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  1. I don't see the issue with those comments. Kitchens is 100% correct. Poor coaching permeates ALL levels of football. I can't count the number of times I've seen assistants say something along the lines of, "block your ******* man!" Wow, stellar advice...I'm sure the kid was completely unaware that he was supposed to actually beat his man. Hell, some of the worst coaching I've seen was when our staff visited a powerhouse D1 team during the season. Phrases like the above were the norm.
  2. JAG Not worried about losing this future Hall of Famer.
  3. How in the hell are people defending him driving drunk? Not only that, but claiming that the cop is being racist or something when MO FAILED THE BREATHALYZER. And yes, 0.01 will stick. He'll make that stupid equipment defense, and the cop will show that it's been calibrated and tested.
  4. I downvoted your other dumb posts, too, like knocking Manning for playing indoors. You consistently make stupid posts, so I downvote you.
  5. No, I just think that you're a homer.
  6. What fun would football be if you never talked about other teams? Knowing other teams' players, coaches, schemes, etc. adds to rivalries. Hell, I'm a Celtics fan, and probably know more about the Lakers than Lakers fans. You know why? Talking about them, and knowing about them makes it so much better when we kick their ass in the Finals. Imagine games against the Pats without knowing any of the players or coaches on the Pats, and none of their headlines. Would just be another game.
  7. I'd venture to guess that more than 75% of players take some sort of PEDs. When I was in college (even the D3 place I went to my freshman year), almost all of us were juicing in one form or another. We knew when all the tests were, so knew when to cycle. If you think Edelman's success is due to steroids, I don't think you quite understand what exactly it is that steroids do.
  8. Again, not defending them, but why be mad at them because their family was successful? I wouldn't decline a $10m trust fund check.
  9. Most likely drunk? Sounds like a baseless assumption. Motorcycle accident, but no mention of drugs or alcohol. How do those make them bad? Not defending them, just saying...
  10. It's not true? How the hell do you know?
  11. Ratliff Hackenberg Clowney McElroy McCairrians Clemens John Connor
  12. Favorite player of all time, but honorary degrees are bullsh*t. And an insult to people that actually have those degrees.
  13. It can always be schemed in. Plenty of ways to get him 1 on 1.

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