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  1. 9 hours ago, vtbx said:

    Chiefs, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams.  Yeah, cakewalk.

    I know. On what planet is it easy? We play both teams from last year's Superbowl!

    Broncos will be re-stocked, Colts will be better, Raiders will be better. Tough, as always, I say. 6-10

  2. Most of this guy's tape is filled with tightly contested jump balls. I love it. RED ZONE!!!

    Herndon, Doctson, Mims? Lotta height. That's a lot of first downs and TDs if Sam puts it on the money.


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  3. This is for those of you who are total computer brains who remember everything.

    This time of year, I always panic when the Jets don't get a good splash early. It's so painful seeing them miss out on early studs. (Like, almost all the OL guys.)

    But, can you remember, either for the Jets, preferably, or another team, late FA additions that really worked out well? Who would fit that description?

    Like, guys that got released after camp started, or just later in offseason? Does anyone come to mind? Do these FA even exist? Hope so.

  4. I feel like most people I talk to WANT a Chiefs win, but feel a 49ers win coming on. Smothering D and great, dynamic running game could be enough to snuff out KC.

    That being said, I put a little money on KC. I want that speed to show up, and make KC too much to contain. I like Andy Reid, Mahomes and crew. And I like KC fans I've met.

    Any prop bets that people like? I picked the over 60-something passing yards for Jimmy G. And Mostert to get a TD.


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