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  1. Sarge4Tide

    We need to sign or trade for a QB

    Serviceable veteran backup QBs are a dime a dozen. We could sign one during next year's free agency period no problem. The 3rd QB next year can just by any random young guy with a pulse and a plucky attitude
  2. Sarge4Tide

    Concussion for Crowell; Injury Updates

    Winters played most of last year with a torn abdominal muscle. If you think he isn't that good, fine, but he probably gets a pass on all future questions about his toughness and willingness to be out there
  3. Hewitt looked really good last night as a Backup ILB. Might be hard to carry 4 ILBs. Louis is supposed to be a very good special teams player tho so we will have to watch how all that plays out . Kevin Minter is another intriguing ILB option
  4. These are 6 guys who I thought might be longshots to make the team who now seem like they have a much better shot Charles Johnson WR - looked like a solid to good NFL WR to me Ben Braden OL - who's a better backup guard on the roster? Might depend if Swanson or Harrison wins a spot as a C/G Taylor Bertolet PK - still don't think he wins the job, but he looked like he could make it a real battle Lawrence Thomas FB - just seems to be a solid all player who can help on special teams - seems way ahead of Flowers Neville Hewitt LB - Probably thought he was going to make the team anyway, but he really looked good all night Clive Walford TE - assuming Herndon and Sterling are in, Walford made a case to be the 3rd guy 5 Guys Who Really Hurt Their Chances vs Falcons Antonio Garcia OT - I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but ....um....He didn't play great Harry Anderson DE - He will probably make the team, but I didn't see anything special, X Cooper looked better to me Dylan Donahue LB - Had a sack and he does play hard, but he just looks small and unathletic compared to other OLBs Ardarius Stewart WR &.... Chad Hansen WR - maybe it was part of some sort of plan, but they didn't play much and several other WRs looked better
  5. Gaslighters 34 JetLifers 21
  6. Every team is willing to trade every player if the price is right
  7. Sarge4Tide

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    Sterling & Herndon sound very promising
  8. Sarge4Tide

    Jets Training Camp - 8/7

    Can't wait til Friday
  9. Which of these 10 players generally considered longshots to make the Jets opening day 53 man roster do you think has the best shot to actually make the team?
  10. Sarge4Tide

    Bruce Arians

    Arians was one of Bear Bryant's favorite assistants toward the end of his career. Arians later went on to have the unfortunate role as offensive coordinator to one of the worst head coaches and biggest dumbasses in human history- Mike Dubose
  11. That's a classic example of a "reporter" tweeting something that really says nothing and shed absolutely no insight into anything I like Darnold and hope he starts soon, but the tweet is just another in a pile of a billion other worthless vapid tweets by sports reporters
  12. Excluding QB, which Jets legend in their prime would you most like to add to the 2018 team?