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  1. No that wasn't incoherent OR babbling. What are you talking about? He's right. Terrible timing, terrible PR. And the Leveon story breaking too was nonsense.
  2. He's the guy who got us Jamaal, Sam and Leveon and more. Good with the cap. Had some bad misses, but overall, compared to other Jets GMs? I think he's above-average. I really hope the circus isn't returning. I guess more than anything it was personality conflict? DC
  3. Yes this is the same Mike McCaggnan I see. WTF is wrong with the people on this board??? I swear there are serious mood and personality disorders up and down this place. It's truly unreal. Get some help!
  4. Everyone's obsessed with an edge rusher, because we haven't had one in years. We were 26th against the run last year. 24th against the pass. Our defense needs beef and pressure up front. Q is a winner. Give him a chance to work in a Gregg Williams D and relax a bit. Also, remember - absolutely NO ONE knows anything. No one knows how any player taken above or below a certain player, will pan out. Sports is a crapshoot and there's no easier job on the planet than writing about sports. Just wait and see what happens.
  5. Yet the Superbowl was won with? Defense.
  6. So many of you - complaining losers! I wanted an Edge guy too but this guy will be able to play anywhere and be disruptive. He'll also free up our other guys. https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/nfl-draft-scouting-report-how-quinnen-williams-fits-with-jets/306597010
  7. Is anyone else shocked that he's 26? Seems like he's been around forever! Solid, versatile pickup.
  8. We are living in the Photoshop era. Everything is fungible. Everything can be changed. Why? Why not? It disgusts me. I love the classic Jets logo and uniform. One of the best. Classic. But alas, we also living in the "gotta sell merch" era. Shame. I will say, I think the Seahawks and Patriots redesigns were truly inspired and effective. DC
  9. What the F is wrong with you??? The guy has averaged 130 yds per game from scrimmage! Jesus what a buncha miserable people!
  10. My God you are all such a bunch of miserable, negative, sad sack losers. What is it, day 1 or 2 of Free Agency? You're all practically ready to jump off the GW bridge. May go be a Browns fan to get away from you Debbie Downers. Jamison Crowder will be our leading receiver this year, FYI. He's a stud. DC
  11. Saw his name on Fantasy all the time. He's super shifty, hard to cover. Gets open over the middle a ton. Love it.
  12. Potential nightmare: https://deadspin.com/adam-gase-is-building-a-locker-room-powder-keg-with-his-1832493806?utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter
  13. Wondering when the Jets will get an Offensive Coordinator, unless I missed the news.
  14. It's all Belichick. When he's done, it's done. They have 3-4 more rings on the way.
  15. This is nuts. NY is the city that gave me my life. There is no place in the US that compares to the dazzling variety of people, food and opportunities that NY offers. It is the ultimate American experiment, the great metropolis. I live in LA and love it but miss NY every day.
  16. Why? Indy: Andrew Luck Cleveland: Baker Mayfield, loads of other talent all over. Jets: TBD
  17. Or no? Seems like there are more teams than usual with more than 50 mill in cap space, but maybe it's always like that. I am happy we have so much space, but sad that so many other teams that players might be excited to play for over ours also have a ton. Mainly the Browns and Colts. Top 5: 1 Indianapolis Colts $108,394,436 2 New York Jets $88,607,857 3 Cleveland Browns $74,981,965 4 Buffalo Bills $78,921,877 5 Oakland Raiders $69,793,031
  18. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/03/khalil-mack-trade-super-bowl-prediction-peter-king/
  19. Name one person, ONE in all of sports commentary who you can even honestly say is "often right." There isn't one. Sports analysis and opinion is BY FAR the easiest job in the world. Zero consequences.
  20. Whoa --just looked it up. Gregg Williams' Cleveland D was ranked.... 30th!!!!! WTF? DC
  21. The greatest dynasty in the history of sports will continue its reign. Belichick and McDaniels in the building means playoffs every single year no matter what. This is what every offense should be like: dynamic, frustratingly unpredictable in a way that keeps Ds off balance. They will likely win today. I am not a Pats fan, just deeply respectful, despite all the Belicheat stuff. They are just unreal. Impossible place to win in the playoffs for opponents.

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