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  1. Fields clearly has the measurables and stats. In that regard he checks the boxes. However, as with all QBs, it's whether he's got it between the ears. Not a knock on intelligence, just can he process all that information at the line pre and post snap. Make those reads, etc. Feel for pressure. If he can do those things, it's likely he makes a rather excellent NFL QB.
  2. Darnold is intentionally sucking so the jets will draft TL and he can get out of here and possibly ressurect his career elsewhere. Lol. Dudes like eff it, I'm still young I'll get a shot somewhere, maybe on a team that has a clue.
  3. Oh man that's tough. I hope he recovers. Go jets.
  4. Gotta give rep for the phrase "most juice from the squeeze".
  5. I really hope the jets dedicate to building a strong OL through the draft but I'm getting more concerned the true LT prospect isn't in this draft. Seems we have choice of a high floor, low ceiling guy. A guy who may end being a guard. A guy who may end up being a RT or guard and a guy who is boom or bust. Now, all four could end up being solid LT`s but it's starting to look like we may need to keep our options open regarding that position. Personally I'd like to see them dedicate 3 picks to OL this draft.
  6. At a reasonable cost, he wouldn't be a terrible piece to cart out there in the red zone.

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