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  1. I'm optimistic about Johnson this year. Last year was the outlier statistically. Plus as was mentioned, no kacy rogers. I think we see him get back to being one of the top press corners.
  2. Well, you definitely got #1 right. Lol. Thanks for the effort, seems like a pretty solid assessment.
  3. Dude, that's freaking epic. I heard Neil absolutely hates fan interaction.
  4. Well, that's pretty damn cool. I understand they are not everyone's cup of tea but not counting them as anything other than one of the top bands of all time is criminal. Last time I saw them was Saratoga springs. Great show. Even the wife, who doesn't really like them, was like holy sh1t.
  5. You know what jetster, my apologies. Thanks for posting.
  6. Probably doesn't ever amount to much but Calvin Anderson intrigues. He's been pretty consistent and healthy but really lacks the size, plus hasn't really gone against very goiid competition. Maybe he can be coached up. Thanks for an informative article. Ooh. Another post jetster. How many is that?
  7. How about this buddy. Maccagnan sucks. Woody sucks. Bowles sucks. Thank goodness we have an offensive minded coach. Joe Douglas is so connected. Thank goodness we have a real GM with real league connections. Sam is just the bestest of the best. He had receivers to his house to play catch, you know. He's really dedicated. We really need a center and oline. I'm really worried about that. Cornerback too. We better draft them in the first round next year.
  8. Actually, twaffle, I follow the team regardless of whether they are good or bad. I also try to be objective about what is happening with the team. I come here and other sites to find information on players and happenings with the team that is of interest. You're right, I'm not going to contribute much because often my opinion on a subject has been stated by another poster and my ego isn't so large I feel the need to echo what others have said ad nauseam. SOJF lol. You ask a question if jets fans would be insufferable, I give you an example of a lot of jet fans being insufferable and you bash me for it. In fact, my response to your question had nothing to do with my support or non support of the team.
  9. Um, 90% of this community spent the last 4 years stating their lack of confidence in the front office. Complaining about how the GM is terrible. EVERY. SINGLE. THREAD. Oh, you think the GM is terrible? Really? I hadn't noticed the 35,000 other times you stated that. Maybe if you start another thread and mention it another 35,000 times the point will get through. Insufferable, lol.

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