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  1. Hes a top 5 kick returner AND he can actually be a usable, functional part of the offense. There is no reason not to have this guy on your team.
  2. I don't quite get the Mosley contract disdain. He's the third highest paid MLB. Per year average. He has the 4th most tackles of the mlb/ilb positions. 2nd most sacks of the mlb/ilb positions. He's indisputably a top 5 linebacker and gets paid as such. In fact, he got his "big" contract and hasn't packed it in. He's on pace for the most tackles in his career. Don't get me wrong it would be great for the team to be able to take advantage of it's employee and exploit a rookie wage scale for that production but the man earned his contract and continues to do so.
  3. I'm very disappointed in a lot of you
  4. Personally, I don't think we need to trade back this draft. We have a fair amount of serviceable, average players on the team. We just won a game with practice squad call ups actually contributing. We need high talent, top end players. Take the high floor, high ceiling guys early and take your shots at finding those gems in the later rounds.
  5. Berrios is a jag but... 13th in total kickoff return yards. 23rd in average yards per return. 10th in average yards with at least 5 attempts. (6th with at least 10 attempts) 10th in returns over 20 yards. 0 fumbles. 0 touchdowns. (4 kickoff returns for touchdown total for NFL) 22nd in total punt return yards. 7th in average yards per return. 3rd in average yards per return with at least 5 attempts. 0 returns over 20 yards. (20 total punt returners with at least 1 20+ yard return.) (8 punt returners with at least 2 20+ yard returns.) (3 punt returners with at least 3 20+ yard returns.) 3rd in fair catches. 0 fumbles. 0 touchdowns. (0 punt returns for touchdown total for NFL) Seems like there's more elite QBs in the league than there are elite punt and kickoff returners.
  6. If you can't handle the analogy using baseball, go ahead and switch it out for any football player.
  7. Who the hell knows if he will or won't. Statisically it's unlikely but it was statistically unlikely Sandy Koufax would become the greatest pitcher of all time after sucking for 5 years.
  8. They scored points with the third string QB?
  9. He's a body catcher. He's got the attribute but he's gotta start using his hands to catch.
  10. LaFleur up in the booth today. Like a completely different coordinator.
  11. IDK, man. The jets sucked pretty bad while owned by Hess. The record under Woody is 150 - 176. (If i counted correctly) I didn't count them all up from 63' to 99' but it didn't look much different. They had, what, 12 straight losing seasons after the SB win? Jets have sucked forever. Not supporting or disavowing Woody. He might be the worst, I'm not in the board room so I can't say but I thinks it's safe to say we've sucked across our history.
  12. Isn't Rodgers notoriously against being helpful to anyone, particularly those who are in line for his job?
  13. Missing on the dump offs and too many throws behind the receivers. Some have been catchable and dropped but just as many haven't been. The pick he threw today was a potential completion if he threw it to the sideline. Hopefully it's just a case of bright lights, big city and he gets that rhythm soon. The young man definitely has some talent.
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