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  1. He's been one of those love him or hate him kind of players in this draft. I personally don't know much about him.
  2. There's been some interesting talk about because receiver salaries are equivalent to QB contracts nowadays, it's beneficial now for teams to exploit them on rookie contracts as much as possible. Being so valuable to today's teams, the recent trend showing teams trading receivers for draft assets and letting another team deal with the cap hits. Interesting as far as team building and cap strategy. That being said having Samuel on the Jets would be pretty sweet.
  3. Really liking Williams. Just got a feeling he's gonna be a great fit in our offense. Which, given my guess rate on prospects means he'll stink.
  4. Lol. Good point. It's not like he has to give it back for picks that don't work out. Not too bad a work if you can get it I suppose. Set for life for 6 years work. Not too bad st all!
  5. You know, a lot of the podcasts I listen to have been reminding people that before Hutchinson had his big year this year, thibideau was the consensus number 1, by a lot. If wasn't for the "is his heart in it" questions he probably still would be. The question for the team, I think, is does a potential number 1 receiver "complete" the offense and is the defense good enough with a high motor guy like Johnson on the edge or is the team better with a receiver with some potential and a talented guy on the edge. Glad I don't have to make the decision. Personally, I'm leaning toward the potential number 1 receiver and another high motor guy on the Dline.
  6. I don't see the DK love, personally. He's definitely above average but I don't think I'm throwing $30 million per at this guy. He's 29th in receptions last year. 28th in yards. Now the real nice statistic is 4th in TDs but I'm not sure I'm sending a ton of draft capital and $30 million for him. He does have 2 seasons with 10 or more TDs but only one season over 1000 yards. Maybe as a free agent but not sure I do it in a trade.
  7. Yeah Hutchinson is likely the pick if he somehow fell. But even he's not without scrutiny as a pick. He's only had one year of real production. Same with Williams, only one year of real production. The injury, I don't think is too concerning. The recovery from these are so good these days. Nothing is 100% but odds are in this youngs mans favor that he recovers fully. There's just no clear "star" in this draft. I seriously doubt Hutchinson would actually fall but I don't think Williams makes it to 10. A lot of receiver hungry teams. Who knows!!?? Would be freaking awesome if we could somehow land both.
  8. Watch Hutchinson fall to 4 now and make this a more difficult decision. Heard about Williams recovering by the time camp rolled around last week and ever since been thinking he's the pick at 4. I'm not so sure Saleh wouldn't be happy with a line that's always in the QBs face as opposed to getting sacks. Don't get me wrong I'm sure he'd love a guy getting 15 plus sacks a year but I think he really values those relentless pressure guys too. The question is do they value a more explosive well functioning offense over a few more sacks from the Dline but still gets pressure on the QB?
  9. We qualify for the really real super rebuild with 50 years.
  10. I've been musing this over, lately, myself. I tend to think they just take Thibs but would it be terrible to grab Williams at 4? Reports are he may be ready for camp. He's pretty consistently talked about as the best receiver in the draft class and a scheme fit for us. Then try to snag Jermaine Johnson at 10? They seemed to really like him. I'm thinking this wouldn't be too bad. This year the potential draft strategies have really been all over the place.
  11. I think we're gonna come away with wr(2?), te, rb and depth OL. Really think it's edge at 4. WR at 10. Another WR and TE in the second. RB in the 3rd. To me it was telling they got 2 pro bowl talent guards. Sounds to me they want a running game to take some pressure off the kid along with bringing in 2 reasonable talent TEs. Developmental OL in the 5th. I don't think they Go after London. He's basically another safety blanket like a TE and we added 2 of those plus I think they look to draft the replacement for one of them this year.. I think they seek out a scheme fit WR.
  12. Thanks for breaking it down. Always appreciate the effort.
  13. He does have a treasure trove of possible catch phrases. "Covered in Sauce" "Sauce has got em covered" "The sauce is all over that guy" "Is that sauce on you?" "Sticky Sauce"
  14. Well he did get his anti tax agenda in there, so there's that.
  15. Carry me home To your house of broken bones
  16. He's been mentioned along with Pickens as potential for one of our 2nd rounders. Both seem to have some good upside.
  17. This stupid publicity statement is almost as funny as listening to people lose their sh!t over this stupid publicity statement.
  18. I doubt he had anyone back up the truck full of money for him but he could easily have said to his agent, if it's close o market I want to stay. You never know what motivates people. It's not always money. He was kind of a big fish in a little pond on the Jets last year. Maybe he likes that. I know someone who stays at a job for that reason, though they could make more elsewhere. Not to mention an additional 12 million on top of his other earnings is nothing to sneeze at. 12 million makes a very comfortable life.
  19. Perfect. Player got a nice bump in pay. A nice guarantee. The team didn't overpay and got a great contributor back.
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