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  1. Ehh, I'm okay. You're the one whining about some random dude you've never met.
  2. I'm not the one calling for people to be hurt because I can't handle my emotions. Just saying that you guys are ridiculous.
  3. Hope someone you love gets brutally beaten at work by someone at a rival company. Oh, wait, nevermind, I'm not a psychopath.
  4. I hope it's just internet tough dudes calling for career ending injuries. Wanting dudes you've never met to be permanently disabled because they were drafted by a different football team. This kind of sh*t is why we don't even deserve to be a good team.
  5. Yes, because it's so ridiculous to want players to play hard and hit hard, but do it within the rules...
  6. That's a dumb use of "snowflake." Cheap shots are equivalent to sucker punches. Anyone that does them is a pansy and doesn't deserve to be in the NFL.
  7. Crazy how some people can't separate a game from real life. These injuries cause all kinds of issues later in life for these players. It's terrible to wish that on these guys, no matter the team. Let's get our revenge by building a good team and beating them on the field without any cheap or cowardly tactics.
  8. That's just a coward move. How about we not permanently injure humans just because they play for a rival team. I want us to HURT players, NOT injure them.
  9. I don't mind the other dude, but Booger is just damn annoying. I just want every game to be called by Romo and Berman.
  10. I'm a big Gase hater, but c'mon. This is all on Sam.
  11. These bad throws are NOT on the line or the receivers. They suck as well, but this is Sam.
  12. Nope. Jackson knows how to manipulate his body to avoid the big hits. He'll be fine.
  13. I smell a sack fumble. Also, little Hoc needs to pump the iron with (I presume) his dad.

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