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  1. "Hello, Coach Carroll, it's Joe Douglass........"
  2. Seeing Belichick lose always makes me happy. Just needed to say that.
  3. Will the 6 players listed above end the regular season over or under the stated threshold?
  4. The real bizarre behavior over the weekend was Odell Beckham getting kicked off a plan and delaying the flight for 2 hours. That's some bizarre behavior for a guy trying to get a team to sign him as a high priced free agent,
  5. I feel about that game like I feel when Auburn and LSU play - the joy of seeing one of them lose will be greater than the pain of seeing one of them win
  6. Saw him on a couple of plays, if nothing else, he gets after it and tries to mix it up with people. Him and Herbig seem to work well together. Him and AVT should be really solid over on the right side for years to come.
  7. Excluding strike years, the lowest rushing total by the Jets' leading rusher in a 16/17 game season is Scott Dierking in 1980 with 567 yards Breece Hall is the Jets currently leading rusher with 463 yards, Michael Carter is next with 370. If Bam Knight and Ty Johnson continue to split the load with Carter for the final 6 games, it's entirely possible this year will have the lowest-ever yards for the Jets' rushing leader. Carter would have to average about 33 yards per game over the final 6 games to surpass Dierking's total. Very doable, of course, but something to keep an eye on
  8. Who gets fired? Lovie Smith Nathanial Hackett Kliff Kingsbury
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