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  1. Foley High School! Foley is known for 3 things Home of Julio and Snake Stabler Big outlet mall Last podunk town you have to drive through before you hit the beach resorts of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach
  2. Richard Caster reference in the Texans vs Titans game
  3. Derrick Henry questionable to return. with a hamstring
  4. Texans had a nice opening drive but Watson threw a pick at the Titans 1 - Houston only has 6 opening drive points all season
  5. Texas at Titans for me. Playoff implications and get to see Derrick Henry
  6. This site says 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 6 7 http://www.tankathon.com/nfl/full_draft
  7. I asked @Maxman to trade jerseys with me after one of my epic depth chart threads last summer and he told me to pound sand #Hurtful
  8. He turned out to be a decent, low cost contributor. He should be in the mix for a roster spot in camp next summer.

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