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  1. naturalscience

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    Just me or are there a lot of trades this year?
  2. Oh crap. Golf swing change. I'm on my way with large quantities of beer. Lol. Good luck with the golf. I've just accepted that I will always suck at that.
  3. When you're ready to let go it will happen. The process takes time. Just remember, you're going to be ok. 😁
  4. naturalscience

    My Top Cornerbacks In The 2019 NFL Draft

    Any projections on next years cornerback class? I'm having a tough time seeing them pass on a projected high level talent pass rusher this year. I think the trade compensation would have to be pretty significant. Are any of these guys a shut down level corner? Personally, I think a corner would have to be very high level to pass on the projected value at pass rusher at the top of the draft this year.
  5. naturalscience

    My Top Cornerbacks In The 2019 NFL Draft

    Didn't we play Miami under Rex with Geno QBing and almost exclusively run the ball?
  6. Good tackler you say? Something that we usually seem pretty bad at, may be worth a look.
  7. naturalscience

    Poll: Your guess as to why players won't sign here

    Who knows. A million possible reasons. We have guys at work who pick their delivery routes based on whether there are girls working at the businesses on them.
  8. naturalscience

    Who is Plan B at center?

    I heard Mawae is coming back. Only if macc is fired though because that is literally the only reason a player decides not to sign with the jets. Or maybe they'll draft someone.
  9. naturalscience

    Why I'm not panicing on Day 2....

    Lol. Yesterday, agree to terms with 4 players: Woohoo! We won free agency. Today, one of the 4 guys backs out: Holy crap! We lost free agency, damn you jets why must you make me suffer so.
  10. naturalscience

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    Love this thread.
  11. Maybe Maye may not be an all world player but he does appear to play his position well. Seems to be a team player. If he can stay healthy he's a solid contributor. Seems durability in the defensive backfield is fading attribute.
  12. naturalscience

    Jets Beat Writers, in a nutshell

    He's way off. Fans were impatient 3 days ago. Lol.
  13. naturalscience

    Lee A Goner

    NFL draft has a lot of 1st round busts.
  14. naturalscience

    Pre-Free Agency Jets Roster Update

    Second that.
  15. naturalscience

    Jets trade with Raiders for G Kelechi Osemele

    It's a new record. We made it to the 73rd post in the thread.

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