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  1. I don't think we were realistically making the playoffs before our OL went to poop.

    That being said, even I didn't think Fant was gonna be a turnstile. Last year was an outlier for him but he's been atrocious so far this year.

    Fiasco (It keeps autocorrecting Flacco, I think I'll keep it) is exactly What a back up QB in the NFL usually is, competent enough to squeak out a game or two but otherwise garbage.

    I'd like to believe Zach would've helped give us a chance in all these games.

    I'd like to believe his talents alone would get us close to the playoffs but the reality is there's a very small sample size for him and so far it's the bottom of the league.

    Still, I do think there's some good talent here.

    I'm holding out hope the kid provides some energy and doesn't crap the bed.

  2. Ironically, given the rules changes were made to make the game more exciting, I find it generally boring now and I sat through those horrible 6-3 colts jets nightmares.

    The league has basically neutered the skill of defensive players in an attempt to grow revenue by appealing to a wider audience. 

    I understand and agree with as much safety for the players as possible.

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  3. 11 hours ago, sackdance said:

    D'B & Mangold are fully retired.

    Duane Brown was just about retired when we lured him back into the game. Please manage all expectations with this guy. We dragged another former All-Pro (center) out of retirement two seasons ago. He sucked so bad I forget his name. I'm not saying a fully past prime Brown will be a disaster, but who can be surprised by shaky results from desperate moves.

    It's not even the expectation he might be good or not just the uncanny injury rate bestowed upon our o line. It's just crazy all these injuries.

    I remember  that center. Kalil, Cahill something like that. Man he was awful

  4. On 9/9/2022 at 5:01 PM, Jet9 said:

    A fish rots from the head down. 


    Any of you ever have the unfortunate experience of working for a bad company? And I'm not talking about Paul Rodgers. What was the one consistent factor? Usually a sh*tty and/or clueless owner. 

    Not me. Worked for some sh*t owners but they were never as bad as the scumbag corporate ghoul supervisors who'd push their own mother down a well so they could raise a production number a basis point. You know good old corporate capitalist greed. Clueless owner no where in sight. Just run of the mill greedy pieces of sh1t pushing exceptionalism. I watched one of them drive past a house on fire. No emergency responders there yet and refuse to stop and call 911. Gotta get the profit!!!!

  5. 2 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Cimini: Man, that's a lot of rookies.

    JN: Hey, man. Hey, slow down.

    Cimini: Yeah, what? - What's up?

    JN: What'd you just say?

    Cimini: When?

    JN: Just now, man, when you walked past. What'd you say?

    Cimini: A-About what?

    JN: You said, "That's a lot of rookies."

    Cimini: No, I may have said somethin' about rookies. - It was just an observation.

    JN: Oh, an observation, huh? Well, who the hell are you, man, Isaac f***in' Newton? Well, guess what, genius? The Jets have a lot of rookies? You got a problem with that?

    Cimini: No, of course not.

    JN: Well, why'd you say that? Come on, man. Don't let your mouth write a check your butt can't cash. I'm drafting with my friends, so I'm a f***in' rebuilding team, man. What's it to you, huh? Huh? Outta observations? Observe while I punch your teeth down your throat!

    Mods: Come on, dude, relax! - He's cool, man. Relax.

    JN: Hey, I'll be watchin' you, Newton. I only came here to do two things, man: Kick some ass and drink some beer. Looks like we're almost outta beer. 

    This is the single most creative and interesting thing I've read on here in months. Well done, sir.

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  6. I got a top two and a tie for all the rest.

    Coming in at number 1, college, Gina. Absolutely top notch. Excelled in every facet of managing the equipment. Not a single weakness in the game.

    Number 2, wily veteran, Karen. Great equipment manager. Great feel for it with a great touch. Manage very well from the top down but lacked in the little details and not as durable as the number1.

    Most others fall into the servicable category with a handful in the managing the equipment just isn't your skill set category. 

  7. Wouldn't that be Sweet!

    The young man seems to have a good head on his shoulders. 

    Certainly could have a real nice year if he picks up the playbook. 

    Personally, I don't see him getting caught up in the hype of being in the NFL and very rich (of course who knows for sure)but having to play against NFL defenses for the first time might be a rude awakening. 

    Happy with pick.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Supersonic said:

    I'm not passing judgement or making unfounded predictions, I'm waiting for the truth to unfold.  You should try it.  Maybe people will stop looking at you cross-eyed.

    It's quite frightening that people on this board could be jurors at a trial hearing.


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