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  1. It's early to tell, but I feel like Bates gets Darnold. He calls plays that suit him very well. In fact, I like his playcalling overall, though I don't think our D will be good enough this year to call as conservatively as he does.
  2. Dcronin

    Wow! Defense looks atrocious

    1, 2...3. Yup. We look terrible in all three phases. Wow.
  3. Preseason, who cares, etc. At least we kept them to 3. DC
  4. Just wait for them on NFL Network? Or do a free trial of that gamepass thing on NFL.com?
  5. Dcronin

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    Which were...sorry, missed them.
  6. Dcronin

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    I don't get it. Why now? Why not let him make a few throws in preseason to show him off, or at least get some training camp tape? No room for him I guess when we have a rehabbing FA and an young one to break in. Feel terrible for that guy. Always a good attitude, and didn't get a chance to even see what an NFL football looked like.
  7. Yeah, that's really all I am saying. I do not want to rain on this parade at all. I just want normal expectations for a rookie QB to be in place. In perennial winner New England, you see a team who isn't impressed with ANYONE until they truly earn it. That approach leads to Superbowl wins. Calling Browning Nagle "Broadway Browning Nagle" just sets you up for a fall, is all. Knowing the guy has only had his helmet for two weeks now, and having no idea what we'll see in training camp/preseason, I still say from my gut let this kid SIT, SIT, SIT! Different ballgame, different speed and level. Let him sit until he's more than ready. To reiterate - thrilled we have him. Anyone saying we're going to miss three friggin 2nd rounders is nuts. DC
  8. Think I'll go with "Mr. Smallpeen"
  9. Nancy, huh? What are you, a high school gym teacher from the 80s?
  10. The insanity has to stop. The kid knows there are high expectations. He was picked #3. Stop calling him "the franchise savior." Stop saying he should definitely start day 1. Stop doing all the things that guarantee failure here and everrywhere. Jesus, how stupid are people? He's had two or three days of practice, a bunch of fumbled snaps, some decent throws. You know, like a rookie who has had two or three days of practice. Sam Darnold is absolutely nothing yet. Nothing at all. He's a glimmer of hope. Give him a chance to develop, and stop telling the media that we have Quarterback Jesus, savior of all, on our team. I haaaaaaaaaaate the hype. Surefire path to disappointment. Excitement and hopefulness and buzz is great. But saying already he's a franchise savior is a symptom of Sanchez Syndrome. DC
  11. Dcronin

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

    He'll be awesome in Arizona, guaranteed.
  12. Posted something similar, couldn't agree more. I see the same thing. A friggin' baller. He's gonna fumble and toss picks, but most likely he will do much more harm to other teams than our own.
  13. Dcronin

    I would love to see a graph

    Getting a strong "Dude, data's like, so lame" vibe.