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  1. Hi Jets football (if thats what you want to call this fiasco) is back and so am I. Anyone going to the Jets/Dolphins game Nov. 6
  2. Hi Been reading all responses but haven't had chance to respond Gym before work and working later and bunko and mahjong at nite I've been busy. But I'd never ignore my new jets friends.
  3. Being a Jets fan is gonna be tough Sunday; guess we have to root for Denver. Hope the Cardinals beat the Panthers.
  4. sounds good; Im a Jersey gal - where are you from. Do you have season tickets
  5. Thanks for all the welcomes!
  6. Section 204. R u a season ticket holder
  7. Will be a fan forever.
  8. Hi This is my first time on the message board Diehard Jets fan for over 45 years; season ticket holder for over 25 years; psl owner (ugh). So sad the way our season ended; i was so up for game - too bad the team wasn't.
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