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  1. Not counting QBs, to avoid turning this thread into another s#!+storm, which backups did you think looked good vs the Jaguars in Preseason Game 1?
  2. 31 pages for a preseason game.....BOO YAH!
  3. Jarvis Harrison gets in late at RT behind Ijalana and Qvale.....he just never really panned out
  4. Every damn thread is a Geno thread on this board
  5. Only question now is whether Hack gets in or not
  6. Brandon Shell was in at LT......doesn't confuse anyone for Art Shell yet, but he is a big un
  7. You can't stop Bryce Petty, you can only hope to contain him!
  8. We have some decent backup OLs. Going to have to cut a couple of decent players
  9. Still Ijalana, Dozier, Johnson, Watts, Qvale on the OL
  10. Jags announcers said they still had their 1st OL in the game
  11. Shelby Harris looks good too on DL....definitely in with a chance to make the team
  12. 2nd OL Ijalana, Dozier, Johnson, Craig Watts, Qvale
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