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  1. I will absolutely share your confidence in this team after the Buffalo win. To me tonight's game after Cincy heartbreak was a way scarier game than KC with a win under our belts will be. I will not in any way guarantee a win, but KC is beatable. But beating them in KC will not be easy.
  2. Wasn't there some stat that the year before we got him, he had the highest completion percentage in San Diego's secondary? Have never been sold on that guy.
  3. Really? He's been a stud since last year's New England game, maybe before. And in preseason we saw how much of scary problem he is for defenses when you have Decker and Marshall outside. Love that guy. He's some weird TE/WR hybrid beast.
  4. It's seriously our most glaring issue right now. We can't give up bomb touchdowns every game. Revis Island will be more crowded than Oahu soon. Great win, because our O stepped up. D is a real problem, both short and long pass.
  5. I absolutely see Curtis Martin in Forte. Was explaining that to my kids! He glides. Goodwin is a known burner. Shouldn't have happened. Guy needs help.
  6. The Bills were banged up a little, and had a star suspended, but this was just unbelievable offensive play. The word "explosive" is being used. I like "balanced" better. Forte making such smart, smooth cuts. Enunwa, Decker and Marshall and Jr. Marshall all running crisp routes and battling for the ball. That's our blue print for how our O looks. Now repeat it. Also - should Enunwa just be considered our TE? DC
  7. I cannot get over my joy. The mistakes and same old problems tonight were brutal, but we overcame them. I do not know if Fitz will duplicate a gem like this. This is Fitzmagic. Rex will hopefully go to 0-2
  8. I'm not. An absolute offensive onslaught. Fitz has almost 400 yards. This is what you gotta do, bail out the people who **** up. An absolute gem of a game by our offense
  9. Season ends tonight with a loss. We all know that is mathematical fact. But it may be over already. Total and complete meltdown here in 2nd half. A secondary that will be scorched all year long. Not the year to watch this team, I don't think.
  10. Our best player. Now our worst player. 17 million dollars worth of absolute garbage. I cannot believe it. Season over if that keeps up. So, so sad.
  11. I am putting the breaks on my negative Nancyisms right now. Do I feel great about Fitz at QB now? No, I do not. I thought he looked okay and intermittently terrible against Cincy. Lots of throws high and behind. But I am also aware of just how terrible the weather was in Orchard Park last year, and how desperate we were. I think we're going to be settled down, and making some plays. I think Sammy will definitely play, but we'll blanket him. I think our Dline with Sheldon back we'll be incredibly frustrating. I hope Fitz doesn't HAVE to make too many plays. He only real
  12. I see it as unconceivable being anything other than 0-6 after the next 5 games. You can't have one or two units being good on your team. Everyone has to be good. We have no passing offense or defense. None.
  13. But seriously, our secondary is overrated.
  14. You guys are right. This is just my habitual, chronic pessimism that I revert to every year! The wins are so much more satisfying and surprising! Fitz looks very underwhelming to me today. Forte looks amazing.
  15. I don' t think there are many things more important than schedule. Ours is brutal beyond belief. Hopes and expectations, especially with us having basically zero linebackers against two of the best backs in the league, are low, low, low for tomorrow. God, I hope we can steal one. We need it. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/fitz-jets-daunting-stretch-talented-bengals-article-1.2786866?utm_content=buffer3130d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=mmehta+twitter
  16. I am feeling an L coming on. The last time we played this team we lost 49-9. Green and a few warm bodies will be enough to carve up our hugely overrated secondary. Only way that's not true is if our Sheldon-less D-line can get to Andy. Also, rookie LBs trying to handle Gio and Jeremy will be interesting. I hope Fitz shows up. DC
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