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  1. It's all over. In September! Look at the schedule. There are only 6 remotely winnable games. (Dolphins X2, Jags, Skins, Bengals, Steelers) So 6-10 tops. Where does that put us in draft territory, most likely? Also, looking ahead to next year (I cannot believe I am saying this in September) can we dump enough cap to compete again in free agency or are we locked up in a lot of contracts? DC
  2. Thanks CreepyLurker! So tired of everything devolving to name calling and insults immediately around here. Are there actual children on this board? This season is possibly, even likely already a wash, so, why not look forward? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. I truly don't believe in things like "curses"...except when it comes to this franchise. Truly amazing that the season is most likely already over. The NFL is unbelievably great and awful at the same time. Cruel!
  4. Anyone not betting on the Patriots winning the Superbowl this year is simply turning down free money. It's never been more clear. This is an elite offense ADDING Antonio Brown, and an elite, top 5 defense that allows nothing. It sucks to be in the AFC East, and it will continue as long as Belichick is on the sideline. DC
  5. Sorry, let me update this pessimistic post with more pessimism. I think there's like 60-80% chance we start 0-7. Two reasons: our O-line, and our CBs, who face: Week 2: Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, David Njoku Week 3: Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman Week 5: Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Randall Cobb Week 6: Alshon Jeffrey, Desean Jackson, Zach Ertz Week 7: Patriots Round Two I mean, holy Buttfumble. DC
  6. Okay, I was hopeful about his hiring. But so many detractors immediately sounded the alarm bells, saying we hired a feisty, power-hungry dickhead. It really sounds like you guys were right. I will wait and see more than one game though. DC
  7. I agree with this, and still think there's a very good chance of being 0-6.
  8. ...of Mark Sanchez today. Sans the interceptions, thank God. DC
  9. What a buncha losers. All this hype on Sam and Gase and Bell and Williams and we friggin blew it. Horrible opening day.
  10. I stand by my seriously wondering if a team like this will be 0-6 after 6 games. Entirely possible. Maybe Jags and Browns give us a chance. Our offense is putrid. Again.
  11. This is probably the #1 defense in the NFL this year. I hope to God that's why we look like this. I really hope we don't have an embarrassingly anemic offense all year.
  12. As I've said, Josh Allen is a very good quaterback. I am flabbergasted at people here who don't think he's good. Literally carving us to pieces.
  13. So that's two L's to the Pats. But we were getting those anyway. And the Pats won the division again. But that was also going to happen. Man...
  14. This was my immediate take too. But I'm reminded how our country still continues to stigmatize mental illness. He could be seriously mentally ill or suffering from CTE, and we're all just calling him a spoiled dick.
  15. Antonio Brown may very well be seriously mentally ill and in need of help. That may not be easy to come by when you're a stubborn, one man corporation. This is weirdly both incredibly unreal and surprising and also not at all surprising.
  16. I love their podcast, but I have some questions about their rankings. For instance, they have guys like Theo Riddick and Elijah McGuire ranked, but no Ty Montgomery. McGuire may not even make the roster, and Montgomery figures to be a main decoy/utility guy in multiple looks. Also don't think they have James Washington listed, and he could be Pitt's #2 WR
  17. On Josh Allen, I may be confusing the fact that he was one of the top Fantasy QBs in the last half of last year. (8 rushing TDs on the year, by the way!)
  18. Nothing like taking a shot from a guy who went with "Barry McCockiner" as his handle.
  19. So kindness/rational thinking are that rare around here?
  20. What could he possibly gain by sucking up to me?
  21. I really appreciate it, HighPitch, I really do. Amazing the amount of vitriol here and everywhere in the USA. I think people are deeply unhappy. I just posted what I see about our upcoming stretch, and invited other opinions. Some of you have seriously anger problems. Cursing at me? Really? Classless idiots. Oh well. I'll keep posting here for the rest of you good apples.
  22. I have edited my classless response to this classless insult!
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