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  1. Look, this is a rational, non-emotional, long-term thinking post, so I appreciate it in contrast to my emotion-fueled, pessimistic instincts.

    That being said, this is inexcusable football. When your team is decimated by injury, you need to have a creative, modular approach. You need to learn how to not have your QB hit 90 times a game. You also potentially need to consider not starting your so-called future franchise QB when you simply don't have a team to put around him. Who do you start in his place? Our veteran QB that we don't have.

    A rough season is one thing. A season that threatens to ruin a player and further alienate free agents from ever coming here is quite another. We are in panic mode because 0-18 is a real possibility at this rate. They either need to start offloading again to get picks, or make some bold moves now to fortify this team before Zach gets killed and everyone wants out.

  2. 1 hour ago, Nixhead said:

    And look good doing it! It would be the biggest Jets win in maybe 6 years. All social media and sports media will be talking about this Jets team. Green Bean will be saying " I told you so". I will be on cloud 9 - for a week anyway. Maybe the Jets won't be such a laughing stock going forward. Maybe there would even be overblown playoff talk. A win Sunday wouldn't be enough for me to get a Jets tattoo - need a Super Bowl win for a tattoo but it would be a start. I really hope we have a Jets win to deal with come 4 O'clock Sunday afternoon!

    Yeah, it would be amazing. But it's close to a physical impossibility, I'm pretty sure. Psychological impossibility, too. Unless you can remember a rookie QB who beat Belichick the first time he ever faced him?

    Mac Jones looked great, and Pats have way more weapons on O and D to beat us badly. They would have to play like garbage, and commit a bunch of penalties and turnovers to lose to the Jets. I think we all know that just won't happen.

    We have no O-line, no running game, no TEs, no pass rush and a patchwork LB core/secondary. I see it as an unwinnable game, but maybe it's a low-scoring slop fest that we steal on a late field goal?

    My guess is 

    Patriots 27

    Jets 17

  3. 22 hours ago, THE BARON said:

    As usual, there was optimism regarding the new regime including, JD, Saleh and Wilson.

    But... My famous last words seem to hold up pretty well as usual.

    Same Owner (Johnson) = Same General Results. 

    What else has been common through Idzik, Mr. Coffee, Boles, Gase and now Mac & Saleh ???

    What  exactly did the owners do to contribute to our loss on Sunday? I mean, believe me, I'm not optimistic, but it's more due to the horrors of injury, bad luck, bad defense and lack of creative playcalling than anything. We knew this was a rebuilding year,  so,  losing by 5 points in the opener to a better team doesn't exactly cause outrage in me.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, SAR I said:


    Had we lost 19-14 in a hard-fought heartbreaker, no problem, it's fine, it's Week 1, we've got a lot of rookies, etc. etc.  

    But that's not what happened.  We were blown out by a mediocre team with a mediocre quarterback and a backup OL.  The scoreboard didn't reflect what would have happened if we played a good NFL team or an elite NFL team.  Today was humiliating.

    SAR I

    I agree. We will  get  destroyed by New England

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