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  1. Not a troll. Fan looking at hole-filled roster.
  2. Pretty sure all of what I said is true.
  3. I think definition of SOJ fan is one who refuses to have hope in any way shape or form. I have hope. I just can't see us winning any of those early games. If we do win a few, then we are a better team than I think we are currently.
  4. Not being a sad sack SOJ loser here, I promise. Just a question, looking at our absolutely brutal schedule, how do you NOT have us at 0-6 going into week 7? What am I missing? Bills have one of the top defenses in the league, revamped lines and new weapons, as well as one of the top QBs from last year's second half. Browns are better all over. Eagles are back to Superbowl shape or somewhere thereabouts, and Dallas will roll us for sure. Add to that New England twice and I am thinking that the return to the playoffs storyline will have to wait a year or two. Am I crazy? We will see. W
  5. We won't a game with this leaky secondary unless Sam Darnold is Tom Brady this year.
  6. There a thread on that, who we should keep our eyes on, who ya like/don't like? An obvious potential achilles heel for us. DC
  7. We don't really have an offensive line, and the Patriots still have Brady, Belichick and the 47 draft picks they added this year. Pats win the division again without even the tiniest sliver of doubt. DC
  8. Was watching some Sammy D highlights from last year, and Pryor made some huge catches and TDs. Looked like a really nice, viable big body guy. What the hell happened to him? Was he injured, or did he just fade away? DC
  9. What is? Firing Mike McCaggnan or signing Leveon Bell? They might BOTH end up being good moves. No one, including Mike Francesa, knows what the hell they are talking about. My God, sports opinion. One of the biggest wastes of time on the planet. Wins and losses matter, nothing else.
  10. No that wasn't incoherent OR babbling. What are you talking about? He's right. Terrible timing, terrible PR. And the Leveon story breaking too was nonsense.
  11. He's the guy who got us Jamaal, Sam and Leveon and more. Good with the cap. Had some bad misses, but overall, compared to other Jets GMs? I think he's above-average. I really hope the circus isn't returning. I guess more than anything it was personality conflict? DC
  12. Yes this is the same Mike McCaggnan I see. WTF is wrong with the people on this board??? I swear there are serious mood and personality disorders up and down this place. It's truly unreal. Get some help!
  13. Everyone's obsessed with an edge rusher, because we haven't had one in years. We were 26th against the run last year. 24th against the pass. Our defense needs beef and pressure up front. Q is a winner. Give him a chance to work in a Gregg Williams D and relax a bit. Also, remember - absolutely NO ONE knows anything. No one knows how any player taken above or below a certain player, will pan out. Sports is a crapshoot and there's no easier job on the planet than writing about sports. Just wait and see what happens.
  14. Yet the Superbowl was won with? Defense.
  15. So many of you - complaining losers! I wanted an Edge guy too but this guy will be able to play anywhere and be disruptive. He'll also free up our other guys. https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/nfl-draft-scouting-report-how-quinnen-williams-fits-with-jets/306597010
  16. Is anyone else shocked that he's 26? Seems like he's been around forever! Solid, versatile pickup.
  17. We are living in the Photoshop era. Everything is fungible. Everything can be changed. Why? Why not? It disgusts me. I love the classic Jets logo and uniform. One of the best. Classic. But alas, we also living in the "gotta sell merch" era. Shame. I will say, I think the Seahawks and Patriots redesigns were truly inspired and effective. DC
  18. What the F is wrong with you??? The guy has averaged 130 yds per game from scrimmage! Jesus what a buncha miserable people!
  19. My God you are all such a bunch of miserable, negative, sad sack losers. What is it, day 1 or 2 of Free Agency? You're all practically ready to jump off the GW bridge. May go be a Browns fan to get away from you Debbie Downers. Jamison Crowder will be our leading receiver this year, FYI. He's a stud. DC
  20. Saw his name on Fantasy all the time. He's super shifty, hard to cover. Gets open over the middle a ton. Love it.
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