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  1. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE. One thing is true about sports: no one knows anything. Anything could happen. A good historical example of no one knowing anything, recently mentioned somewhere, I forget: When Doug Pedersen was hired, Eagles fans were mostly like WTF??? At the same time, many NFL experts said "Nice job" to Cleveland for hiring Hue Jackson. He's a good offensive mind. He gels with Sam, we're in good shape, that's it. Everyone ******* relax. If he's as big a douch as everyone here thinks he is, I hope he's gone after a year with McCagg. DC
  2. God, I would hate working for a loud a$$hole like that, I really would. I didn't see Hard Knocks though - does it show moments where he's laughing and getting along with the players, too? Yelling works to an extent, but some players just tune that sh*t out after a while, too. Anyone concerned with that, or is his track record just too good? (Seems that it is.) DC
  3. Oh my God this board. Holy crap what a bunch of miserable sad sacks. This is ALL about Sam Darnold, that's it. They hired the best guy to develop him into the franchise QB we all think he can be. He didn't have a QB in Miami. He's a great offensive mind. He's younger. Stop it. Jesus, what a buncha sad losers. Give him a chance. DC

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