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  1. But seriously, our secondary is overrated.
  2. You guys are right. This is just my habitual, chronic pessimism that I revert to every year! The wins are so much more satisfying and surprising! Fitz looks very underwhelming to me today. Forte looks amazing.
  3. I don' t think there are many things more important than schedule. Ours is brutal beyond belief. Hopes and expectations, especially with us having basically zero linebackers against two of the best backs in the league, are low, low, low for tomorrow. God, I hope we can steal one. We need it. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/fitz-jets-daunting-stretch-talented-bengals-article-1.2786866?utm_content=buffer3130d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=mmehta+twitter
  4. I am feeling an L coming on. The last time we played this team we lost 49-9. Green and a few warm bodies will be enough to carve up our hugely overrated secondary. Only way that's not true is if our Sheldon-less D-line can get to Andy. Also, rookie LBs trying to handle Gio and Jeremy will be interesting. I hope Fitz shows up. DC
  5. I am guessing, will be a handful for us in Week 1. Being without Harris isn't great, if that's what's going to happen, but maybe a baptism by fire for DLee is what we need. Stick him on Gio and stop that screen! Hope the Jets are up for it.
  6. The question marks related to that to me are Devin Smith, who we invested a 2 rd pick on, and Kenbrell, who is a decent veteran. What's the deal with those two? Will one or both stick around?
  7. I wonder if Forte turns out to be not fully ready by preseason week 3, do we work some kind of trade for an RB currently in a crowded backfield. I don't know who, I really don't, but I am looking at....uh...Bishop Sankey? This is getting legit scary. Wish our system was so solid, our passing game so scary, that we could do what New England does and just grab the nearest warm body. Oh wait, I guess we are kinda doing that.
  8. I hope they are at the very least going to leak that they are talking to Foles or having him in. Provides some leverage, even just the slightest hint of a possibility.
  9. In all the mock drafts I've done, there are players who could be, likely will be solid starters, in later rounds. People like: Donte Moncrief, WR, Colts Matt Jones, RB, Skins Jay Ajayi, RB, Phins Giovani Bernard/Jeremy Hill (actually like the idea of taking both of them) Have you seen this too?
  10. He's just about a bust. He was not that impressive last year at all. I didn't see him running over the top much at all, or "stretching defenses" like he was supposed to. Didn't see him that open much of the time. And no we know he's fragile. DC
  11. Yeah, let's judge this young kid based on how he did throwing to Clyde Gates and David Nelson. I am deeply saddened by the Fitz situation, but the more it drags on, the more I see the fairness of his deal. It's generous (enough) in his first year, and retains him as a well-paid backup. He's 34!!! He's a journeyman who broke our hearts last year. "Cut Geno" makes no sense right now. He's the one leading camp. He's young, athletic, has a better arm, and has a year under Gailey and Fitz and now way more weapons than he's ever had in green and white. Classic Jets move would be to ca
  12. Just to be clear, we are talking about the Jets QB who threw the most touchdowns in a season, ever, who the entire locker room loves and wants back, and who is our only real option. What does the market say that is worth? 10-12 mill? Yes, absolutely it does. DC
  13. Is he gone? Because, what the hell is the point, from his POV, or the Jets, of simply wasting 2 months or so until training camp? There's tons of good work to be done. Especially with the new RBs, and with rookie QB watching. I feel if he's not here when team activities start, then he's gone. The Jets are stupid if they don't shake a few dollars loose, and he's stupid if he doesn't take those few dollars. But if they come up with nothing, then that's that. I guess he's going to retire or go back to being a backup. Such an unfortunate situation. DC
  14. Huh? What do you mean Enunwa isn't a WR? Yes he is.
  15. WHAT ABOUT DRI ARCHER??? Seriously, who on that roster returns punts and kicks? DC
  16. What about Dri Archer? I'd put him down over Devin Smith potentially, because of special teams/returner use.
  17. I can't believe how much time I waste on this NFL Draft nonsense. Listening to "experts" who think they have a crystal ball, reading people's guesses, and wildly different opinions on players from all over the country. It's just insane. No one on earth has an easier job than an NFL analyst. You can predict, you can warn, you can pass opinion off as fact, you can change your mind, and...you never, ever have to be right. No one cares. No one goes back and checks, usually. Except last night, I was watching the 2010 Draft on the NFL Network (yes, I have an illness) and hearing Rich Eisen
  18. We don't know crap about Petty. I don't understand why he's considered such a longshot. Some had him ranked as the #3 QB in his draft. He's a solid guy with good skills. We may see him take a leap forward, who knows. If we pick another QB, that may spur him on even more. DC
  19. I think that makes more sense, King P. Hope so.
  20. They apparently have said as much, reported last night on SportsCenter. Whether that's just to make the Jets waste picks in attempt to move up, I don't know, but if the player we want is Lynch, at 20, how much would that suck for the Bills to steal him at 19? I can't remember another draft where we had this many personnel quandaries. We are in no-man's land at 20, and we have no quarterback for today or tomorrow. The schedule we have would be automatic 0-6 for Smith or Petty. Probably won't get to that. Hoyer, McCown or Fitz, I guess? Mo situation seems trickiest of all to figure out
  21. You're absolutely right. I started this nonsense in a state of raw anger. He had 30TD passes. Still he sh*t the bed today, along with a lot of Jets. My God it's such a shame. Still stings.
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