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  1. Sure. I think it's highly dependent on which o line shows up for the jets but that seems to be the best remaining chance at a victory. Here's to hoping.
  2. Was thinking about this a bit today but in regards to Jackson and Baltimore. Last season Jackson looked like he never played QB before, couldnt read a defense, etc. I remember, watching the playoffs, thinking they made a mistake picking him. They tailored a system to suit his strengths and he is literally an MVP candidate. I get the Baltimore is a talented team all around but clearly there is evidence to suggest a system designed after your QBs strength is beneficial to the team.
  3. Tried to keep an eye on him today. He reminded me of Dewayne Robertson. I don't see the quick feet or burst some were talking about here. Kinda looked like he was running in mud.
  4. It's really mind boggling, as last year, Shell and Harrison were not terrible. Certainly not all pro but reasonably productive. Is it scheme? Coaching? Loss of motivation? Did they just have a good year last year and are now what they've always been? Something seems lost in translation between the staff and the player in this unit.
  5. Do me a favor. Since youre obviously such a smart guy, please tell me where in my post i blamed the loss on Sam? Please, without your veiled barbs, try and articulate an actual thought on this, Mr genius.
  6. So, then, he plays perfect? It's called an evaluation? Please by all means explain to me why don't win every game if he plays perfect every play? Shouldn't he elevate the team? How about trying objective observation. You're an idiot.
  7. What are you talking about moron? I'm not even talking about the game today but Sam in general. And if you learn how to read I clearly state he shows flashes of brilliance.
  8. New England Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia isn’t satisfied with his unit after eight weeks. The Patriots have been without starters David Andrews and Isaiah Wynn throughout the season, and they’ve had to make some serious adjustments. Scarnecchia is typically capable of making those adjustments, but he’s having a little bit of trouble with this current unit. It reflects in New England’s inability to run the ball this season and it reflects in Tom Brady’s eyes while trying to quickly get the ball out. The first eight weeks haven’t seemed the most ideal for this unit, but they are backed by one of the best coaching staffs in NFL history. They’re on a positive trend and can only go up if they can avoid major injuries.
  9. Yeah he's a lot like Darnold at this point. Plenty of potential. Flashes of brilliance. Yet no real consistency. Mind numbing mistakes and lack of concentration, questionable choices. Who knows, maybe they can find that consistency but, so far, there doesnt seem to be much of plan. Very schoolyard.
  10. They shouldn't be sucking anybody in, just sucking. They are a bad team with little discipline that is poorly coached. Gase is not a mad scientist, Darnold hasn't figured it out and a couple of wins against teams as bad as the jets and one against a middle of the road potential playoff team did not turn our season around. Undisciplined and inconsistent falls on coaching. No one can argue the team is not talent poor but there is enough that a well coached team can, at least, be competitive. Look what Trotz has done with the islanders. They lost their star player, have no other star players and yet have become competitive. No one should be surprised by this today.
  11. Pretty much on point in my opinion. Personally, I'd like to keep Robbie here. A knucklehead at times but he plays hard and has developed. A solid weapon. Burgess was impressive but I don't know if I want to rely on him too much. Seems to be a solid rotation guy.
  12. This chart is players who have earned a second contract. The logic being that these players aren't only on the roster because they're cheap but also have enough talent to earn a second contract. Again from over the cap. Draft Round ▴ % of NFL rosters Annual Contract Value Avg Contract Per Player Top 32 Avg. Contract UDFA 27.1% $667,703,366 $3,305,462 $8,543,583 1 19.9% $1,492,993,847 $10,087,796 $19,535,198 2 13.2% $763,714,283 $7,793,003 $13,719,135 3 11.0% $532,310,911 $6,491,596 $11,256,930 4 9.7% $308,475,833 $4,284,387 $7,633,073 5 8.3% $284,563,402 $4,589,732 $7,353,385 6 6.6% $208,599,066 $4,257,124 $5,945,752 7 4.3% $105,201,667 $3,287,552 $3,287,552
  13. Draft Round Annual Contract Value % of NFL Rosters Avg. Contract Per Player UDFA $943,209,735 32.2% $1,494,786 1 $1,969,778,694 14.5% $6,935,840 2 $914,190,965 10.8% $4,332,659 3 $634,315,719 10.4% $3,124,708 4 $398,212,077 9.9% $2,052,640 5 $357,629,723 8.9% $2,055,343 6 $285,537,898 8.2% $1,784,612 7 $149,494,452 5.2% $1,465,632 This from over the cap for 2018 and is the whole roster not just starters
  14. It's a Forbes article but this is from 2014 so I apologize for old information. Might be different 2019. Nearly 30% of all starters were 1st round draft picks when drafted into the league; - Roughly 30% were taken in either the 2nd or 3rd round; - Roughly 26% were taken in either rounds 4 through 7; - Undrafted players (14%) were the 3rd most likely group to comprise 2014’s starters…only behind 1st round (30%) and 2nd round (18%) picks.

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