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  1. this was a damn good draft for the Jets and it just shows that Hackensackenberg is the future!
  2. The smart thing for the Jets to do would be sit, wait, and build through the draft with YOUNG and CHEAP players.
  3. Don't see why every year the Jets don't sign players to big contracts, guys get pissy. 90% of these contracts don't work out, and notice the last time the Jets went crazy in free agency how many of those guys are still on our team.
  4. Eh, going full on rebuild is much better than what we had the last few years
  5. Rest easy boose, this hasn't been a good year for ex Jets at all.
  6. may he rest easy man I hope the guy that shot him rots.
  7. if they actually threw the ball on first down, Petty wouldn't be forced to force the ball on the third and long every drive.
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