look back.
  2. He's not wrong about the schedule. Worst in the league. No idea how that happened.
  3. Thanks guys. Poor guy. Leaves a team that goes to the Superbowl, looks great in camp, then has to sit all Fall and winter.
  4. I still feel so bad for Lawson, especially since it sounded like he was an absolutely unstoppable beast in camp last year. I really hope he has healed and hasn't lost a step. If he is still a beast, it will free up Solomon Thomas, our rook, and whoever else our DE's are, I feel terrible to not even know. Anyone with a sports medicine background know about this? I know players heal much better from these injuries nowadays than they used to.
  5. Wait, are you guys insane? Yes, by like a longshot this Jets roster is absolutely 100% the worst in the division? Are you kidding? I mean, you have to say at this point, yes. I totally agree that that could change as early as training camp based on development, busts on other teams and injuries on other teams.
  6. I'm the biggest pessimist there is, and from the looks of it, there have never been smaller question marks next to players names in Jets draft modern history. All of these guys look like contributors. As always, who the hell knows. Pre-draft comps and predictions are often worthless, but let's face it - we just got a bunch of ballers. Passing on Breece Hall and going for need is old Jets. Desperate, depleted Jets. Going for a stud to compliment Michael Carter? That's what you do when you're ready to go to battle. Think about how many stud Running Backs Saleh had in SF. They were cutting and bruising and slashing all over the place. Friggin' track meet every game. That's where we're heading if we draw it up right. The biggest, absolutely #1 factor for this year will be our almost worst in the league schedule. Just terrible. But if we see us hanging in there and competing, and keeping the other team's scores low, we are in it.
  7. Who is he comparable to? I heard Matt Forte -any others? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. Another week, another absolute merciless carving of the Jets D. Putrid.
  9. Now I'm wishing I didn't find the game...
  10. Nope. It's the 2021-2022 Jets. Every single game is unwinnable, period.
  11. Wait may be a false alarm. Sorry guys.
  12. I am on west coast, and there's no Jets game offered on DirecTV! What the hell?? Where should I look?
  13. Would you consider firing Saleh after one season? I mean has he shown that he has any potential whatsoever? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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