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  1. In conclusion, Bowles is an idiot afraid to develop young guys. Or even see what he has in them, for that matter. Though, to be fair, we're not there at practice. Maybe these guys just aren't that good.
  2. He could be the greatest coach in the world, but he needs to be fired for his TERRIBLE time management alone.
  3. None of those guys are guaranteed to be good. They have not stepped one foot on an NFL field.
  4. I used to be on the tank train. But I've never seen a Jets team fight like they are now. Tanking definitely would not lead to winning. You win by first developing a good culture. And we have this season.
  5. I'm a fan of punting far less than conventional wisdom. We convert more than 50% of the time. It helps our offense greatly, and puts loads of pressure on the defense. I don't have to worry about second and long in four-down football. We also go for two every time.
  6. Funnily enough, there IS a vape store across the street. I'll gladly rebuild it if you pay me millions of dollars. I just don't see why players are suddenly afraid of having to put in some work.
  7. Cowardly players. What happened to the day of MAKING a team a contender?
  8. Sign him to vet min, then cut him. If you can't cut him, just bench him. If you have to start him, he starts the first play, then he's benched. If he has to stay in, just run the ball.
  9. Absolutely trash people, Cox and the wife. Hope they get what's coming to them. Maybe a career-ending injury.
  10. We've won in spite of him, not because of him. His terrible time management alone should be enough to fire him. Absolutely unacceptable at the NFL level. You should not be an NFL head coach if you consistently waste two timeouts in the first ten minutes of each half. Kinda like that one week where Deshaun Watson called a timeout WAY too late and lost because of it. Absolutely unacceptable for an NFL QB to have that low of a football IQ.
  11. The butt fumble obsession is stupid. Never understood it. Boneheaded plays happen all the time.
  12. Yup, many teams do exactly that. They use 4-3 personnel. Just like Rex Ryan would use 4-3 personnel when he'd bring out the 46. His father, on the other hand, didn't use 4-3 personnel. If interested in learning more, here's a fantastic resource dump on the 4-2-5: https://coachhoover.blogspot.com/2011/12/4-2-5.html While not exactly the same, the odd stack (3-3-5) is also a 6-man box, and many (including me) use it with split field coverage. There's not as much info out there, but there are some great resources that expand on some of the TCU-style coverages. The common ones are 2-read, robber, squats/halves/"cover 2" (names can be deceiving!), solo, and special. Odd stack gets fun with all of the blitzes and confusion it can cause for OL. Obviously, that advantage is severely mitigated when applied to the NFL, where almost all players are smart, athletic freaks, but you can get some fantastic blitzing from the odd stack. It is very susceptible to power, though, if you don't break the stacks of the LBs over the DL. Special is the preferred coverage vs. trips sets. Allows you to double the backside split end, while remaining in your 2-read coverage to the trips side. Against 2 x 2 sets, 2-read is preferred, as it allows you to double the #1 receiver if the slot heads towards the flat (you vacate the strong side flat in most "quarters" coverages).
  13. Hard to give specific examples without game film, but I have seen numerous times where a certain route combination called neither stresses zone coverage, nor are they particularly adept at defeating man coverage. Because out relies too much on guessing what coverages the defense is using. Every passing play should have combinations to counter one high, two high, and man. By mirroring the concepts, you're eliminating half of the field. If you have a two high beater to both sides, but the defense rolls into a coverage that locks up that combination, chances are both sides are locked down. But if you have two different types of combinations, that other look will most likely have a coverage you can exploit. Yes. On 3rd and long against man coverage, we don't need to complete a 3-yard hitch. We need the intermediate game. Boxing is the opposite of spilling. It's a philosophy that seeks to funnel the ballcarrier in between the tackles. Usually, the DTs still spill, but the DEs will usually contain. With the Jets, our DEs don't seem to either contain or wrong-shoulder (spill). Correct. Our DTs haven't been good about stopping the reach-through by the guards. You have to have a fearless strong safety (the "third" safety). And there are certain coverages you can use, such as 2-read, that get 9 in the box. And 12 personnel makes disallowing the reach-through by the guards that much more important, so that the LBs can scrape cleanly to the open gaps.