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  1. OFFENSE - 25 Quarterback - 3 2 - Zach Wilson 6'2" 214 BYU (QB) 19 - Joe Flacco 6'6" 245 Delaware (QB) 5 - Mike White 6'5" 218 Western Kentucky (QB) <<< Cut if Wilson Can Return By Game 1 Running Back - 3 32 - Michael Carter 5'8" 201 North Carolina (RB) 20 - Breece Hall 6'1" 220 Iowa State (RB) 38 - Zonovan Knight 5'11" 210 NC State (RB) Tight End - 4 87 - CJ Uzomah 6'6" 260 Auburn (TE) 83 - Tyler Conklin 6'3" 248 Central Michigan (TE) 85 - Trevon Wesco 6'3" 267 West Virginia (TE/FB) 89 - Jeremy Ruckert 6'5" 250 Ohio State (TE) Wide Receiver - 6 84 - Corey Davis 6'3" 209 Western Michigan (WR) 8 - Elijah Moore 5'10" 178 Mississippi (WR) 10 - Braxton Berrios 5'9" 190 Miami (FL) (WR/KR) 17 - Garrett Wilson 6'0" 183 Ohio State (WR) (Draft Pick) 11 - Denzel Mims 6'3" 207 Baylor (WR) 82 - Irvin Charles 6'4" 212 Indiana Univ (PA) (WR) Offensive Line - 9 76 - George Fant 6'5" 322 Western Kentucky (T) 78 - Laken Tomlinson 6'3" 315 Duke (G) 60 - Conner McGovern 6'4" 306 Missouri (C) 75 - Alijah Vera-Tucker 6'4" 308 USC (G) xx - Duane Brown 6'4" 315 Virginia Tech (T) 70 - Chuma Edoga 6'3" 308 USC (T) 67 - Dan Feeney 6'4" 310 Indiana (G/C) 61 - Max Mitchell 6'6" 307 Louisiana (T) 71 - Nate Herbig 6'4" 330 Stanford (C/G) DEFENSE - 25 Line / Edge - 9 58 - Carl Lawson 6'2" 265 Auburn (DE) 91 - John Franklin-Myers 6'4" 288 Stephen F Austin (DE) 54 - Jacob Martin 6'2" 242 Temple (DE/LB) 52 - Jermaine Johnson II 6'5" 254 Florida State (DE) (Draft Pick) 72 - Michael Clemons 6'5" 263 Texas A&M (DE) (Draft Pick) 92 - Jabari Zuniga 6'3" 264 Florida (DE) 95 - Quinnen Williams 6'3" 303 Alabama (DT) 98 - Sheldon Rankins 6'2" 305 Louisville (DT) 97 - Nathan Shepherd 6'4" 315 Ft. Hays State (DE/DT) Linebacker - 5 57 - CJ Mosley 6'2" 250 Alabama (ILB) 56 - Quincey Williams 5'11" 225 Murray State (LB) 9 - Kwon Alexander 6'1" 227 LSU (ILB) 36 - Marcell Harris 6'0" 215 Florida (OLB) 44 - Jamien Sherwood 6'2" 216 Auburn (OLB) Cornerback - 7 1 - Sauce Gardner 6'3" 190 Cincinnati (CB) (Draft Pick) 4 - DJ Reed 5'9" 193 Kansas State (CB) 37 - Bryce Hall 6'1" 202 UVA (CB) 26 - Brandin Echols 5'10" 180 Kentucky (CB) 30 - Michael Carter II 5'10" 184 Duke (S/CB) 40 - Javelin Guidry 5'9" 191 Utah (CB) 34 - Justin Hardee 6'1" 194 Illinois (CB) Safety - 4 6 - Jordan Whitehead 5'10" 198 Pitt (S) 29 - Lamarcus Joyner 5'8" 185 Florida State (S/CB) 21 - Ashtyn Davis 6'1" 202 Cal (S) 41 - Jason Pinnock 6'0" 205 Pitt (S/CB) Special Teams - 3 Punter - 1 7 - Braden Mann 5'11" 198 Texas A+M (P) Kicker - 1 14 - Greg Zuerlein 6'0" 191 Missouri West (PK) Long Snapper - 1 42 - Thomas Hennessy 6'2" 246 Duke (LS) 10 HARDEST CUTS 47 - Bryce Huff 6'3" 255 Memphis (DE) << Sticks if Zach can play in Game 1 and White is cut - will be claimed 39 - Will Parks 6'0" 200 Arizona (S) << Davis beats him out (Extremely hard cut), Jets hope he can stick on PS 94 - Solomon Thomas 6'3" 280 Stanford (DL) << Versatile Vet, Jets hope he can stick on PS 69 - Conor McDermott 6'8" 305 UCLA (G/T) << Either him or Edoga has to go 31 - Rachard Wildgoose 5'10" 191 Wisconsin (CB) << Talented, but Hardee beats him out 45 - Hamsah Nasirildeen 6'3" 215 Florida State (OLB) << Sherwood and Harris make him expendable 43 - Del'Shawn Phillips 6'2" 230 Illinois (LB) << Always dependable, but the odd man out 99 - Vinny Curry 6'3" 279 Marshall (DE) << Might go on IR 23 - Tevin Coleman 6'1" 210 Indiana (RB) << Bam Knight beats him out 16 - Jeff Smith 6'0" 195 Boston College (WR) << Irvin Charles earns a spot based on special teams play
  2. 3 Biggest Doofwads to ever be associated with the Jets: Lou Holtz Adam Gase Mike McCagnan
  3. We are going to have 2-3 really good WRs on the Practice Squad if we want to go in that direction. Charles, Black, Jackson, Davis, maybe Jeff Smith are all possibilities Might come down to (Charles or Black) and (Jackson or Davis) as 2 PS WRs
  4. Hermanns is a big ole dude with a bad attitude. Which Is awesome.
  5. For the purpose of this post, we will exclude QB ……because I know how some of you are….. Which of the 10 Hall of Famers would you choose?
  6. Thought he looked good. Played a lot and looked like he has potential. Think he played RT only. Probably needs a year in the weight room but he looked promising not dominating but moved well and had nice moments
  7. Just finished watching the replay and came up with these 11 "bubble players" that I thought helped themselves: Lawrence Cager 6'5" 220 Georgia (TE/WR) Not only made a couple of nice catches but if you watch closely, he lined up in a several spots and blocked ok, not great, but ok - much more likely to be on the PS than Yeboah IMHO Tanzel Smart 6'1" 296 Tulane (DL) Dude is a beast. He's just undersized and doesn't stand up great when you run right at him, but he gets after it - mark him down as an obvious practice squader Jabari Zuniga 6'3" 264 Florida Abused both Philly backup OTs and lined up all across the front - he's on the active roster if we had to cut to 53 today IMHO Zonovan Knight 5'11" 210 NC State (RB) (2022 UDFA) He's AT LEAST on the practice squad and then you have to start thinking if anyone else will steal him. Could win a spot on the 53 from someone Rachard Wildgoose 5'10" 191 Wisconsin (CB) I'll be honest, I REALLY liked his play the entire game - had mostly strong coverage and seems like a strong tackler - I think he's on the 53 man roster as of today Bryce Huff 6'3" 255 Memphis (DE) Maybe the most interesting player on the team - makes plays, is around the ball, but JEEZ, it will be hard to keep him with the depth at DE Ross Pierschbacher 6'4" 315 Alabama (G/C) Played a lot vs the Philly 2nd team and was very solid - gonna be hard for him to get on the 53 roster, but a strong Practice Squad player Nate Herbig 6'4" 330 Stanford (C/G) He was probably never really "on the bubble", but he played well at both guard and center vs the backups - looked good to me Chris Streveler 6'1" 216 South Dakota (QB) I mean we all saw it - athletic QB with good decision making - seems like an obvious Practice Squad choice right now La'Michael Perine 5'11" 216 Florida (RB) He's not a superstar runner, but he's okay and you could see some nice blocks on offense and on returns. Seems to have nice vision and runs hard - could actually be a guy who is stolen if we try to get him on the PS Irvin Charles 6'4" 212 Indiana Univ (PA) (WR) Made a nice special teams play and was wide open a couple of times but wasn't targeted, also made some nice (not great) blocks in run game. For the 1st time out, he showed promise I also liked Rashard Davis and Calvin Jackson at WR, Grant Hermanns and Isaiah Williams on the OL, Tim Ward on the DL, and Del'Shawn Phillips at LB Everyone has to cut down from 90 to 85 by Tuesday, here is my guess at the 1st 5 cuts Keshunn Abram WR Signed a large UDFA contract, but seems to be at the bottom of the WR depth chart - might stick around a bit longer just because of the contract Kai Nacua - LB/S I like him as a player and think he has potential, he made a couple of tackles but it's a numbers game Luq Barcoo CB Hate to cut a CB with 2 preseason games to go, but I think he is a goner Chris Glaser G Just signed with the team. Didn't play poorly vs Philly, but someone has to go Eddie Pinero K Maybe they want the PK competition to go on another week, but he seems like an obvious choice to go
  8. Here's a numeric roster I made for your viewing pleasure.....
  9. I think Hermanns has a real chance - he's big and has a mean streak. Will watch him closely vs Philly, he should play a lot and give us a clearer picture of where he is right now
  10. Assuming the following are safe: George Fant Laken Tomlinson Connor McGovern Alijah Vera-Tucker Duane Brown Max Mitchell Pick three of the above to complete the Jets offensive line on the 53 man roster
  11. Updated with the Duane Brown Signing - August 11
  12. Rashed was a “fan favorite” pass rusher? I doubt anyone but the most hardcore Jets fans nationwide even knew who he was - and most of them knew he had 0% chance of making the team
  13. Looking forward to the 1st preseason game. Since starters won't play much, let's look at some players who might play a lot and focus on some interesting positional battles: Ty Johnson vs La'Michael Perine (RB) They both could get cut, but if one or the other shows out this preseason, they might win the last roster spot. Perine has been hurt but is healthy now - he is definitely talented and can play special teams. Johnson is more of a known quantity but has been up and down during his time with the Jets. Have to figure at least one of them or UDFA Bam Knight will end up on the practice squad Lawrence Cager vs Kenny Yeboah (TE) Neither seems likely to make the active roster but one or the other will likely earn a place on the practice squad. Both are talented former UDFAs with potential Dan Feeney vs Nate Herbig (OL) They're the exact same player. Both are guards who can back up at center. Both might very well make the team. Certainly, at least one will. Let's watch this battle closely Caleb Benenoch vs Grant Hermanns (T) Another likely battle for a practice squad berth. Benenoch is a veteran who has bounced around and can play G or T. Hermanns is a big kid out of Purdue who played pretty well as a rookie last preseason before ending up the practice squad. Of course, both could make the practice squad this year. Irvin Charles vs Tarik Black (WR) Both are talented, athletic "bigger" receivers. Both were heavily recruited HS players who never quite lived up to the hype in college. Both have had their moments in camp. Unlikely either makes the active roster, but at least one will definitely make the practice squad. Let's keep an eye on them to see if one or the other has an advantage Calvin Jackson vs Jeff Smith (WR) This is a battle for the backup slot WR spot - either on the active roster or on the PS. Smith has been around and contributed while UDFA Jackson has flashed in the offseason and camp and can return kicks Vinny Curry vs Bryce Huff vs Jabari Zuniga (DE) Jets have a logjam at DE. Curry is the old veteran who has been injured since coming to the Jets. Huff is a lovable overachiever type who puts up impressive analytics when he plays. Zuniga has prototype NFL DE size, but has underachieved - but he has made some plays in camp this year. IMHO, only 1 of those 3 makes the active roster. Huff and Zuniga will probably play almost the whole game vs Philly, so let's watch them closely Jonathan Marshall vs Nathan Sheppard (DT) I think this is an actual "mano a mano" battle for a roster spot. One of these guys will make the roster and one won't. We might be able to slip the loser on the practice squad or might not Marcell Harris vs Hamsah Nasirildeen vs Jamien Sherwood (OLB) We were all surprised to see Marcell Harris listed at the starting Outside LB, so now we need to pay close attention to him vs Philly. Assuming Mosely, Quincey Williams, and Kwon Alexander are "safe", Harris, Nasirildeen, and Sherwood might be fighting for 1 or 2 places at the "converted safety" LB spot Javelin Guidry vs Isaiah Dunn vs Rachard Wildgoose (CB) Battle for the last spot at CB, maybe the very last roster spot. Guidry has been up and down but is at least a decent backup Slot CB, Dunn flashed last year in camp and made some plays when he was called up. Wildgoose was a Bills draft pick in '21 who was plucked off their practice squad Will Parks vs Elijah Riley (S) Will the Jets even keep 5 safeties? Barring injury, both could be gone in the final cutdown. Parks played really well toward the end of last year and Riley showed a lot of promise before getting hurt.
  14. Updated August 9 - 1st Preseason Game / Becton Injury / 2 Offensive Linemen added
  15. Since the roster is full, there will have to be a corresponding move - someone released or someone going on the injured list Could be my boy Derrick Kelley - tryout signee out of Florida State - or maybe a defensive player like recently-signed CB Luq Barcoo. Maybe DE Bradley Anae, who I like but is caught up in a major numbers game at DE
  16. Solomon Thomas ahead of Nathan Sheppard on the DL is the real big story IMHO
  18. Grew up in South Alabama - knew a lot of Saints fans. when they were bad, they whined and bitched about everything, when they were good they acted like insufferable pricks Horrible Fans with a few exceptions of course
  19. Kenny Yeboah seems significantly bigger than the scrawny kid we saw last year
  20. Reminder: All JetNation posters are required to do 2 things: Select a current Jets player to brutally and unrelentingly criticize at every opportunity including starting a new thread every time there is a tweet or social media post that says anything less than positive about the player (Note, Mekhi Benton, Denzel Mims, and Quinnen Williams are full and there is a waiting list for those players) Select a player on another team that the Jets didn’t draft and highlight every positive play that player makes while criticizing the team for moronically not drafting that player when “everyone could tell he was going to be a star” welcome
  21. Zonovan Knight is an UDFA rookie out of NC State. Had several teams wanting to sign him Went undrafted because his size/speed numbers were not that great and had some fumblitis
  22. Calvin Jackson is a rookie WR out of Washington State. Came to Jets rookie camp as a tryout and won a roster spot. Didn't have an UDFA contract or anything, just straight up showed out at rookie camp and won a spot. He's a slot WR and kick returner. I think he is a guy who could stick as a Practice Squad guy
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