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  1. I agree. But he SHOULD be. I'd take Kelly as OC and Chow as QBC any day of the week.
  2. Why specifically would you not like Chip? IMO, most people that dislike him simply don't understand his methods. The spread option is a VERY formidable system, even at the highest levels.
  3. And get an OC that actually knows how to run it. *Cough* Norm Chow/Chip Kelly *Cough*
  4. Don't think I've seen anyone else here suggest this, and for good reason. He's an excellent running back. Probably one of my favorite players, if not my absolute favorite. He runs hard, fast, and he's pretty consistent. However, I just don't think his price tag will warrant keeping him, especially when we have, IMO, as crazy as it will sound, a better HB that will come for a fraction of Ivory's price (Powell). Powell is quicker, more consistent, holds onto the ball better, blocks better, and catches better. He's not really the most injury-prone back either. Granted, I understand having multiple HBs is better, which is why we could look at a lower price tag in FA or use a mid-round pick on a HB. But I firmly believe Powell should be the starter. He is the single most underrated player in the league. Especially with such a suspect, aging line like we have, having a good blocking back that can also catch check downs is very valuable. Maybe pair him with someone like Lamar Miller, and I think we could match our production in the running game, improve it in the passing game, and do both at a much lower price tag. Crazy, I know. Just throwing out ideas.
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