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  1. I don't think this team will win a single game before week 8.
  2. dumb...per jason there is $0 cap savings if he is cut so why not take a chance he can stay on the field this season..if not he's gone next yr..thank god you aren't a gm http://overthecap.com/salary-cap/new-york-jets/ Oh really???? BS. It would make much MORE sense to cut him and get a guy playing for the league minimum. You know, a guy that might be on the field when he's needed? So I guess common sense ( given Milliner's very illustrious injury history) is not your strong suit????
  3. YES. A tiny detail every Geno stroker conveniently forgets to mention when claiming Geno was winning the QB competition last season. Now they make excuses for the rodent, claiming that Geno doesn't have a fair chance in this TC. 100% grasping at straws...
  4. God, you Geno lovers are predictable. BS excuses, 100% BS excuses. Geno rides the short bus and everyone knows it.
  5. 100% BUST and no other, better classification, no warm, fuzzy words to wrap around it. This guy is a freaking china doll. I want him gone ASAP.
  6. Well, my buddy has been down there attending practice over the weekend, he says Hack looks like sh*t. The guy can't even complete a pass to save his life. If this is our franchise QB, god help us,
  7. You'll get used to caps and Jets being ridiculed. BTW, if Geno Smith does not DESERVE to be ridiculed, then I don't know anyone who does...
  8. Well, I should say the same to you. You see how easy that is? It seems to me you can preach, but you can't adhere to the same standard? It's called free speech, get over it.
  9. As far as the season goes, The Jets have done some rather positive things recently, but nothing that is specifically going to make the Jets a better team in 2016. My prediction has been 6 wins all of the offseason, so that is what I am sticking with. I just cannot see this defense being able to compete with some of the top offenses we face this season. I also think specifically due to neglect of the OL, this offense will not be nearly as productive as they were last season. Overall, I see a much better Special Teams unit, a defense that will not be any better than they were last season, and an offense on it's way down. That given that our lineup of our 1st 7 opponents is nothing short of murder. So all in all, I do not see this team getting better, in fact I see the complete opposite
  10. The Cincinnati Bengals in 2015 had a 12-4 record. They scored 26.2 points per game to make them the 7th ranked offense. Their defense allowed 17.4 points per game making them the second ranked defense in the league. I don't know what the Bengals Special teams were ranked last season, but I am certain they were better than the New York Jets. Meanwhile, the Jets defense, which is what this team hangs it's hat on, was ranked 9th in the league. So needless to say even our best unit was inferior to there's. The Cincinnati Bengals won 12 games while playing the 2nd hardest schedule based on winning percentage of their opponents. The Jets ranked 18th in schedule with their opponents combined win/loss total amounting to 125-131. The Jets managed to win 10 games against a very easy schedule. The Bengals beat 4 teams with a winning record last season, the Jets have beaten only one winning team on average over the last two seasons. They also happened to beat the Buffalo Bills, a team we have not beaten in two seasons now. Well, pardon me for asking, but what exactly are you looking at that makes you think the Jets will come out victorious?
  11. Well, if you don't like it, don't read it. Otherwise, you'll just have to tolerate me, And BTW? I have never hated any player up until Geno. Geno, however, is the drop dead point for me. Maybe I'm a little quirky, but I do NOT like players that get into altercations with other players. The very action is the antithesis of NOT being a team player. He's a cancer.
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