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  1. PCP63


    People need to stop making excuses for Sam. It's only a few games, but these mistakes are HIS mistakes. These throws are bad throws by him, not the receivers.
  2. PCP63

    Baker looked legit

    No it wasn't. That ball fell short, and Anderson made a great play.
  3. PCP63

    the fitz saga continues

    Never understood the Fitz hate. He had one bad year here. But also one great year. He's a cool guy that was a team player. Blame coaches for keeping him in. But don't hate him. Also, what's with all the race stuff? I think he'd be treated the same if he was black. As far as getting warnings when you get pulled over, that has not been my experience at all. Now, pretty women getting warnings? Definitely a thing. Halo Effect.
  4. Butt fumble was Moore, not Sanchez.
  5. You joke, but....
  6. Anyone implying Brady is using HGH is just butthurt and petty. Shows none of the symptoms, and would not make any difference with his passing. Why can't we hate the Pats without being homers?
  7. That sucks. Not only will we never be able to say we bested Brady, but Pats Jets games will no longer be as exciting. Bad for football, bad for us.
  8. I still believe in him.
  9. What a joke of a list. Brady 5?Jimmy G 4?Bradford 34?
  10. PCP63

    "The Art of the RPO" with Doug Pederson.

    RPOs are good, but they're not magic. Defenses have numerous ways of successfully defending them. Nothing will beat the fundamentals.
  11. I stand by my position. If Carr gets hurt, Raiders will be fine.
  12. The guy who makes a ton of progress and starts is the young Christian Hackenberg. I was delighted with the Darnold pick, but I still think Hack can be one hell of a player. You fix his footwork, and raise his confidence, and we have two potential FQBs. Not even including a healthy Bridgewater. The Hack Attack will be back. Don't give up on him just yet. Let's give him a chance first. If Darnold beats him out, fine. But it needs to be an actual open competition.
  13. Why not both? Draft a QB high, still pursue Cousins.

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