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  1. Don't know, don't care. People act like he's Dick LeBeau.
  2. Nope. But when a female is made an NFL head coach, and gets fired for poor performance (as most coaches do)? It'll be a PR nightmare.
  3. I'll get destroyed for saying this, but I think that's a bad move. I mean, he'll be 34 by the end of that contract, and there's no way to predict what will happen in the next 10 years. One bad injury can spell doom for a player. That's a long commitment. Just ask the Yankees about A-Rod's contract. He had a great 2007 season, and was good for a few more years, but not even close to worth what they were paying him.
  4. Grew up playing football, baseball, and basketball all throughout middle school. Hit HS, and it was all about football. I sucked, played a bit in college, and sucked there, too. Got into boxing after a few ACL tears ended my football career, and had potential, but never really followed-up with it. Once I can actually dedicate hours on end every day to training for it, I'll probably get back into boxing eventually. Just gotta be careful, since I'm on blood thinners, so a serious concussion could equal death.
  5. Jesus, how could I forget probably my third-favorite voice in rock, err . . . football? Phil Lynott. Blows my mind that Slade never made it huge here. But he's a legend in the UK. Nazareth is known by lots to sound like AC/DC, but I don't see it. Same with Airbourne. You want AC/DC? Check out 77, or 42 Decibel. Irritates me when people made inaccurate comparisons. Kinda like GVF with Zeppelin. You know who they sound like much more?
  6. Ehh, sure. Put Ian Gillan up there while you're at it.
  7. Does anyone remember a few months ago where Mehta was thought to have made an account here or Twitter or something, and then spread false rumors and post his stories? Forget the details. Wonder what ever happened with that . . .
  8. Bon Scott, Rob Halford, Steve Marriott, Robert Plant, in that order.
  9. Brady, Montana, Manning, Marino, in that order. 3/4 AFCE QBs. Nice.
  10. Ehh, I don't think he's a great coach, but I like Gase as a person. Seems like a no-bullsh*t straight shooter. Would play for him.
  11. Screw him. This obviously shows that it has nothing to do with the money. I say, we either trade him to some sucker for a huge package, or let him rot on the bench for 2-3 years.
  12. Here's a diagram of the aforementioned Rain Blitz: It's a blitz used against zone pass protection teams. SS and M both creep up, and whichever way the center turns, that guy covers the backside hot route, and the other one blitzes the B gap, leaving a free rusher while only sending 5. Probably my favorite blitz, along with "America's Blitz/NCAA Blitz."
  13. It is also the time when I knew for a fact that Gase was not the coach for us. You know what almost all of his bad plays that game had in common? They were the exact same blitz by the defense: the rain blitz. It's a staple of Belicheck and Saban. Anyone that has watched even an iota of film on Belicheck can tell you that, yet, instead of adjusting, Gase just wants to try to "motivate" him, rather than giving him advice that will actually help. If coaching was as easy as saying "god damn it, throw a TD, not an INT!" we wouldn't need coaches.
  14. Also, as someone that couldn't sling a football to save his life, and threw a whopping 60 MPH in little league, I understand how you 96ers feel. I was right up there with the big guys.
  15. I know people like taking the piss out of him, but more power to him, hope he succeeds. Love a good redemption story or two.
  16. Thought of this when Maybe I'm Amazed was posted on the last page:
  17. Yup. It's pretty good stuff. Here's another one by Blackfoot (no, not that one): Not as fuzzy, but still badass.
  18. Just discovered Zamrock. Apparently, in the early-mid 70's, after Zambia gained its independence from Britain, the president ordered that 95% of songs played on the radio had to come from Zambia, so everyone rushed to make songs. What followed was some awesome fuzz/psych rock. The best of them was W.I.T.C.H. (We Intend To Cause Havoc!). Badass name for a badass band. Anyways, here they are. Sad story to end it, as all the members except the lead singer died of AIDS (he's still touring), but good to remember them by their music.
  19. Jamal Jeffries. Can't play in two leagues, jackass.
  20. What a world we live in where people are actually starting to like Tom Brady and Logan Paul . . .
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