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  1. I think Adams is a crybaby, but he's been one hell of a player, especially since he got called out by every Jets fan on Earth for being a baby. With that being said, he doesn't move the needle. He's a luxury player, a player you want once you already have a solid team. So, I'd be open to trade him. Maybe. I'd say see if we could move him to LB, but I think he'd demand too much in FA no matter where we moved him.
  2. Still running it. I'll let you know when I finish.
  3. Had to bump this alongside Wes Welker thread.
  4. My bigger concern is why they're off until Wednesday. Tuesday, maybe, but the Jets are still 4-7.
  5. I definitely do agree about one part: the NFL needs to make it clear how you can hit running QBs. Can't count the number of "late hit" penalties there have been that would have resulted, if no hit, in the QB running right past them untouched. How to run for first downs as a QB in 2019: run towards the sideline, then, when the defender has to let up to avoid a penalty, turn upfield and run right by him.
  6. This. And anyone that was saying it wasn't a PI is just being a homer. It clearly was. We won 34-3, so who gives a sh*t?
  7. Glad to see we finally have good TEs. They help an offense so much more than good WR's, in my opinion.
  8. How about the Jets consistently produce a good product on the field. Only then can they complain about lack of respect.
  9. I...can't complain at all! Seriously, we've been fantastic these past few games. Bravo.
  10. I wouldn't want a QB that makes such terrible decisions. All he had to do to get his job back was to just shut the **** up and play. Instead, he wore a Kunta Kinte shirt, and told scouts to tell their owners to stop being scared. Someone that actually wanted to play wouldn't do that. Essentially what I'm saying is, Kap clearly didn't learn from his mistakes. And yes, making cops out to be pigs and praising Castro in the workplace are definitely mistakes. Doesn't even include his GF trash taking the Ravens owner. The guy just makes poor decisions.
  11. Sounds like he's lying to use race to his advantage. Hopefully, if untrue, Rudolph sues him.
  12. Lol if you think Brady is on HGH. Also lol if you think it'd make even a fraction of a difference outside of injuries healing (which should be permitted, IMO). I'm all for hating Brady, but let's at least be realistic.

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