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  1. Andy - the PATH trains are usually pretty reliable. Get up early and head to Hoboken early for breakfast, then hop on a train with plenty of time to spare. Tailgate, make some friends and enjoy! -Option 2 - look into Zipcar daily rental -Option 3 - look into buses out of Port Authority station. Where in NYC are you staying? DC
  2. After week 3, where Sam is now, Peyton was 0-3 with 8 picks. Just for a little perspective. And Brett Favre threw a pick 6 his first pass in the NFL, too. When you land a franchise quarterback, you take a valium and sit down and watch. And wait. Deep breaths, dudes! DC
  3. Dcronin

    Peyton Manning, Rookie Year

    I am also not making any real argument. Just offering some facts. Jesus, you're exhausting.
  4. Dcronin

    Peyton Manning, Rookie Year

    No, I am comparing two highly-regarded, successful college QBs in their first few NFL games. You don't see the connection there? You are more ready to compare Sam to people we now know to be busts? What logic is there? I am more willing to compare him to a successful NFL QB, because that is what most experts think he will be.
  5. This board is getting dumber by the second.
  6. You really want to make your FINAL judgement on this kid, after a few preaseason tosses, and THREE games, one of which he led the team to a blowout comeback?? WTF is wrong with you??
  7. Dcronin

    Doug Middleton

    ...is really terrible. Even the near-pick tonight - dude use your hands! When does Maye come back? Middleton stats coming into tonight - Targeted 6 times....given up 4 catches for 53 yards, 2 TDs and a QB Rating allowed of 134 DC Nathan Zegura added,
  8. It is my belief, and truth. No need for masochism this year.
  9. Oh my God you have to be kidding me. This was a meaningless game outside of Cleveland. Put it behind you. This year is practice for Sam, that is it. We have 100 million dollars in summer. Everyone relax. Seriously. DC
  10. Because it's not supposed to happen. It's all set up for the Browns to win, they are favored, which is why I think they won't, yet again. But one question I have - why the hell didn't the Browns get a new kicker??? Darnold will throw a pick or two, and he'll get sacked by Garrett 2 or 3 times, so...wait a minute, maybe we aren't winning this one. What are your thoughts on the game?
  11. THis one was over in the first quarter. Piss poor performance, and we will have a very, very tough time against Cleveland D. 1-2.
  12. Are the Dolphins the greatest defense in the NFL? Best since the '85 Bears? Because that's how we are making them look.
  13. Unwinnable game. Beating ourselves first, so there's no way we can beat the Dolphins.
  14. We have absolutely nothing for this Dolphins team. This game over if this keeps up into the 3rd.
  15. Colin Cowherd called it - "it was perfect." It was a perfect way for him to begin. Failure has to be allowed for a young rookie. When it is, great things can happen. Great things DID happen. I like this kid a lot. Another QB who threw a pick 6 on his first play ever? Brett Favre.
  16. No pass rush and we still arent' fast enough!
  17. Very close. Not sure there's enough to refute that being a catch in my opinion, but I bet I am wrong. Great play by both Sam and Q either way. 7-3. Let's go Jets.
  18. Nice playcalling. Gotta grind out a long drive, let Sam settle down, and even up this score. Of course we need to follow that with a stop.
  19. Weird how you forget basic things in the heat of the moment. EVERYone knows not to throw across the field.
  20. Anyone think we can find a way to win? I just can't see our o-line and running game supporting Sam enough to score enough points to beat Stafford and Tate & co. But maybe we DO get things going on the ground, and keep Stafford off the field? Expecting Sam to have a pick or fumble. He's a rook. DC
  21. Didn’t realize Sam will be facing a guy who had 8 interceptions last year (Darrius Slay.) Gulp. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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