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  1. Solid, mate. Thank goodness threads like these are going again.
  2. I got a top two and a tie for all the rest. Coming in at number 1, college, Gina. Absolutely top notch. Excelled in every facet of managing the equipment. Not a single weakness in the game. Number 2, wily veteran, Karen. Great equipment manager. Great feel for it with a great touch. Manage very well from the top down but lacked in the little details and not as durable as the number1. Most others fall into the servicable category with a handful in the managing the equipment just isn't your skill set category.
  3. Not a bad job of handicapping. The Gardner one is the only one that seems the sure fire choice.
  4. Dude looks like he could've been cast in Reno 911.
  5. Wouldn't that be Sweet! The young man seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Certainly could have a real nice year if he picks up the playbook. Personally, I don't see him getting caught up in the hype of being in the NFL and very rich (of course who knows for sure)but having to play against NFL defenses for the first time might be a rude awakening. Happy with pick.
  6. Ugh. Feel better. My girls brother just got unintubated, thankfully, and is recovering. This thing is really no joke for some.
  7. The only logical and consistent reason is Namath sold the teams soul to the devil for super bowl III.
  8. Man, I was really hoping the quote was gonna be "suck my d1ck, losers."
  9. It's quite frightening that people on this board could be jurors at a trial hearing.
  10. Can't believe that POS is gonna get involved with a union. That family sucks.
  11. I heard the beer vendors haven't even practiced pouring yet. Such a lack of commitment. Gonna be giant foamy messes.
  12. I love the suggestions of stupid human tricks for fan entertainment. It's supposed to be a showcase of the elite talent of the best in the game. Since the actual game is NOT that they should kill it and use whatever funds that would be invested in it to increase the pay of all the poorly paid stadium workers.
  13. Baby driver and the unicorn.
  14. Yeah, we could certainly be worse. I forgot about Shebig. Still feel we are a little lacking but could just be shellshocked from the last 6 years or so. Hopefully the new tackle works out. That would definitely be a nice boost. Overall very happy with starters.
  15. We certainly seemed to have added plenty of serviceable pieces. Love the two TEs but they are basically average to slightly above average players. They should function properly within the scheme. Adding Hall should be a big upgrade to the RB group, which now has depth and versatility. Tomlinson was another big add. Instantly improves the whole unit. Still lacking quality depth to the unit. I preferred Williams but Wilson, in spite being a rookie, should help the unit improve overall. He may not come in a world beater but he's got enough talent that the defense will have to stay honest and cover him. Personally think Berrios has a real good year. Seeing him as a gadget type piece and the guy gives it his all every play. Can see him benefiting from getting dump offs while Wilson and Moore take the secondary deep and in space Berrios can make a lot of guys miss. Hopefully the paper looks good on the field, too. Actually optimistic for a change.
  16. For those of us that make our own hot sauce, are we now allowed to shamelessly plug our product under the guise of cheering for Gardner?
  17. Could be. It's less violent crime too. I think it just boils down to when you jam a crapload of people together in a close proximity they will commit crimes against each other. Been happening since the beginning and likely will continue till the end. BUT at least the Jets had a good draft! Lol.
  18. Dallas has a higher crime rate than NYC. Fully support owning a firearm. Just statistics don't back up that story.
  19. Lol. First thought was how do you get gun charges in Texas? Did he not shoot somebody when presented with the opportunity?
  20. Motivator- A Teacher/coach- A Mentor- A Strategist- TBD Game manager- B As most have, said he seems to be a great motivator and coach in regards to teaching. I would imagine he's someone who would pick up the phone at 2am and help out whoever is on the other end. Seems willing to let his colonels and majors do the jobs they are supposed to do but accepts that, at the end of the day the buck stops with him. As far as game management, I don't remember any glaring WTF moments. Not saying there weren't any, just that it definitely wasn't like Rex with clock gaffes regularly. I haven't seen enough to say he's gonna out fox the other team but as Joe pointed out, he was asked to develop rookies last year, not necessary win games.
  21. As pretty a level headed and fair an analysis one could do. I think they are big fans of, not only sauce's measurables, but his penchant for study and work ethic. I think you're spot on with the penalties prediction. Wilson I heard they felt he would grasp all the receiver concepts the best. Personally, as a pass rusher, I think Johnson and Lawson are a pretty good comparison but as you said Johnson has the upper hand at setting the edge and run defense. Honestly don't know much about the TE other than he seems to be pretty well rounded.
  22. I was wondering if, at this point, people just misspelled his name on purpose. Maybe as a running joke or something. There was a post the other day that had it misspelled 3 times, different way each time. Weird.
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