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  1. I think we're gonna come away with wr(2?), te, rb and depth OL. Really think it's edge at 4. WR at 10. Another WR and TE in the second. RB in the 3rd. To me it was telling they got 2 pro bowl talent guards. Sounds to me they want a running game to take some pressure off the kid along with bringing in 2 reasonable talent TEs. Developmental OL in the 5th. I don't think they Go after London. He's basically another safety blanket like a TE and we added 2 of those plus I think they look to draft the replacement for one of them this year.. I think they seek out a scheme fit WR.
  2. Thanks for breaking it down. Always appreciate the effort.
  3. He does have a treasure trove of possible catch phrases. "Covered in Sauce" "Sauce has got em covered" "The sauce is all over that guy" "Is that sauce on you?" "Sticky Sauce"
  4. Well he did get his anti tax agenda in there, so there's that.
  5. Carry me home To your house of broken bones
  6. He's been mentioned along with Pickens as potential for one of our 2nd rounders. Both seem to have some good upside.
  7. This stupid publicity statement is almost as funny as listening to people lose their sh!t over this stupid publicity statement.
  8. I doubt he had anyone back up the truck full of money for him but he could easily have said to his agent, if it's close o market I want to stay. You never know what motivates people. It's not always money. He was kind of a big fish in a little pond on the Jets last year. Maybe he likes that. I know someone who stays at a job for that reason, though they could make more elsewhere. Not to mention an additional 12 million on top of his other earnings is nothing to sneeze at. 12 million makes a very comfortable life.
  9. Perfect. Player got a nice bump in pay. A nice guarantee. The team didn't overpay and got a great contributor back.
  10. You know, this is actually pretty plausible.
  11. Gage and Berrios basically produce the same. Berrios doesn't get as many targets but the average per is comparable. It's not 100% but if you figure that average would continue with the same amount of targets their numbers are almost spot on. The exception being Berrios produces on specials also. Top of the league, in fact. Why would we toss $9 million per at Gage and say it's worth it and not Berrios? I don't think either is worth the $9 million but if I HAD to pay it I think I'm leaning toward the guy that can flip the field for me during a game.
  12. I really liked duck down in outer banks. They have em up here on the island now and it's just not the same. I guess its kinda like pizza outside of new york. I'm sure there's some good boutique places near Manhattan but that's not haunt.
  13. Do you know which donut shop? I'm looking for a good one. Dunkin sucks. Duck donuts just isn't as good up here as in outer banks. Hopefully he's got one that makes a good cup of coffee too.
  14. I'll give you I overstated the "whole team" is built from free agency but both of those teams signed plenty of high cost free agents, as do many teams in "High tax" states. Green bay is on the verge of doling out incredibly large amounts of money to a QB and a receiver. Wisconsin is also a progressive tax state. Those players, both of whom are at the very top of their craft, could, presumably go wherever they wanted. It's likely they both stay in GB, albeit the QB is technically still under contract and wouldn't be a free agent until next year. I just don't buy the taxes argument as a significant reason as to where free agents sign. If it was, Texas and Florida would have endlessly stacked teams.
  15. The old, I don't like paying taxes thread. We don't attract free agents because we stink. For decades the Pats had no issue signing anyone they wanted. "High tax" state. The Rams just won the SB. That whole team is built from free agency. "High tax" state. When we field a quality product we will attract quality players.
  16. Just want to say thank you for the effort it takes to put out a thread like this and give us limited contributors/mostly readers some insight.
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