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  1. I'm hoping we can trade @TomShane to an NFC discussion board for cash or future considerations
  2. So in a manner of a few weeks we've gone from "Trevor Lawrence will stay in school if Jets have 1st pick" to "Deshaun Watson prefers the Jets"
  3. All gas no brakes makes me think the team will function like the old '75 Monte Carlo I had in college
  4. "I'm old and I just want to win before I die" - or something along those lines
  5. Rumor down here is that Rivers is going to be the coach of a fancy Catholic High School / prep school in Fairhope, AL. A nice bedroom community across the bay from the dirt, scum, stench, crime, and grime of Mobile, AL (my hometown)
  6. I want him to pull Bill Belichick's severed head out of a wicker basket and yell "It's on now BEYOTCHES!"
  7. Former great Alabama HS QB - went to Athens HS up near the Alabama / Tennessee border - somehow ended up at NC State
  8. Dan Campbell is the Lions new Head Coach Dennis Allen interviewing for the Eagles Head Coach job - could be some serious changes in New Orleans

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