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  1.   7 hours ago, Mainejet said:

    100% BUST and no other, better classification,  no warm, fuzzy words to wrap around it. This guy is a freaking china doll. I want him gone ASAP.

    dumb...per jason there is $0 cap savings if he is cut so why not take a chance he can stay on the field this season..if not he's gone next yr..thank god you aren't a gm


    Oh really???? BS. It would make much MORE sense to cut him and get a guy playing for the league minimum. You know, a guy that might be on the field when he's needed? So I guess common sense ( given Milliner's very illustrious injury history) is not your strong suit????

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  2. 1 hour ago, Jetster said:

    Last year? Very exciting to have him come in healthy to build more chemistry. Plus he's betting on himself with a 1 year contract, has a full bevy of RBs, Enunwa one year better, Amaro & Sudfeld back, maybe an UDFA surprise is baby Marshall. He really could have a great year under his favorite coach in Gailey.

    YES. A tiny detail every Geno stroker conveniently forgets to mention when claiming Geno was winning the QB competition last season.  Now they make excuses for the rodent, claiming that Geno doesn't have a fair chance in this TC. 100% grasping at straws...

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  3. 18 hours ago, bealeb319 said:

    Geno got to play what half of one game where he was still rusty last season? going into the start of last season Geno was the clear cut starter with Fitz as his backup. Im not going to say Fitz or Geno is the better QB they have two very different skillsets and quite honestly neither one is going to be the league mvp...They are both playing well in training camp thus far and are both leaps ahead of where Petty and Hack are at the moment (It is okay that petty and hack are behind they are both young projects and that is to be expected) Geno is not getting cut and we are not going to throw a young project QB into the fire and ruin him before his career can even start...you can probably quit the trolling and go back to your patriots website where everyone is dumb enough to agree with you.

    God, you Geno lovers are predictable.  BS excuses, 100% BS excuses. Geno rides the short bus and everyone knows it.

  4. On 5/1/2016 at 1:50 PM, PCP63 said:

    I know it's hard to believe. You look at the stats and see the low completion percentage and overthrows.  You see a guy with bad footwork. How could he possibly be even a decent QB?

    Stats don't always tell the full story. If you actually break down the game film, you'll see that he's really not that inaccurate. Most of his incompletions are due to pass rush, drops, and batted down balls. His footwork? After O'Brien left, the coaches kept making him switch his stance, making it awkward for him.


    This is a kid that ran a pro-style Erhardt Perkins offense as a freshman. He makes the right reads, his audibles are immaculate, and he's very intelligent. Don't blame him for poor line play, and wide receivers that make the wrong choices on choice routes.

    When you look at his plays, don't look at the yards gained. Those don't tell you anything. Look at the reads, the audibles, the progressions. If you do, you'll see that he's the most pro-ready QB in this entire draft. And our franchise quarterback.

    Well, my buddy has been down there attending practice over the weekend,  he says Hack looks like sh*t. The guy can't even complete a pass to save his life. If this is our franchise QB, god help us,

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  5. 1 hour ago, Paradis said:

    What is this, sesame street? You don't like what i have to say, put me ignore. Otherwise take your ghandi act somewhere else. The guy's agenda is to walk into a thread and blow it up. That's an legit assessment. He's a waste of space on the board and I'm hanging a lantern on it. That's it, that's all. 

    Well, I should say the same to you. You see how easy that is? It seems to me you can preach, but you can't adhere to the same standard? It's called free speech, get over it.

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  6. As far as the season goes, The Jets have done some rather positive things recently, but nothing that is specifically going to make the Jets a better team in 2016. My prediction has been 6 wins all of the offseason, so that is what I am sticking with. I just cannot see this defense being able to compete with some of the top offenses we face this season. I also think specifically due to neglect of the OL, this offense will not be nearly as productive as they were last season.

    Overall, I see a much better Special Teams unit, a defense that will not be any better than they were last season, and an offense on it's way down. That given that our lineup of our 1st 7 opponents is nothing short of murder.

    So all in all, I do not see this team getting better, in fact I see the complete opposite

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  7. 40 minutes ago, ylekram said:


    @ buffalo-loss

    @Kansas city-loss







    los angeles-win

    new England-win


    @san Francisco-win


    @new England-loss


    10-6 folks


    The Cincinnati Bengals in 2015 had a 12-4 record. They scored 26.2 points per game to make them the 7th ranked offense. Their defense allowed 17.4 points per game making them the second ranked defense in the league. I don't know what the Bengals Special teams were ranked last season, but I am certain they were better than the New York Jets.

    Meanwhile, the Jets defense, which is what this team hangs it's hat on, was ranked 9th in the league. So needless to say even our best unit was inferior to there's.

    The Cincinnati Bengals won 12 games while playing the 2nd hardest schedule based on winning percentage of their opponents. The Jets ranked 18th in schedule with their opponents combined win/loss total amounting to 125-131. The Jets managed to win 10 games against a very easy schedule. The Bengals beat 4 teams with a winning record last season, the Jets have beaten only one winning team on average over the last two seasons.

    They also happened to beat the Buffalo Bills, a team we have not beaten in two seasons now.

    Well, pardon me for asking, but what exactly are you looking at that makes you think the Jets will come out victorious?

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  8. 4 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    I hate no player in a Jets uniform I root for them all to do good. 

    All you post is the same old drivel day in and day out. 

    Well, if you don't like it, don't read it. Otherwise, you'll just have to tolerate me, And BTW? I have never hated any player up until Geno. Geno, however, is the drop dead point for me. Maybe I'm a little quirky, but I do NOT like players that get into altercations with other players. The very action is the antithesis of NOT being a team player. He's a cancer.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, pajet said:

    Fitz's poor play contributed to the loss, but to say Fitz lost the game/cost the playoffs by himself is ridiculous.   It is a TEAM game.  You made the original comment that it wasn't the special teams that cost us the playoffs.   So you'd be fine going into the season with the same level of inept special teams play we had last year.   I agree that Fitz was a contributing factor to the loss in week 17.   Can you admit that there were other factors that cost that game and others.   And I bothered because seeing the same garbage at the start of training camp that was posted all summer about the 3int's finally annoyed me to the point of responding to the nonsense.



  10. 12 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    Fitzpatrick lost the 2 Buffalo games and the Texans game single-handedly excuse makers FitzNation like yourself always looking to lay the blame elsewhere. 

    New season we are 0-0 i root for Fitzpatrick to take us to the playoffs

    You forgot i root for the team and any player in a Jets uniform 

    I hate no Jets player

    You obviously hate Fitz and every single one of your posts this offseason have left others with that impression.

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  11. 8 minutes ago, PepPep said:

    Geno is easily the best QB behind Fitz and if given a fair shot at the starting spot would probably beat Fitz out. He's already shown that he has grown and improved since last offseason, when he did beat out Fitz. Forget about all of this 'Jets have no loyalty to Geno Smith', that's irrelevant. If Geno is the better QB and comes at a bargain price, which he is, they're not gonna get rid of him just because they weren't the ones who drafted him.

    With Fitz and Geno being the clear 1 and 2 and Hack having his spot on the roster secured, the focus will be on how the Jets evaluate Petty. He's not a kid with as much potential as some make it seem, theres a reason he was drafted in the 4th and not in the 1st, and its not b/c he came from a spread system. So if the Jets feel like he is not worth the extra roster spot, they will cut him.

    But the thing is, he IS worth the extra roster spot. I really don't think its that crazy for the Jets to carry 4 QBs into the season. Its very much 'feasible' and I guess that's where we disagree.

    If we cut Geno and Fitz gets hurt early, the Jets season is done, IMO. I don't know about the Jets but I have very little faith in Petty or Hack stepping in and saving the season. Geno on the other hand is PRIMED for a good season. It's very possible (likely) that if Fitz gets hurt early and the Jets end up keeping Geno, Geno will take hold of the starting gig and have a breakout season. 

    Your missing one point here......He had a chance last season and he pissed it away. HE did it. The Jets did NOTHING to him other than to encourage him to play well. The fans did NOTHING to him other than to hope he could be a great QB that the fans so desperately want.

    You obviously think that getting into an altercation with a teammate is irrelevant and something that was out of his control I guess??

    I wholeheartedly disagree. Being a QB in the NFL constitutes being a leader of men, whether you agree with it or not, it goes with the job description.So he had his chance and he failed. It's HIS fault and no one else's.

    The CS most likely feels the same way as they signed and named Fitz as the starter. And even then, stop sulking and making excuses for Geno. Geno will get his chance to play in practice and in preseason games and if he's as good as you claim he is, he will inevitably rise to the top.

    I personally say, FAT CHANCE. I am honestly trying to contain my laughter when you post stuff like this. Geno is NOTHING in comparison to Fitz.

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  12. 1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

    Special teams did not cost us the playoffs 3 INTs cost us the playoffs. 

    Nice to see the Jets get a break once in awhile and find a diamond in the rough.

    Special Teams had EVERYTHING with why the Jets did not make the playoffs. The unit was nothing short of awful last season and by my count it cost the team TWO wins last season. Had we won those games, the Buffalo game would have been about getting the 3rd stringers some playing time. It would have been irrelevant.

    Everyone on this board knows you hate Fitzpatrick. Equally, everyone on this board knows I hate Geno. The decisions that the team made up until now have nothing to do with you or I.

    They made a decision whether you like it or not. Now, like you tried making the point to me a few days ago, are you going to root for the team or are not going to support the team because you didn't like the decisions they made?

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  13. Mac should be VERY relieved about signing Fitz. This article basically touches very mildly about the sh*t storm of criticism Mac would have fallen into if he gone with Geno. Honestly, there was no other way that this offseason would have ultimately been resolved. Mac signing Fitz aside from a truly GREAT QB, was a paper bull when you are dealing with the mafia. If they tell you something you should do and they are saying it kindly? Not only should you do it, you should run. I'm just very glad it didn't need to come down to that.

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  14. 1 hour ago, bealeb319 said:

    how do you cut the only QB on our roster other than the starter to have ever taken a snap in an NFL game (who is also getting paid next to nothing as he is still on his rookie contract) and is arguably having a better showing in training camp than our starter? If our front office were stupid enough to cut Geno he would end up tearing it up the first 4 games of the season for the Patriots and everyone in the cut Geno fanclub would instantly talk about what a stupid move it was to let him go. The kid may not be our future but cutting him wouldnt help anything this season.

    Selecting a backup that has never taken an NFL snap happens all the time. It's common in the NFL. It is most common to select a backup that is a veteran when you have a youngster starting. But when your starter is going into his 12th season in the league, your backup can easily be a guy with zero NFL in game experience. 

  15. 13 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    You are wrong about this season.  They need at least a capable back up for Fitz for when Fitz gets dinged up and neither Hack nor Petty are close to ready.  That back up will be Smith.  Also, cutting Smith now would not save a red cent.  Smith's 2016 money is guaranteed and will hit the cap whether he is here or not.

    Did I say he'd be out of NY? Did I say he wouldn't be the backup this season??  Pull your head out of your back side and READ.........

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  16. 14 minutes ago, aec4 said:

    Cutting geno would make this much easier.  

    I agree, but it is also NOT necessarily the right thing to do for the welfare/competitiveness of the team. I hate Geno. I want nothing more than to see him off the team. I think he's a creep that rubs his teammates the wrong way. But as of this particular moment, he is the best QB on the roster not named Ryan Fitzpatrick. So really the CS needs to see what Petty is made of. Because if they can justify Petty becoming the number 2 based on his play on the field. then the easiest decision would also be the fair one.

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  17. 2 hours ago, Jetster said:

    I've never said I believe Geno Smith can be a "franchise QB" but it's not out of the realm of possibility that he won't succeed somewhere next year. We'll see what happens & revisit this topic again & see who's right & who's wrong. I don't claim to know, but your absolutely sure that he'll be out of the league next year. I don't believe that to be true.

    No. I am not absolutely sure he'll be out of the league. What I claim to know is specifically in reference to the Jets and that is the following......

    Geno Smith blew all his chances with NYJ, he does NOT deserve any more opportunities and that is fair. He started for two seasons and based on his poor play they signed Fitz to give Geno competition. Geno promptly blew that chance also being a stupid a$$ with his teammates. That's on him 100%. And IMO based on the seriousness of the offense, he is all done getting chances. Now, the Jets have a log jam at QB and they have some very serious roster questions to answer.

    I am CERTAIN this is the very last season Geno will be in town. Either he gets cut during this TC or at the end of the season, either way he's out of NY.

    I do not know if Geno will be given another opportunity from another team, but I really don't care either. That's another teams decision and I am not a fan of any other team besides the NYJ.

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