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  1. naturalscience

    Jets Waive Three - Including Rashard Robinson

    Since 2014 a 5th round draft pick has a 6.5% chance of being a starter. You guys need better arguments. It would go a long way if your bitching was about things that were worth it. Fleeced. Sheesh.
  2. naturalscience

    New here

    What he said. Lololol.
  3. naturalscience

    A Wholistic View

  4. naturalscience

    What do we think the plan is with Leo Williams?

    It seems to me the NFL is trending toward more versatile solutions for tactical planning and adjustability. I could be completely wrong but it seems like analytics and probability are not only seeping into roster building but also game planning. Kind of like the shift in baseball. "We know we'll get burned sometimes but statically it'll work in our favor."
  5. naturalscience

    What do we think the plan is with Leo Williams?

    Wonder if the plan is to have enough personnel to basically play both, depending on the opponent?
  6. naturalscience

    The Last three picks by Mac

    Interesting take.
  7. naturalscience

    Blake Cashman

    Baby Gronk do do do do do
  8. naturalscience

    Terrible Picks

    So at least 10% of the posters on here are just employees of the parent news company, right? Just come on to start a nonsense thread in order to have people argue back and forth in an effort to keep traffic up to get more money from advertisers. Right?
  9. naturalscience

    OMG..this is hysterical...draft reactions

    Pretty good.
  10. naturalscience

    Jets eyeing big move into 2nd Round

    No one is trading for Lee. Given the meat of the talent of this draft is in the second round it's unlikely any teams are going to want to trade out of the second round. I don't see us picking in the second, unless there is 1st round talent starter they are willing to overpay for.
  11. naturalscience

    Your cynicism and negativity ******* sucks

    I really have to try this. I don't really post much, just come for some information and it's exhausting constantly sifting through the crying to find a couple of nuggets.
  12. Normally I find the constant whining about the GM farking tiring, I must say this was pretty funny.
  13. Drew from jersey. That's the moniker I use to get in the back room of the bada bing. You know, when I need to do things and talk to that friend of ours.
  14. Nice effort guys. Interesting read.

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