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  1. He looks like he's spent the bare minimum amount of time in the boxing gym. For one, he drops his right every time he throws his left. Maybe I'm just a hater (I am). Wish Snoop would stop being worshiped by society. He's literally a murderer. Regarding the Tyson fight, they both looked okay, but Tyson was underwhelming, given the hype. Obviously, he was fantastic for a 54-year-old, but his training tapes made him look like his 20-year-old self. Was surprised at how athletic RJJ was, especially since losing his athleticism is what killed his career.
  2. Lawdy, lol. Got confused for a minute, my bad.
  3. Who cares what he's doing on another team? He was a disappointment here.
  4. Where the hell has this offense been all season? This has been an exciting drive!
  5. We quite literally made the trade of the decade to come, and all OP wants to do is whine about getting rid of a player that doesn't move the needle, and forced his way off of the team.
  6. I genuinely can't tell if DWC is trolling or not. Has to be. In no way can any actual human being think that we made a mistake trading Adams.
  7. I wouldn't say NEVER punting, just take more calculated risks. Never understood not going for 2, though.
  8. In regards to clock management, yes. The technical aspects of the game? Absolutely not. He's a terrible coach...for NFL head coach standards,which is a high ******* standard.
  9. So? Doesn't change the fact that he was a lazy POS here, and it was a good trade.
  10. Jesus christ. Part of me feels like this is ban-worthy to protect the health of the rest of the board. JD made probably the greatest trade this decade will see, and all OP wants to do is whine about a guy who plays a different position, and is 1/3 of the cost.
  11. inb4 the lock Fighting racism with racism is stupid. And like many policies, this one will backfire, as it'll make minorities rise through the ranks faster only because teams want more draft picks, and not because of their own merit. Then you'll have those same candidates always questioning whether they're just charity cases. All around ridiculous policy.
  12. Quit being a homer. He's one of the greatest coaches of all-time. I don't like it any more than you do, but let's be realistic.
  13. Yes. We actually looked like a decent team, but didn't compromise the tank. Perfect situation.
  14. Here's a cartoon of me a few years ago. Guess which one?
  15. The Seahawks are good, sure, but he's sucked. This will be the trade of the decade.
  16. Bell is KILLING it! Way to prove all the doubters wrong.
  17. C'mon. That was a pretty clean hit, just a hard collision.
  18. The play where he got beat inside on the sack.
  19. Was pissed when the Heat beat us. Always up for either Celtics-Lakers, or Red Sox-Yankees (in ALCS).
  20. Unless they're Josh Rosen.
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