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  1. Put down the crack pipe.
  2. Ehh, don't care about the Patriots/Belicheck hate. That said, I would have serious doubts that Bruschi would get involved with any cheating. Standup dude. One of those sports players, like Derek Jeter or Larry Fitzgerald, that you just can't hate.
  3. Two problems for me: no Tony Richardson, and no Kris Jenkins. While they were only on the team for a few years, they were some of the most dominant years I've ever seen from Jets players. Especially Jenkins.
  4. Bet this isn't true at all. But even if it was, I'd be annoyed as hell to be hounded by people in public as a celebrity all the time.
  5. Is this the guy that like attacked Jim Rome or something for calling him a girl's name? Edit: No, it was Jim Everett.
  6. Ehh, I dunno. Perhaps we can have okay WRs, but I would've liked to have pursued another in FA or in a trade. We don't truly have a #1 WR, and our #2 is kinda lackluster, regardless of who it ends up being.
  7. Of all the sports "news" out there, I think the thing I care the least about is the revealing of jersey numbers. I couldn't care less if Wilson wears 1, 2, 3, or 17.
  8. Wesco, Smith, Austin. Maybe we can snatch up Will Greer, and see if Jerry west is a two-sport athlete. Has a football player from WVU ever been successful? I mean, Owen Schmidt opened up Schmidt's Saloon, but that's closed now...
  9. Jesus, this comment didn't age well. Colt Brennan dead at 37.
  10. I'm still not happy with the starting line outside of LT and LG. Three JAGs, at best.
  11. Ehh, college production doesn't really mean much either. Otherwise, Colt Brennan would be a surefire Hall of Famer.
  12. Ehh, let's put a foot on the brakes. Everyone always looks good in these things. Remember David Clowney?
  13. Gotta love Sam. Wish nothing but the best from our two former busts: Darnold and Sanchez. Both awesome dudes that I'd let my daughters marry if I had them.
  14. But see, our definitions of good pale in comparison to other teams'. Crowder has been good, but not VERY good. Davis had an okay year, but nothing insane. Mims showed some flashes, but is not even close to a sure thing, and Moore hasn't stepped on the field yet. Like, we may have a competent core of WRs, but **** that, I want the best receiving core in the league. I want guys like Mims and Moore to compliment a Travis Kelce or a Julio Jones. Having that #1 WR opens up A LOT in an offense.
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