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  1. Oh man that's tough. I hope he recovers. Go jets.
  2. Gotta give rep for the phrase "most juice from the squeeze".
  3. I really hope the jets dedicate to building a strong OL through the draft but I'm getting more concerned the true LT prospect isn't in this draft. Seems we have choice of a high floor, low ceiling guy. A guy who may end being a guard. A guy who may end up being a RT or guard and a guy who is boom or bust. Now, all four could end up being solid LT`s but it's starting to look like we may need to keep our options open regarding that position. Personally I'd like to see them dedicate 3 picks to OL this draft.
  4. At a reasonable cost, he wouldn't be a terrible piece to cart out there in the red zone.
  5. Any of our offensive success in the last decade or so came when we had, at least a couple of, very good linemen. As nice as it is to have playmakers, you gotta have the guys that set the plays in motion. They guys that open the holes and hold the blocks. Gimme the big uglies!
  6. They could call it the dignity bowl. After participating in the two worst team performances for the calender year and suffering, for a professional athlete, the pain of losing, we could then, to ease our boredom, have them square off against each other for the title of second loser.
  7. This is the part i think that keeps getting overlooked. Out coached. That is my concern with Gase. I'm just not seeing the strategist with him. Now, of course, that doesn't mean he isn't or will not develop into one but his past records indicate it isn't there. Vrabel is doing a great job. Kudos to him.
  8. I know I'm supposed to hate Marino just because but man he was really good. My personal vote for GOAT. Dude defined the QB position going forward. Watched him do some crazy stuff, unfortunately against the Jets a lot times. Eff Brady.

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