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  1. Something is about to happen...

    Kony Ealy?
  2. Something is about to happen...

    Probably Kony Ealy .....most likely thing Adams would know about
  3. Then you have a 25% chance of being bitterly disappointed
  4. There are 4 QBs I like and we're picking 3rd. I'm not math genius, but like our odds
  5. Mercedes Lewis

    The best or nothing.....pass
  6. Breer's Mock Draft

    Sounds good to me
  7. Teddy Bridgewater passes his physical.....

    Just FYI, people like to bitch about stuff
  8. Adams on NFL Network

    Said the Jets should draft Minkah Fitzpatrick....no not really
  9. Jets Sign OLB Brandon Copeland

    So long Dylan Donahue, we hardly knew you
  10. For Those About to Rock

    My favorite AC/DC song is "Whole Lotta Rosen"