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  1. -Put 55 guys on the field that are prepared and WANT to win. This started with White and Mosely and of course Saleh.

    -Make use of who you have! Get creative for god's sake. Call a screen pass! Use Mims! Use Crowder. Much more imagination today. This

    should have happened much earlier in the season, but it was nice to see today.

    -Be professional. Make tackles. TRY TO WIN the game.

    As much as we lucked into this ending our way with that putrid helmet to helmet call, the Jets deserved this win. Way to go!

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  2. Look, this is a rational, non-emotional, long-term thinking post, so I appreciate it in contrast to my emotion-fueled, pessimistic instincts.

    That being said, this is inexcusable football. When your team is decimated by injury, you need to have a creative, modular approach. You need to learn how to not have your QB hit 90 times a game. You also potentially need to consider not starting your so-called future franchise QB when you simply don't have a team to put around him. Who do you start in his place? Our veteran QB that we don't have.

    A rough season is one thing. A season that threatens to ruin a player and further alienate free agents from ever coming here is quite another. We are in panic mode because 0-18 is a real possibility at this rate. They either need to start offloading again to get picks, or make some bold moves now to fortify this team before Zach gets killed and everyone wants out.

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