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  1. *****This post sounded pretty rude after I read it to myself, but I'm too lazy to go back and change it. I was not trying to be so condescending, was just pointing out some obvious flaws in your plan.****** First off, after the year Keenum had, he'll be looking for starting QB money/years...as will Cousins, but at a much higher rate. That said, why would the Jets commit that much (dollars and years) to a starting QB via FA just to turn around and draft a QB at pick 6 (or earlier, as you suggested)? That makes ZERO sense. That's wasting our best assets, money and draft picks. Secondly,... Powell, Forte, and McGuire are all under contract next year...so I'm not sure why you have us adding another mediocre RB in FA (West), AND utilizing a 2nd round pick on a guy that isn't going to be any good in the NFL. Yet again, makes no sense. I'm all for drafting a RB, but I'd aim MUCH higher than Scarborough (in terms of talent, not draft pick), and it likely means we'd be cutting Forte in the process. Next, you have us signing approximately 4-5 guys that will command double digit (or close to it) annual salaries...which won't happen. NOBODY signs 5 players to double digit annual salaries in one off-season. Just because we have money, doesn't mean we have to spend it all... And finally, under your "bargain chips" (which I took to mean "trade pieces"), you list a RB with zero trade value, a 38 year old FREE AGENT quarterback, and a $20M/yr cancer that hasn't done anything productive in 2 years. I think you may need to stop playing Madden for a bit and look at his REALISTIC value (I'll give you a hint, he's worthless). You can't trade Forte because nobody is willing to give up anything for an old, injury prone RB that costs $5M. And you can't trade a FA QB for obvious reasons. I know I already said "Finally", but I thought of ONE more note to add... in order to get these players to sign with the Jets, we'll have to overpay. There's a reason the entire league thought we'd win less than 2 games this year, and that's because our roster SUCKS. We benefited from a couple lucky games (Jacksonville, Buffalo, KC) that would likely go the other way 9 times out of 10. Free agents with any sort of value to this team will likely be getting looked at by other (read "better") teams. They're not going to agree to come to this team unless we sweeten the pot.
  2. Grade the 2nd Round Pick:

    I'm normally a fan of taking BPA regardless (especially when your team needs help at literally 90% of the positions), but not when it's repeating positions. I understand several positions have more than 1 on the field at once, but you have to diversify your talent in order to get better. Having 4 good DL and 2 good Safeties is not better than having 3 good DL, 1 good Safety, 1 good CB, and 1 good RB (just examples, not specific). It makes no sense to me to double up here when there were several available players that should have been rated very highly on our board. This team needs help everywhere, arguably 15 new starters, and we used our two best draft picks on one of least important positions...TWICE. Baffling... On the other side, I think Maye is a good player, and I like that we're adding talent here...I just wish we didn't double up, especially with our top 2 picks.
  3. Jwill's Pre-Draft Big Board

    Pretty much everything we're going to need to know about these prospects...we already know. So, at this point, a Big Board shouldn't fluctuate much, if at all (not a mock draft, which will fluctuate as rumors of interest continue to come out). Here is my Big Board, NOT a mock draft. I simply rank the top 25 players in this draft. In the event of a tie, I give the more important position (to me) the edge. 1. Myles Garret- DE, Texas A&M 2. Jonathan Allen- DL, Alabama 3. Leonard Fournette- RB, LSU 4. Jamal Adams- S, LSU 5. Derek Barnett- DE, Tennessee 6. Mike Williams- WR, Clemson 7. Reuben Foster- LB, Alabama 8. Dalvin Cook- RB, FSU 9. Solomon Thomas- DE, Stanford 10. Malik Hooker- S, OSU 11. OJ Howard- TE, Alabama 12. Corey Davis- WR, WMU 13. Malik McDowell- DT, MSU 14. David Njoku- TE, Miami 15. Christian McCaffrey- RB, Stanford 16. Marshon Lattimore- CB, OSU 17. Charles Harris- OLB, Missouri 18. Hasson Reddick- LB, Temple 19. John Ross- WR, Washington 20. Garett Boles- OT, Utah 21. Tak McKinley- OLB, UCLA 22. Mitchell Trubisky- QB, UNC 23. Forrest Lamp- OL, WKU 24. Quincy Wilson- CB, Florida 25. Jarrad Davis- LB, Florida I'm not as high on Thomas and Lattimore as others are, and I'm much higher on McDowell and Mike Williams than others seem to be. Who knows...every single team will have a different top 25, so we'll see what happens. Notable players not listed: Jabrill Peppers (I like the athleticism, but he hasn't proven he can excel at any 1 position), DeShaun Watson (I just don't think he has the ability to make reads and progressions under pressure in the NFL), a crap ton of CB's that people are high on (I would have listed Sidney Jones around 13~ before his injury).
  4. As a huge UofM fan, I've been watching Lewis his entire collegiate career. While I agree with most of what is typed above about him, I feel like it should be pointed out that he's also typically had good talent around him as well. Playing CB is easier when you have good Safeties, a great pass rush, and a good defensive scheme/coordinator. Not saying he isn't a great CB, but I disagree with the notion that he'd be a 1st rounder if he was a couple inches taller. Most college CB's that are 6'0" or higher and play on a good team are talked about in the first round, so that's not really saying much, IMO. Going off of talent, I don't think he's worth a 1st or a high 2nd, but I'd gladly take a chance on him with our 3rd. He's confident, he helps in the run game, and he plays the ball well. We could do a lot worse with our 3rd round pick.
  5. Jabrill Peppers

    A couple comments here... 1- As a HUGE UofM fan, I've been watching Peppers for a while now. While he obviously has talent and oozes athleticism, he never showed that he was "elite" at anything other than KR/PR...and that isn't a position important enough to draft 6 overall. I understand he's saying he's a SS, and he projects well at SS...but when your team sucks as bad as the Jets do, and you have as many holes to fill as they do...you don't get better by reaching for players that have potential but haven't shown they can even handle a specific position at a high level. We don't have loads of money to sign FA's with, so we can't afford to miss on draft picks compared to a Cleveland/San Fran team with $100M of cap room to blow. I love the guy, and unless he goes to NE/Pitt, I hope he lights it up as a pro...but he's not worth 6 overall IMO. 2- The guy who keeps making the comment about grabbing one of the "elite" LT prospects... there are ZERO elite LT prospects in this draft. Ramcyzk has the potential to be good, but there are serious medical issues (among other questions). Not to mention, if you compared him to LT prospects from recent draft classes, he's not at the top of the list. The only reason he's so highly thought of NOW is because this OL draft class is pathetically weak. If you were to sit down and watch game tape, scouting reports, combine tape, etc... of each prospect in this class, and then make a Big Board that totally ignores positional value, you'd find that there are ZERO OL prospects in this draft that are top 25 talents. I understand that we need it badly, and I understand that someone is going to take 1 (probably more than 1 team will), but as I said in my first point regarding Peppers... this team cannot afford to reach for players. This roster is awful. There are holes everywhere. The best way to fix this team is to start collecting talent. The more talent we have, the better product we put on the field. Forget positional needs...at this point, practically every position is a position of need for this team. Draft the best player available. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Load up on talent. Make a Big Board, stick to it. The only time I wander is when it comes to a QB, and even then, it better be someone that is within a few slots on my Big Board for me to deviate (i.e. say after the first 5 picks, our BigBoard is 1-Fournette, 2- Adams, 3- Hooker, 4- Williams, 5- Trubisky... then I think if you need a QB, you take that risk). And BTW, I don't think any of the QB's are top 20 prospects this year either...but I'm sure at least 1 will get drafted in that range. Not trying to be a dick to either of you, just simply stating my opinion. Sorry if it came across as offensive.
  6. Davis a possibility at 6?

    The Jets should be in straight BPA mode this draft. And in that strategy, I find it highly unlikely that the Jets will have any WR from this draft in their top 6 players overall. It is possible, primarily with Mike Williams, that a WR is borderline top 6 for them...but I think there's a good chance someone outside our top 6 ranked prospects that gets drafted before our pick, leaving us with potentially our number 2 or 3 ranked prospect falling into our lap (ie: Leonard Williams 2 years ago). Corey Davis is a stud, and he will surely be a 1st round pick, but I don't see him worth number 6 overall, especially to a team with holes literally everywhere else on the roster.
  7. This year we had poor QB play, but we had WR's and some vets on the OL. Next year, we'll have no QB, likely no Decker/Marshall, and likely no Clady/Mangold. We'll also have the worst secondary in the league, a poor LB unit, and arguably the worst coaching staff in football. So yeah, next year is going to suck big time. But hopefully it leads to cleaning house with HC/GM, number 1 draft pick, and a crap ton of cap room so that 2018 won't suck quite as much (it will still suck, we'll at best have a stud rookie QB...who's still a rookie, which means unlikely to do well year one). As Jets fans, you should all be hoping for the worst year ever. Hell, if it's bad enough, maybe Woody sells the team due to his political involvements taking up more time and simply wanting to get rid of what's proven to be a lackluster franchise so far (partially because of him).
  8. Jets Free Agent Targets????

    This team has holes all over the place. Practically everywhere but the DL. We are NOWHERE near contention (as in Title contention, not Playoff contention). I don't understand why people are wanting us to spend $30-40+ million on free agency on a team that has zero chance at a title for at least the next 2 seasons (we have no QB, won't win a SB with a rookie QB either). They need to do a complete rebuild. Tear it down, gut it, and build it back up the right way. All of the vets that are starting to decline or have no use to us for a rebuild should be gone. Cut them, trade them, I don't care...get rid of them. The guys who can't be ditched because of their contracts, keep them as is- don't try to restructure anyone, that will only hurt us in the future. Hurting us now doesn't matter, we don't need money as we shouldn't be spending any anyways. Mangold, Gilchrist, Giacomini, Clady, Harris, Revis, Folk, and I'm sure a couple others can all be cut with minimal consequences. Richardson, Marshall, Decker, and maybe Skrine and Wilkerson (depending on what can be done to their contracts to help facilitate a trade) should be on the trade block. Free agency wise, I'd love to spend absolutely nothing, but we'll have roster spots to fill and a depth chart to build, so that's not realistic. What I'd argue for is grabbing cheap, mediocre players that can fill a hole but not tie up future commitments. Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown at QB for example, one of them should be cheap as crap and will perform better than what we got this past season more than likely. Not that I'm looking for them to be good, I'm just wanting someone there to fill up the depth chart, and we had horrendously bad QB play last year, so it won't be hard to beat...even if Petty/Hack is starting. Don't tie up future roster spots and future funds on temporary solutions. Understand that we are going to suck for the next 2-3 years (minimum). Build up the roster via the draft as much as possible. Get more draft picks, spend them wisely. Draft Best Player Available. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The stronger the overall roster, the more likely we are to succeed with a rookie/young QB. This isn't rocket science, people just aren't patient enough to actually stick to it. They feel rushed, they feel obligated to win-now, they see a player on the market they love and sign him when they shouldn't, and they falsely believe they're a couple pieces away and decide to go all in... STICK TO YOUR GUNS, cut the dead-weight, and load up on draft picks. We've seen enough losing and enough mediocrity as Jets fans, it's time to do something different. The next few years will be hard to watch, and we'll be the butt of even more jokes than we were with Rex here, but it will be worth it in 4-5 years when we have a solid team up and down the roster, and potentially a franchise QB for once. Just don't wuss out.
  9. FanSpeak's "Manage The Cap"

    That doesn't show years or annual dollars before guaranteed money, which annoys me, but that's about what I see the Jets doing this off-season. In the "CUT" column, a couple of those guys may be traded, but that's not doable on this site, so I put them there so you could see that I expect them gone in one way or another...
  10. FanSpeak's "Manage The Cap"

    ACTIONS CUT Name Position Eric Decker WR Breno Giacomini G Brandon Marshall WR David Harris LB Marcus Gilchrist S Darrelle Revis CB Nick Mangold C Nick Folk K Erin Henderson LB Jarvis Jenkins DL Ryan Clady OT RESTRUCTURED Name Position Muhammad Wilkerson DL TRANSITION TAGGED Name Position FRANCHISE TAGGED Name Position SIGNED Name Position Ben Ijalana OT Darrelle Revis CB David Harris LB Terrance Knighton DL Quintin Demps S Colin Kaepernick QB Gosder Cherilus OT Wallace Gilberry EDGE Cecil Shorts WR Terence Newman CB
  11. FanSpeak's "Manage The Cap"

    5 SUMMARY AFTER FREE AGENCY NEW YORK JETS Change Team >> Salary Cap: 166,000,000 Player Salaries: 140,267,843 Dead Money: 1,323,647 Carryover: 641,823 Reserved for Draft Picks: 5,000,000 Cap Space Remaining: 20,050,333 ROSTER SIGNED PLAYERS Name Position Cap Hit Ben Ijalana OT 1,400,000 Darrelle Revis CB 4,800,000 David Harris LB 4,500,000 Terrance Knighton DL 3,200,000 Quintin Demps S 4,500,000 Colin Kaepernick QB 8,000,000 Gosder Cherilus OT 3,750,000 Wallace Gilberry EDGE 4,000,000 Cecil Shorts WR 3,600,000 Terence Newman CB 3,200,000
  12. FanSpeak's "Manage The Cap"

    Okay, give me a few minutes and I'll do one based on what I can see this current regime doing this off-season. Just to warn you, it won't be pretty, as I believe our front office is about as intelligent as a paperweight. This won't be what I endorse, simply what I can see happening.
  13. FanSpeak's "Manage The Cap"

    I wasn't making it to be realistic...lol. If I was being realistic, I would've signed 5 or 6 guys that are past their prime to deals that are for double the years they should be and double the price. I.E.: Antonio Cromartie for $8M/yr, Ryan Fitzpatrick for $12M/yr... If you'd like, I can go and do one like that... I just didn't think anyone on here would be the slightest bit interested in reading a post where we waste all of our money again on crappy players. It appears nobody here got the point of my thread, which was simply to point out a fun thing to do on a website where you can literally build the team you want to build...which is what 90% of us are constantly complaining about. No big deal, just thought someone would be interested.
  14. FanSpeak's "Manage The Cap"

    I don't like him either, but for $3M, I'd take him in a heart beat. All of that post and you're gonna focus on 1 freakin player, good lord...you're a freakin moron, lol.
  15. FanSpeak's "Manage The Cap"

    So, my main goal with my CUTS was to get cap space and to ditch the old guys taking up roster spots for no reason. My Re-Signed players were without a doubt unrealistic, lol. I got Decker, Marshall, Revis, and Winters to re-sign for like $2M each. All on short term contracts except for Winters, since he is actually useful going forward. I elected to keep Harris because I like him and it was a 1 year deal for dirt cheap. I chose to keep Ijalana simply as developmental depth. In Free Agency, I wanted to sign players who could either fill an immediate hole and stay here for years, could help depth for dirt cheap, or I thought may do well in a 1 year "prove-it" type deal. I originally wasn't going to sign a big-name DL as it wasn't truly a need. But, after the first 5 days of free agency, I had several guys decline my offers, and I had a ton of money left to spend...so I saw he was available still and figured I'd give it a shot. Ricky Wagner was not my preferred choice for RT, but the other guys were signing for deals higher than I was willing to spend, so I settled. Getting Kaepernick for 2 years at like $3M/yr was what made me laugh the most, as I find that to be the most unrealistic signing on my list. Keep in mind, the numbers above are only the guaranteed portion of their salary, not the entire yearly salary.