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  1. In the days where QBs are now coming in and making an instant impact, the days of growing pains are over. Evolve immediately, or die out. Sam has to produce now or we need to move on. Don't care who the coach is, who is the OC, what weapons he has. When he has a clean pocket, he's trash. When his receivers do get open, he's trash. When he's running for his life, and steps out of bounds instead of throwing it away? Trash.
  2. But maybe it's not a problem. Maybe Darnold just can't handle the audibling. Perhaps he can. We honestly don't really know, since we're not there at practice, in the meeting rooms with him.
  3. I don't think Gase is a good coach, but have no problem with this. Sometimes plays have audibles built in, sometimes they don't. What's the problem
  4. Funny how people buttfumbled me constantly for suggesting Sam isn't the answer. He just makes crap decisions, even when given a clean pocket.
  5. OP is smoking crack. Darnold needs to prove he's a top 25 QB before we start making Watson comparisons. Does he have the potential to be good? Yeah. Does he have a terrible supporting cast? Yeah. But that doesn't, by default, mean that if he had a good supporting cast, he'd suddenly stop making stupid decisions and vault himself into the top 5 conversation.
  6. At the end of the day, all that matters in their record. Perhaps it could work. Perhaps it could go down in flames. Personally, I can't see the worst team in the NFL getting any worse, and it looks like the players are on-board with his approach, so we'll see how he pans out.
  7. Thread title was misleading. Thought you meant all season. Was going to say, "probably not." But on Sunday? Definitely not.
  8. Not saying it's a good position. But Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Mahomes, Watson, etc. wouldn't be bottom 5 QBs with those weapons.
  9. He hasn't even played a single game yet this season. I'm referring to his previous sh*tty play.
  10. I'm not as high on Darnold as many others here are. Does he have the potential to be a good QB? Yes. But he hasn't been. We can keep making the same excuses that we always make for our struggling QBs (bad OL, bad playcalling, bad WRs), and all of that stuff can be true, but at the end of the day, Darnold still has to produce. The great QBs would still play well even in the worst of situations.
  11. Actually one of the best sports "analysts" on YouTube. Would highly recommend giving him a second chance.

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