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  1. I don't care what their "RAS" is. Being a good athlete does not mean being a good football player. Look at Gholston.
  2. Kollman makes me want every player, lol. Wasn't he high on Hack, though? Don't bother looking, he was. Believe he called him a first round talent.
  3. Hope Becton pans out, but there's absolutely no way he's 17% bodyfat. That'd be off-season Mr. Olympia-level.
  4. Bad branding is bad. Again, out of touch corporate types screwing things up. I'm all for change, but these are just plain bad changes.
  5. The Jets' current uniforms are also trash. How could they possibly think it was an upgrade from the last unis? Only teams that's made a positive change is the Browns.
  6. Nothing, I guess. But maybe someone that actually watches football would realize that these "new, hip, corporate" logos are not what NFL fans want.
  7. I mean, seriously, who the hell is approving these terrible designs? The Pats going with color rush unis? Terrible decision. The Chargers putting number on the helmet and putting the lightning bolt on the "a" in Chargers? Terrible. The biggest offender is obviously the Rams. My god. The terrible design, the ambiguity on whether it's the LAR or LAC, it's just a complete mess. Why are teams trying to fix things that aren't broken? Buncha corporate asswipes that have never played a down in their life thinking they know best. Can't tell if it's senile 80-year-olds, or dumbass millenials, but they need new graphics designers and copywriters.
  8. The numbers on the helmets are terrible.
  9. Or just fire that ref that refused to enforce it...
  10. I'd trade Amy Schumer and all her fans for Mitch.
  11. Nope. No way he could drink enough water to dilute a drug test to a significant degree. Samples are usually diluted after the urine is already in the sample cup, and 99% of the time, if the specific gravity of the sample is above a certain level (1.0035), it's almost guaranteed the person is covering up drug use.
  12. How the hell can you be so irresponsible so close to the draft? You KNOW you're going to get tested. Should be an automatic blacklist for being mentally defective. Needs to be checked for head injuries.
  13. DWC for most delusional poster of the year?
  14. This. The only other Jet that was as dominant at his position in his prime was Kris Jenkins, but that was very on and off.
  15. I don't have a problem with him trying to make more money, but those simply aren't very good trademarks. Tompa Bay? Can't see Tampa fans buying that one. Possibly Tampa Brady, but meh.
  16. Honestly, hope we sign Clowney. I'm a sucker for great defenses. Would be great if Williams steps up, too. Imagine a defense with Williams, Clowney, Mosley, Williamson, Adams, and a rookie CB. Could be fun.
  17. I like Jamal, I really do. And, I also much prefer having proven players on the team than potentially good players that draft picks yield. With that said, Jamal just doesn't move the needle for us. While he's decent in coverage, great at stopping the run, and a good blitzer, that really doesn't help out our team enough to warrant the opportunity cost of not trading him. With a trade, even if all picks don't pan out, we have a good chance at significantly improving our team. It's a deep draft, and we can make a big jump this year. That's what I want to say. But, my gut tells me different. He's a very versatile player. We're looking at him as "just a box safety," when he's actually more like a safety/OLB hybrid that can defend the pass, stop the run, and blitz the QB. Hard to find guys that can do that much for a defense. You can put him damn near anywhere, and he'll succeed. And to add to that, he's already a proven player. Even if we got a 1st and a 3rd, what are the chances that we'll get players with those picks that even sniff the impact Jamal has? Yeah, sure, we could also use his cap for some depth, but we're talking maybe a low-end starter. Is 2-3 probably-low-end starters really worth giving up Jamal? I'm not quite sure. I can truly see both side of the argument, so, in the mean time, I'm fence-sitting.
  18. Problem with what I said? You think that we're going to be a competitive team this year? Our OL is still trash, our WRs are trash, our HBs are nothing special (Bell doesn't fit the scheme), our CBs are trash, our DL is only passable. Yet somehow you think we can win? Look, I obviously want to win as well. And I hope we do. But I also realize that we are far from being competitive.
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