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  1. not that i am at all surprised, but i came in to check on any comments to a thread i put up earlier, and found the entire thread deleted. i also had notifications in my inbox to check, and when i attempted to do that, found this Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/K looks like the mods on the board are more creepily thin-skinned and insecure than i thought, and will never allow a genuine discussion to ever take place about the possible reasons for the stench that infects this team. it takes maturity and
  2. Given what is taking place tonight, quite frankly, the fortunes of the NY Jets are absolutely last on the list of concerns on my plate at the moment.
  3. Mac could probably put his pride on the shelf and go with the flow if Petty does well. Bowles on the other hand will completely retreat into his Burning Spear lookalike shell.
  4. We have some good young receivers + Brandon + decent running backs too. No reason to justify Bowles' reasons by overanalyzing this. This is not the Normandy invasion. Jets are out of the playoffs. Fitz is already the past. a dead man walking. Let's see what the future holds. It's pretty straight-forward. Btw, I have always disliked Jones intensely, but if he had a hand in drafting Dak, hats off.
  5. So we have to baby our QBs while many other teams thrive by throwing their 4th rounders into the fray, come what may. *eyeballing Dallas' 7-1 record * what does Bowles think Petty is going to do if he starts, clutch his heart and say this is the big one, Elizabeth? *yes, it's a Boomer reference * The Big One
  6. Think of it this way. Coach Bowles is like a man who is driving a car where the gas pedal and steering wheel are stuck and the regular brakes don't work and the car is about to run into a brick wall. He could try using the new super powerful emergency brake, but nah. After all, it's untested.
  7. They are actually paying him in Zimbabewean dollars, so it's no problem.
  8. Refs should lighten up. They are too young to remember this, but the AFL Jets used to line up after every win and do Rockettes style high kicks.
  9. R you fracking me?! I always root for any team that is actually from NY.
  10. Would you say Bowles is being petty? *it just can't get any funnier than this*
  11. 110% on w everything he said. His last name, however, is another matter.
  12. that really sucks. not to make light of it, but some HS g/f in 1969 got us tickets to go to Woodstock for my birthday and nearly gave me the clap: i ended up not going. close one. but then again, i might have missed something, like, uh, the biggest event of my generation.
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