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  1. Not hating on people getting excited about him. I'm excited about him. But there certainly are people here that are ready to anoint him the next great QB. And those people should probably chill out.
  2. Maybe. But people need to stop being homers. Darnold has promise. But he's very far from a sure thing. Hell, I've even seen people talking about him taking a step up, and us winning this year. Delusional.
  3. Didn't say that Hackenburg was a good pick. Just saying that saying, "oh, we drafted this guy and passed on that one" is flawed logic.
  4. That way of thinking is flawed. You could use that same logic to say, "oh, the dumbass Pats passed on Brady five times!" Hindsight is 20/20.
  5. Ehh. Who deserved it over him? He wasn't in his prime then, and definitely fell off when he came back to us, but he was still a good CB up unti lthat point.
  6. Well deserved, even though I hate him for his holdouts. His 2009 season was unbelievable.
  7. I can name 25 QBs better than him at the moment. Jackson, Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, Tannehill, Watson, Brees, Cousins, Stafford, Wentz, Prescott, Ryan, Murray, Carr, Garoppolo, Fitzpatrick, Allen, Bridgewater, Goff, Rivers, Winston, Jones, Minshew, Brissett. Admittedly, Brissett, and Winston are questionable, but the point still stands: Darnold isn't even close to being close to a top QB yet.
  8. Didn't mean to revitalize his career. I meant from the start. Perhaps, if he was behind a competent OL, and had a few weapons, he could have rediscovered what everyone saw his freshman season. Not that it matters, though. He started here and failed.
  9. Sanchez had just as much talent around him. Jones, Richardson, Cotch, Edwards, Keller, D'Brick, Faneca, Mangold, Moore, Woody. Better OL (best in the NFL, actually), worse, but still good, WRs. Much better HB. Best FB in the NFL.
  10. Well, I think he had the tools. I was wrong. Still wish we could've seen him reunited with O'Brien.
  11. I didn't say that. Possibly referring to another post? I'm all for giving him a fair shot. Just saying that he's not as sure a thing as people are saying.
  12. Ehh, honestly, it was a close call for me. Both had quite a few great and sh*tty moments.
  13. Certain posters *cough* DWC *cough* seem to think he's the next all-time great QB. I hope he will be, and I still think he can be good, but let him have one decent season before we crown him the next great thing.
  14. Hopefully he becomes not only top 25, but top 5. Until then, he's still not even top 25, and we all need to calm down.
  15. Jesus ******* christ. Let Sam become a top 25 QB before we go calling him a future Hall of Famer.
  16. I didn't forget about that. He often did suck. But, so far, Sam has always sucked. Not saying he can't improve, but Fitz's two years were better than Darnold's two years.
  17. Wish Thomas Jones could've been on the list. Would be the unquestioned #1.
  18. Darnold at #1, lmao. Homers gon' homer. It's Fitz until proven otherwise.
  19. COO is doubling down. I'd fire him. Sunk Cost Effect is nothing to play with.
  20. Alright, I'm not Brady fan, but I don't trust this list for a second. Brady, with Godwin, Evans, and Howard, being a "borderline" top-10 QB? This dude is nuts.
  21. What they've done so far in their career? Fitz is higher than Darnold. But, if I'm being delusional, Sam is the GOAT sports player in human history!
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