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  1. Henderson has now been cut from the Practice Squad 🙄
  2. Sarge4Tide

    Rishard Matthew works out for Sam's team

    Don Maynard looked to be close to his old playing weight the other day
  3. So what, I have 2 ex wives earning what a regular wife makes
  4. Sarge4Tide

    Report: Marcus Maye to Miss 3-4 Weeks

    Hopefully he'll use the 4 weeks to work on his cardio 😎
  5. Sarge4Tide

    Report: Marcus Maye to Miss 3-4 Weeks

    We might have to cut a corner and bring back a safety. We only have Adams/Middleton/Brooks at S now. If one of the 3 injured CBs can come back and play, we might need to make a move.
  6. Sarge4Tide

    Mike Mccagnan in our section

    Chris Johnson kicked him out of the owner's box for 1 quarter as a penalty for drafting Ardarius Stewart
  7. CB Morris Claiborne WR Terrelle Pryor KR Andre Roberts DL Henry Anderson OT Brandon Shell LB Brandon Copeland LB Frankie Luvu G Brian Winters PK Jason Myers TE Chris Herndon
  8. Who would we have drafted in the Giants had taken Sam or traded to someone who took Sam? Saquan I guess?
  9. Sarge4Tide


    I'm sure Bob Sutton is a well respected and experienced coach, but is he considered a good defensive coordinator? Seems like they could so better.
  10. Sarge4Tide

    Jets Colts Game Balls

    Avery Williamson played great again, I thought
  11. I'm assuming Shane Ray's mother is the one who gave Winters the F grade

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