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  1. What could he possibly gain by sucking up to me?
  2. I really appreciate it, HighPitch, I really do. Amazing the amount of vitriol here and everywhere in the USA. I think people are deeply unhappy. I just posted what I see about our upcoming stretch, and invited other opinions. Some of you have seriously anger problems. Cursing at me? Really? Classless idiots. Oh well. I'll keep posting here for the rest of you good apples.
  3. I have edited my classless response to this classless insult!
  4. Not a troll. Fan looking at hole-filled roster.
  5. Pretty sure all of what I said is true.
  6. I think definition of SOJ fan is one who refuses to have hope in any way shape or form. I have hope. I just can't see us winning any of those early games. If we do win a few, then we are a better team than I think we are currently.
  7. Not being a sad sack SOJ loser here, I promise. Just a question, looking at our absolutely brutal schedule, how do you NOT have us at 0-6 going into week 7? What am I missing? Bills have one of the top defenses in the league, revamped lines and new weapons, as well as one of the top QBs from last year's second half. Browns are better all over. Eagles are back to Superbowl shape or somewhere thereabouts, and Dallas will roll us for sure. Add to that New England twice and I am thinking that the return to the playoffs storyline will have to wait a year or two. Am I crazy? We will see. What do you have our record at after 6 games? I'll wait and see and root for the green and white. DC
  8. We won't a game with this leaky secondary unless Sam Darnold is Tom Brady this year.
  9. There a thread on that, who we should keep our eyes on, who ya like/don't like? An obvious potential achilles heel for us. DC
  10. We don't really have an offensive line, and the Patriots still have Brady, Belichick and the 47 draft picks they added this year. Pats win the division again without even the tiniest sliver of doubt. DC

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