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  1. naturalscience

    Pats are winning the super bowl

    Yup. Nfl gave the fans the "pats can't win every year lose". This year they cement the golden boy as the best with his final SB win.
  2. Great effort. It reads monotonous and whiny and repetitious. Appreciate the work put in though.
  3. Some serious drinking here! Lmao.
  4. naturalscience

    13 teams with 3 wins or worse

    This. It's because the product sucks. It's boring and predictable. Games are decided by officiating calls and teams design offenses around this. Analytics has dumbed down the strategy of the game. I've watched 1 game this year and I don't feel like I've missed anything. I used to miss 1 game a year.
  5. naturalscience

    Total set up

    Maybe the nfl wants the jets to have a top 5 pick in the next draft so they can't draft a top edge rusher to go with the fqb that just got a year under his belt and shows great promise.
  6. naturalscience

    How to avoid laying an egg on Sunday?

    Don't get clucked by the rooster.
  7. naturalscience

    Just for Conversation

    Am I the only one that sees McGuire as Shonne Greene 2.0 ?
  8. This is a trick question. The answer is none. The board will lose it's bleeping mind no matter who the pick is.
  9. naturalscience

    IF Jets sign Suh.......

    No and no

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