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  1. Most likely drunk? Sounds like a baseless assumption. Motorcycle accident, but no mention of drugs or alcohol. How do those make them bad? Not defending them, just saying...
  2. PCP63

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    It's not true? How the hell do you know?
  3. Ratliff Hackenberg Clowney McElroy McCairrians Clemens John Connor
  4. Favorite player of all time, but honorary degrees are bullsh*t. And an insult to people that actually have those degrees.
  5. It can always be schemed in. Plenty of ways to get him 1 on 1.
  6. Don't underestimate the power of interior pressure.
  7. Then I'll be delighted...and still want Mac fired.
  8. How can anyone hate Mark? It's like Scal on the Celtics. Gotta respect him.
  9. PCP63

    Quinnen Williams vs Vernon Gholston

    Not probably, it definitely was. Set the OSU sack record, one of two to get one against Jake Long, had one of the greatest combines ever, and was the best player by a mile at the ONLY position of need on the entire team, save maybe TE.
  10. PCP63

    Quinnen Williams vs Vernon Gholston

    In hindsight, yes, Gholston was a huge bust. But in that moment, he was about as close to a blue-chip player as you can get. Sometimes they just don't pan out. Gholston didn't, but you can't blame him for making the pick. Any GM in the league in his position would make that pick. But, maybe I'm just a shill for Mangenius (I am). I thought he was a damn good coach, he just needed time to grow. Let's not forget that his teams carried Rex to two straight AFCC games.
  11. PCP63

    Quinnen Williams vs Vernon Gholston

    Let's just put this to rest right now: at the time, Gholston was the right pick.
  12. I don't believe Leo should be playing DE. He's best-suited as a 3-technique player. And there were many instances last year of Leo slacking on plays. What I mean by CJ being a 3-4 tackler is that he's an old-school linebacker that can stop the run sideline-to-sideline, but can't cover to save his life. Roberts is JAG. Not trolling at all. I want all of these players to play great, and I want a top 10 defense. But we're not even close right now.
  13. What's inaccurate about it? He's lazy, and he's playing out of position.
  14. Top 10 defense? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Let's see: DL: A good, but not great DE in Anderson, an out-of-position, lazy sack of shit in Leo, a rookie, and an old, slow guy that can't pass rush LB: An overpriced 3-4 tackler that can't cover to save his life in CJ, a decent, but not good, OLB in Jenkins, a good, but not great LB who can't cover to save his life in Williamson Secondary: An overpriced CB that played terrible last season, a nobody on the other side of him, a great safety behind him, and an often-injured, decent safety behind the nobody. Sounds like a recipe for the GOAT defense! Nope. We need more than a CB. We need LBs that can cover, we need a pass-rusher, and we need another safety that can cover, along with a decent nickel/dime CB.
  15. PCP63

    Holy &^%$ Tyreek Hill Situation

    If his wife truly did text him that, how can you, in good faith, suspend Hill? I wouldn't personally smack my kid on the chest for crying, but that's far different than punching him or breaking his arm.

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