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  1. What the HELL took them so long? Shoulda been in the day they opened the door.
  2. He's #1 on my Wish List as of right now
  3. Sarge4Tide

    Aaron Glenn Possibly becoming a DC

    I think Kacy Rogers is available
  4. At least he had 1 shining moment in Green and White
  5. Sarge4Tide

    Flacco to the Broncos

    Broncos were never going to put together a package to move from #10 to #3 (or 2 or 1) and they knew that
  6. Sarge4Tide

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    S I G N T H E B E A S T
  7. Sarge4Tide

    PFF shows Deontay Burnett some love

    He made a tremendous catch that was out of the back of the end zone in one game and I thought to myself "Damn - we might have lucked into something here"
  8. I think Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, and Drew Lock are all future 1st ballot hall of famers - there needs to be a heated bidding war to see who can trade up to #3 to land one of those hosses
  9. Sarge4Tide

    Jets Full Coaching Staff Announced

    Cooter will be a really nice help I think. Surprising that his star has faded so quickly Also like Vitt and Bush on the defensive side - very experienced NFL guys
  10. I like it! Jim Bob Cooter as RB coach is a very nice add IMHO. Joe Vitt & Frank Bush add a lot of experience on the defensive side
  11. While I think we all agree the best case scenario for the Jets is to find a trade partner and move out of the #3 spot. Plan B, probably acceptable to most Jets fans, is to take Ohio State DE Nick Bosa or Kentucky DE/LB Josh Allen BUT, what if the worse case scenario happens and there are no trade partners and Bosa/Allen go 1-2? (For this poll, I took the next 11 non-QB players listed on a recent CBS Mock Draft https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-nfl-mock-draft-bengals-shocking-qb-selection-raiders-get-huge-haul-in-first-round/)
  12. Without a trade down, I would say offense is a longshot at #3 - maybe if one of the OTs jumps up over the others, whoever that might be
  13. Have to say I'm surprised. Probably the right move, though

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