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  1. Why not both? Draft a QB high, still pursue Cousins.
  2. Suck for Sam they said

    Is a huge bunion. It loses us many games.
  3. Suck for Sam they said

    Nope. Still have to try your young guys and not have the time management skills of a toddler.
  4. Suck for Sam they said

    Odd. It's almost as if no prospect is a guarantee, and tanking is stupid and nonexistent.
  5. Respected coach?! The guy had the worst time management I've ever seen. He loses us games singlehandedly. He can be the greatest X's and O's guy in the world, but he makes dumb decisions. Ones that not even high school JV coaches should be making.
  6. He had the most punts...of course he'll have some of the most yards. Not taking away from him, just saying that this is very lazy analysis. How's his hangtime? How often does he successfully coffin punt?
  7. I don't want him to start this last game. I've wanted him to start all season, but one game is not a fair shot. Can only end badly, even if he plays well.
  8. Cowards. Good players, but cowards.
  9. What a coward. Whatever happened to MAKING a team a contender, rather than avoiding bad teams?
  10. Washington Redhawks

    I don't find those offensive, I find them hilarious.
  11. In conclusion, Bowles is an idiot afraid to develop young guys. Or even see what he has in them, for that matter. Though, to be fair, we're not there at practice. Maybe these guys just aren't that good.
  12. He could be the greatest coach in the world, but he needs to be fired for his TERRIBLE time management alone.
  13. None of those guys are guaranteed to be good. They have not stepped one foot on an NFL field.