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  1. Sorry for not knowing this. Can a coordinator (like Bienemy) leave their jobs mid-season to coach another team? Or would all these names be for next season?
  2. SAR1 - is he mentally ill, or just a performance artist? Does he simply enjoy getting a rise out of people? Surely he can't believe a word of what he types. This is a 3-13 year, quite possibly. We are ranked dead last in the power rankings, for good reason.
  3. Okay that makes sense to me. Do you think Aldon Smith makes it the whole season? Looked pretty awesome yesterday.
  4. We definitely could have used help with pass rush. Did they ever even show up on our radar?
  5. Robbie Anderson 6-115, 1TD. LOL (Being thrown to by Teddy Bridgewater, who we should have kept.)
  6. Adding insult to injury: -Robbie A looks good in Carolina, has 3 catcches -Jamaaal Adams is destroying people and blowing things up with Seattle
  7. Where is SAR1? Where is he to eat his crow? I knew today was completely unwinnable, but I had no idea we would look this terrible.
  8. I hated that pick, but I hate EVERYTHING ELSE worse. The bad tackling, lack of a pass rush, lack of push up front, dropped passes, poor play calling. All of that is way more worrisome. We've all known Sam is a riverboat gambler. Guy just wanted to stay on the field and he took a chance. I forgive him.
  9. Thinking of doing the same thing. I don't know that I can take any more of this.
  10. You're not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form, huh? We will not score a point today.
  11. To be fair, this is hands down the best defense in the NFL, and will be the whole season.
  12. Great job D. If you're going to let a QB shred you with his legs, at least make him pay something. #Fumbleaya
  13. 3 and out to start the season, predictably.
  14. Okay, man where to begin. 1. Yes, they are improved. Stefon Diggs alone refutes this point. 2. No, no, no. You are 100% wrong - we did NOT beat the Bills twice last year. We lost to them on opening day, (as Josh Allen moved the ball with ease on us when he needed to.) The second time, we beat them, barely counts in my book. Starters were rested. Jesus, come on.
  15. Even the site we're on doesn't think we'll win! (We won't. I'll use injuries as main excuse.) https://www.jetnation.com/2020/09/10/week-1-preview-are-jets-good-enough-to-win-in-buffalo/
  16. This is categorically untrue. They are very respected team by many. Especially with so much continuity from last year, which is a HUGE factor in the NFL. (See the New England Patriots.) One member of my favorite Fantasy podcast, The Fantasy Footballers, has the Bills winning it all. Tomorrow is going to be brutal for our subpar, decimated by injury team. I feel so, so bad for Sam Darnold. We're 0 and 1. And yes, this is probably me trying to get a Win for the Jets by reverse psychology!
  17. I just think that three factors - 1. Chronically bad drafting 2. Chronic, widespread injury 3. Losing out to free agents (not as badly as #1 and 2, perhaps) have left us, yet again, with an almost college-level roster. Add in losing a Probowl safety. We just can't seem to field a pro team for one reason or another. I do think we'll lose by at least 3 touchdowns. Maybe less if the rain keeps the score low. But I don't see any way at all to get a win tomorrow. No phases of our game are good enough. As always, will be very happy to be wrong. DC
  18. Completely, 100% unwinnable game with our totally depleted, subpar roster. I am just going to watch for signs of hope, knowing it's an L. You are insasne if you have any hope of a W in this game. We will be lucky to gain a yard.
  19. Okay it's a new Jets season so I HAVE to say it...um, this is a completely unwinnable game! We have one of the worst rosters in football AGAIN! Crap!
  20. I am assuming Jets are blown off the field by the much deeper, much faster, playoff experienced Bills. Bills 34, Jets 16 Would love to be wrong!
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