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  1. To be fair, don't see why the GM has to sit there and watch the games live. Good for him, wheeling and dealing no matter the time.
  2. We were already supposed to be in the middle of a rebuild. **** this team. My other team (the Celtics) managed to rebuild and still stay very competitive (until they sh*t the bed in the 4th quarters of the ECF, at least).
  3. Meh. **** it. Great locker room guy, but we're not winning any time soon. Get some picks.
  4. Where's the "report?" Generally, that would refer to people with close sources saying the Jets are intentionally tanking. Nvm, video never loaded for me until just now. I'm an idiot.
  5. When will more people finally realize what some of us already do: Darnold wasn't ruined by the Jets. There was never a franchise QB there to begin with.
  6. You tend to get worse when you sit a year out. YMMV
  7. I'm no Gase fan, but here's one thing not many are considering: maybe Bell is just washed up, and can't even beat-out 37-year-old Frank Gore in practice. Maybe he just sucks now.
  8. Even if he blows those picks, doesn't mean it was a bad trade. It wasn't even a good trade. It was an absolutely fantastic, once in a lifetime, trade. Seriously, that return for an overrated safety? $$$!!!
  9. That's alright. Just please don't start Flacco. Give Morgan a chance. Who knows, maybe he's good.
  10. Not a good QB, but Sam is looking like the fastest player on the field. Not even exaggerating...
  11. Oh God...was on the phone for a bit. Did Becton get hurt worse?
  12. Not a fan of Gase, but this whole idea that he "ruined" Sam is ridiculous. Sam is the one playing like sh*t, and, as a professional football player, you can't blame your lack of progression on coaches. Think Brady became who he was by sticking his thumb up his ass, and only trying to improve when Belicheck was around?
  13. Nice play, but god damn, stopholding the ball so long. 9/10 times, that's a sack.
  14. Tired excuse, considering he rolled out within the first couple plays.
  15. At some point, you need to stop making excuses for Sam. Backups are coming in and playing better than him. Let's not even talk about the starters.
  16. FFS Or any of the 30 other QBs that are better than him at this moment.
  17. In the days where QBs are now coming in and making an instant impact, the days of growing pains are over. Evolve immediately, or die out. Sam has to produce now or we need to move on. Don't care who the coach is, who is the OC, what weapons he has. When he has a clean pocket, he's trash. When his receivers do get open, he's trash. When he's running for his life, and steps out of bounds instead of throwing it away? Trash.
  18. But maybe it's not a problem. Maybe Darnold just can't handle the audibling. Perhaps he can. We honestly don't really know, since we're not there at practice, in the meeting rooms with him.
  19. I don't think Gase is a good coach, but have no problem with this. Sometimes plays have audibles built in, sometimes they don't. What's the problem
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