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  1. I hate the Pats and all as well, but dude...where the hell are you getting the idea that he's a sex trafficker from?
  2. Who cares if he's worth a 1st round pick? Sure, he's not. But draft position doesn't matter. The fact is, he's a viable starter, and at a damn good price.
  3. PCP63

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    I have no problem with this signing, though I do hope we address TE in the draft. They're becoming extremely important. Especially having the hybrid H Back that can block and receive.
  4. PCP63

    Jets newfound identity

    What's offensive about it?
  5. PCP63

    Jets newfound identity

    I wouldn't call Bell high character. His IQ also appears to be lower than his jersey number.
  6. I'll dispute that he was a shell of himself. Pretty much without Gronk, he threw for 4300 yards, 29 TDs, and led his team to a Superbowl win.
  7. I never claimed to always be right. Problem?
  8. If you know the play. But you don't always know the play call. "Oh, this is Hoss Y-Juke, this player screwed up." "No, this is a new variation we introduced this week, called Hoss Y-Over."
  9. It's also hard for third parties to grade players. Negative for blown coverage? Silly PFF, he did his assignment correctly, it was someone else that blew their coverage.
  10. People treat them like they're perfect and can never be wrong. I like my numbers, I do, but I don't always trust a bunch of dudes in lab coats (with cheeto stains on the front) to tell me who's a good football player. Not saying they aren't a valuable resource. They are. But stop being lazy and just posting PFF grades to say why we should or shouldn't sign somebody.
  11. PCP63

    Discussion on centers

    If the Jets drafted only offensive linemen and edge rushers the first day of every draft, I'd be okay with it. There's NEVER a time you don't need more OL.
  12. PCP63

    NFL suspends Hunt for 8 games

    Wow, only 8. What a ******* steal by the Browns.

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