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  1. I wonder if we could trade down so we have picks NOW, AND trade for Watson.
  2. Brady didn't go to a terrible team. He went to a team with a great defense, a great OL, the best receiving core in the league, and a great head coach. Then brought in a HOF TE. This season proved nothing.
  3. Go Bills. Always been a classy organization that I've respected. Hope they win it all.
  4. Going for a FG was not only the wrong call, but it was completely sackless. Seriously, suck a stupid call (as was NE accepting that penalty to make it 1st and 10 instead of 2nd and 1).
  5. And why make that terrible throw on 3rd and goal rather than run it? Rodgers had room.
  6. Even if it took 3 firsts, we still would have plenty of draft capital and a ton of cap space. We also have a promising WR in Mims, a good slot guy, a franchise LT, and (supposedly) a good coach with a good OC. I'm usually a stockpiling draft picks guy, but you're talking about taking a chance on unproven talent vs. almost guaranteeing top 5 QB play.
  7. The only question I have for Douglas is whether he thinks Watson will win us a Superbowl. If the answer is yes, do everything you can to get him and build around him. If not, live to fight another day.
  8. I dunno about Lafleur's take on it, but what always bugged me was the language of West Coast systems, and how unnecessarily complex they are. An example of an actual playcall of Shanahan's: Far Double Wing Right 'B' Right Outside Fake 18 HO Force QB Naked Left Ready? Er . . . no. BREAK! An example of a call from Weis' 2004 Pats playbook: 0 Trips
  9. Hey, it's that dude from Hunger Games. And Future Man. Josh Hutchinson, or something.
  10. Excuses already. Noice. Sounds like a Jet already!
  11. Hard to know, since we don't actually know the ins and outs of NFL franchises.
  12. Christ. Let's see...4 jobs. Untreated ADHD is a bitch.
  13. The problem with drafting a QB now is that you're potentially getting a QB who also isn't the answer, but you're additionally wasting the second overall pick as well. If, instead, you give Darnold one more chance, you can at least draft Sewell. Either Darnold turns it around (best case), or he sucks and we draft high again. Or we could draft Sewell/trade down AND trade Sam, and then build a team first, THEN worry about QB.
  14. Would love to bring him back, don't care how old he is. Him, Pouha, and Jenkins are three of my favorite DL ever.

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