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  1. We only have cap space because barely anyone is under contract...
  2. Bunch of homers in this thread that can't give credit where it's due. How about take notes instead of making excuses?
  3. Pats won due to poor time management. They got selfish and tried to air it out, when they should have run a 4 minute offense. Yay, a 50 yard pass! Too bad you just gave Brady 3 timeouts and the 2 minute warning to get a field goal...
  4. PCP63

    NFL = WWE?

    More than 10 teams had under 5.
  5. PCP63

    NFL = WWE?

    Everyone gets bad calls for and against them. Quit whining and making excuses.
  6. PCP63

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    I'm a Celtics and Bruins fan. Kinda nice, but lots of disappointment.
  7. PCP63

    Crazy stat Nance just stated

    Lol, now let's stop the excuses, guys. The refs aren't cheating for the Pats, they're just better coached.
  8. Sucks for both parties, but neither one knew at the time of the split. They apparently get along well now and have no issues splitting parenting duties. Lived in Worcester at the time, so the news constantly talked about it. Again, hate the Pats, but can't see why anyone genuinely hates Brady.
  9. I want them to lose, but I wouldn't go this far. As an individual, I like Brady. Nice, down to earth dude, never gets in trouble, real family guy. I wish the best of him... except winning the Superbowl or the division /game against us.
  10. Who cares? Them deflating some balls and filming signals did not put all the points on the board to win 5 Superbowls. Complaining about the refs never helped them to raise the Lombardi. Excuses are pointless. We just need to get down to work and execute.
  11. Why do people get offended when people praise Brady? I hate the Pats, but do love watching the greatest QB ever. But the homers will say he's a scrub system QB and the Pats are cheaters, and then wonder where our losing mentality comes from. Instead of making excuses, how about we take notes, and dethrone them?
  12. Football comes full circle in many ways, but in different iterations. The Wing-T will never come back to the NFL, though. But other old concepts, like the spread option from 1934, have. The new big spread defense in the Big 12, Tite, is really just a 5-2 Monster, with some changes in personnel and coverage.
  13. Teams rarely even use fullbacks anymore. It's all about the H-Back now, which is pretty much just a hybrid tight end.

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