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  1. I really thought this was gonna involve cheerleaders.
  2. The critical thinker and the cheater are both out! Life is good.
  3. He should try to go to Tampa. Think he would work very well with the quarterback they have down there.
  4. I like Maye. He was a good soldier. Did his job well and what was asked of him but I gotta let him walk. This coaching staff, in particular the secondary, seems pretty good at coaching up players. I think we can replicate his production with a younger guy. Plus, I really don't think the coaching staff is all in on being a perennial powerhouse by next year and is willing to continue to develop players. I do wish him the best. I enjoyed watching Marcus play.
  5. Where are the giants ranked? If they're a mess too, could be the turf at that prison toilet of a stadium.
  6. Be still and know that God is in all things. May you rely upon Him through these tough times. Prayers for you and your family.
  7. Probably doesn't mean too much but I got the impression from Brady's interaction with Zach after the game that he seemed to hold some respect for the rookie. Brady's not exactly known for giving younger players any props, so maybe he thinks highly of him. Who knows, of course, but why not ride the wave of encouragement. With any luck, we'll see this thing work out. Here's to hoping the kid gets it and takes that leap.
  8. You know, in addition to, what appears to be the game slowing down, it also looks like Zach is starting to understand how the offense is supposed to function. Definitely some encouraging signs. Personally think the defense might've held this game for them if they had some pass rush. These young men in the secondary are playing well.
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