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  1. Good move. Neither one was going to make the team, but Montgomery has a shot to be on the practice squad
  2. The whole TE situation will be interesting to watch in camp. Right now, it's hard to see Wesco making the team, much less my boy Kenny Yeboah.
  3. In the unlikely event you kick the bucket, can I have your avatar?
  4. I am also at 241.8% body fat
  5. We’ll be at the Lions game. Already got the tickets!
  6. Last year, the Jets completed 357 passes. Adding 5% for 2022, and that is 375 pass receptions this year. Last year RBs caught 23.5% of passes, TEs caught 14.3% of passes, and WRs caught 62.2% of passes Using the same percentages for 2022 with 375 receptions, that would be RB - 88 receptions TE - 54 receptions WR - 233 receptions Assuming our TE play is significantly better in 2022, I am going to use these numbers to get to 375: RB - 80 receptions TE - 70 receptions WR - 225 receptions How might that breakdown into player receptions for 2022? Here's a wild guess:
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