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  1. What a world we live in where people are actually starting to like Tom Brady and Logan Paul . . .
  2. Seriously, I hope the Lions turn it around, and put a team around him. I think he has what it takes to hoist a Lombardi, and I think he's a dude that deserves it.
  3. Also, I'll get destroyed for this, but I'd move Stafford to tier 1. On any other team, Stafford is a top-5 QB, and probably a Hall of Famer. Proceed to call me a homer.
  4. Damn, everyone is as big of a hater towards Rivers as they were with Romo. Were they even the best QB in the NFL? No. But both were very good QBs for a long time. Shame they get no respect simply due to lack of playoff success.
  5. Did not know there was such a thing as the National Arena League, or the WV Roughriders. And I live like a hour from Wheeling, lol. Literally never heard anyone even speak of their existence. The only news out of Wheeling as of recent is some POS hospital conglomerate mishandled their finances, had to close two hospitals down, and then tried to not pay their employees for promised pay for accrued time off. Alecto is their name. /irrelevant rant
  6. In before yet another lock, lol. Anyways, I'll give my three cents. This hurts potential black coaches. How would you feel if you knew the only reason you were getting an interview was to check a box as a token black candidate? The alternative is that they're actually being interviewed due to them actually being a competitive candidate, in which case, the Rooney Rule isn't needed, and it only serves to have people doubt their credentials needlessly, wondering if they were only interviewed to check a box. It a terrible (and racist) rule, and, while the intentions behind it are good, it needs to be eliminated. "But what about the lack of minority coaches! It's a big issue!" Well, that very fact in and of itself is debatable. Perhaps, since, you know, only 12% of the population is black, there's simply more white candidates, thus more, on average, get hired. Perhaps more white people are simply interested in the coaching side (we don't complain that there aren't enough women in the military). If the latter factor is true (obviously would be hard to quantify), then that's two gigantic factors that would explain the gap. Either way, I don't think it's an issue. Do people honestly think that teams are hiring worse candidates because they're white? That's ridiculous. These owners care about one thing, and one thing only: money. And money is made by winning (unless you're the Johnson Bros.).
  7. Not enough black people in golf. Not enough white people in basketball. Not enough Mexicans in hockey. None of these things are actual issues, and neither is the percentage of white/black/whatever players/coaches/GMs in football.
  8. How ******* stupid can you be? Seriously. Why can't multimillionaires afford to call an Uber? Actually, maybe they're not so stupid. They know that, as celebrities, they'll just get a slap on the wrist. 6 game suspension? Oh no, they're shaking in their boots . . .
  9. TNJet as a stepfather. Punishment enough! I kid, I kid. Please don't ban me, Max. In all seriousness, some people just suck. Kids moreso. Has your wife ever considered a 64th trimester abortion?
  10. Would take Jim Brown over any of those guys. One of the top 3 players of all-time, along with Brady and Rice.
  11. One again, a bunch of out-of-touch executives okay-ing a sh*tty design. Who the hell comes up with this sh*t? Rams had one of, if not the best uniform in the NFL for a long time. Now they've ruined it. Especially the helmet. Christ.
  12. Raise Brady, Elway, Favre, Rodgers, Brees, lower Ben and Warner.
  13. Honestly, not sure why it went away. Yeah, there are some great sitcoms without laugh tracks, but many would definitely benefit from them. Community? Definitely don't use any. Monty Python? Wouldn't be the same without them (well, they used a live studio audience, but the point still stands).

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