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  1. Sudfeld should make a much larger impact at TE than Jace Amaro ever will. Amaro is a bust, too small, can't block, drops way too many passes....
  2. Even mentioning Dee Milliner in that article makes the author a joke. Milliner is a BUST, pure and simple. As bad or worse than Vernon Gholston. As for uneventful debut and Darron Lee?? I'm not surprised. He's a little guy trying to make it in a new scheme with new responsibilities. I doubt he'll ever be much of a player. My feeling is this is a wasted 1st round draft choice.
  3. Based on the money he is asking for? I would think so. But at the end of the day, everyone knows Mo is a great player and you will most definitely get return from him, it's just a matter of how much. Mac should really be worried about Darron Lee though. Based on his size, this is a very risky draft pick. The odds of that pick working out are stacked against him.
  4. Unless the draft picks Harrison and Shell start to make contributions I do not see any depth on the OL. I think the OL will be the start/fail of why the Jets offense is so bad this season. It all starts up front and Mac did nothing to address a deteriorating OL. We'll also find out that the small fry that Mac wasted a 1st round pick on is undersized and ultimately gets swallowed up by much bigger linemen. At best this kid is a one trick pony possibly being able to handle the wheel route.
  5. I'm surprised with the media being such front runners that Mike MacCagnan is not on that list. After all, the did win executive of the year last year, right? The fact is, despite all of the nonsense involved with stupid awards, the truth will come out about Mac this season. The teams win/loss record is a direct reflection, good or bad, on the job that the GM did. Everyone knew Mac would have to earn his money this offseason. Last year meant NOTHING. Anyone can do the job he did when you have 50 million to spend. My money says the Jets are not going to win a lot of games. That will reflect that our apparent savior and wonderful GM is no different than a big long line of GM's that talk a big game but ultimately fail.
  6. He's a huge guy that looks the part of a true playmaker. The only caveat is.... He can't catch a cold. The fact is, he drops way too many balls and if it keeps up his playing time will soon be disappearing. He's also from the SLAPAHO tribe.....
  7. Well, after this team looks like SH*T this season no less come back to me and attempt to appear smarter than I am . Let me tell you something, pal, you are NOT smarter than I am. I also have not shifted a damn thing. Merely linking the failings of the past (your statement, not mine) to the current GM. But apparently you're not smart enough to realize a trend when it hits you right in the face.
  8. It's the rest of the division being that bad. The Jets suck the least amount of all the other teams in the division, but the Jets definitely still suck. We've had incompetent dingbat GM's and that is really what made has made this team such a pathetic, sh*tty pushover. Mac is just another guy in a big long line of fakes. He sucks and he'll run this team in the ground without even batting an eye. They all love the pay they get, but none of them ever cared to do the job.
  9. With Fitz the duo will have their best chance. because of OL issues I don't believe this duo will do well this season anyway. But with Geno their numbers will be far worse....
  10. Revis is the best CB to ever play the game. So being the best defender this team has ever had kind of goes without saying. He is a shut down corner when shut down corners no longer exist in the league anymore. he's a first ballot hall of famer and rightfully so. He is a true difference maker.
  11. He will go down as just another HC that tried and ultimately failed to get the Jets to win the SB. Just another nobody in Jets lore.
  12. SHRIMP. MIDGET SMALL FRY?????????? That IS the reason why he will ultimately be a failure. What is this rocket science? If a little guy gets ENGULFED by much larger men he loses, RIGHT???? I am saying we need a linebacker that can hold his own just in case he doesn't have other players that can do their share to let him do his job That's the RIGHT thing to do, rather than thinking/hoping we can keep him uncovered. We will not have great DL forever, in fact, one injury could throw the entire front seven into a tailspin. I am also telling you we could have just as easily drafted a Safety and converted him to linebacker for Christ sake. He is NOT an impact player and I'll guarantee he'll never make a pro bowl. Meanwhile, the Jets will SUCK this season. You can bet your ass I did not want that to happen. I wanted them to get better. Instead, we have a GM that's a phony just like all the other phonies before him. But honestly, I don't give a f*ck about impressing with any argument. What is it that you think you are the most intelligent mind on this board. I don't give a sh*t about impressing you or anyone else. But wait and see. This season WILL turn out to be sh*t just like I said....
  13. Mark Sanchez ROBBED the NYJ out of millions. I guess what goes around, comes around...
  14. Race card? That's complete nonsense. I could go into the legitimate reasons why I do not care for Bowles as a HC, but I've mentioned them more times to the point that I no longer care to repeat them. We'll just have to see how things work out. At least this season, I see him coaching a team that loses more games than wins, with a less than desirable roster.
  15. We'll see how that works out... I have my money on them not winning anything of any substance while they are in NY and ultimately being fired.
  16. Well, just so you know, I respect you. It's not personal. It's just my own particular view of the team right now. This is a message board and we post our thoughts/concerns here. My view says that the status quo with this team obviously got better since Tanny and Idzik got fired, but I see them falling into the same old rut of Tanny's early days as GM, and Terry Bradway before him. I want this team to change for the better once and for all. I want to see this team be competitive through skillful drafting, and precision free agency moves. That I do not see right now from Mac.
  17. Todd Bowles for sure, but Mac hasn't been any help to him either. Other than that, and I'm not sure where they rank Rich Kotite was by far and away the worst HC I ever saw.
  18. Well, I see everyone is wanting to cut me up for speaking my honest opinion? It doesn't matter. The Jets are going to be a pathetic, sh*tty team this season, when that happens I guess everyone will still be too dense to realize the straight cause and effect between the bad season and the General Manager? EVERY seasons results is a direct reflection of the job the GM did, EVERY season. Just like every single other useless GM we've had since forever, the Jets can have a decent season every now and then an possibly steal a wild card (which you may think is a great season? It means NOTHING to me). Any season like that SUCKS because they did NOT win the SB and that is the goal EVERY season. What's worse is that good season is followed immediately by a f*cking sh*t season and the Jets being laughingstocks. What Mac is doing is the same exact sh*t as every other retard GM we've ever had. He is NOT improving this team over the long haul and that's the bottom line. Just another guy that everyone gets this sense of loyalty for when the fact is he's just treating all the fans like a bunch of sh*theads and collecting a very large payday. Now, because I've seen this play out so many times now, I'll let you know how this front office gets relieved of it's duties........... I figure probably the end of the 2018 season is when they get f*cking fired. This all due to dumb sh*t that was there own doing. Drafted a midget that can only cover the wheel route. Other than that, he's useless. Gambled on several QB's NONE of which actually worked out. The GM passed on Ryan Fitzpatrick and had the audacity to go into the season with f*cking Geno Smith being the QB, the Jets went 4-12 and Geno had everything to do with that. The players had ZERO chemistry or respect for the QB. How's my aim?
  19. It won't be very long before she's back in broadcasting. Managing her son is a pretty dumb move. Darron Lee is not going to have a very long career. He's so small that even if he cannot manage to play the game at a high level, he'll be injury prone. He's simply too small to make a huge, long term effect for the better. He'll never make the pro bowl or anything like that. At best, we are looking at a little guy that can cover the wheel route. At worst, that pick has bust written all over it.
  20. You need to read up on what both sides are pressing for. Your post is pretty much on the ridiculous side.... His numbers from last season were a quantum leap from all his prior efforts. That season, in itself, is worthy of a substantial raise. The Jets are already offering Fitz 4 times the amount he got paid last season. The market has spoken in regards to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitz is not going to get a better offer than about 8 million per season. Mac is not caving because he doesn't have to. The Jets want Fitz to sign a THREE year deal worth 24 million. That's what you don't get. Fitz will likely only sign a one year deal if he ends up having to settle for the Jets offer. Fitz is going to want to enter free agency next year and get signed for much more than 8 million. That will all be determined by how well he plays in 2016. Now, if you're saying Fitz had very average numbers as great QB's average numbers go, I would agree. But once again, here is what you are missing, we do NOT have any great QB's on the roster, therefore we must play who is best on our roster right now. That guy is Fitz hands down. Fitz numbers are a million times better than the 10 cent brain has ever had. So please try to get your facts straight. The Jets want Fitz for multiple years, NOT just one. Fitz only wants a one year deal because the market has spoken and he's not going to get the kind of money he is seeking.
  21. Yes. It's not going to be a very good season anyway. Mac did not add enough pieces to make this team competitive against the 2016 schedule. The Jets usually beat ONE team with a winning record per season and the Jets face 10 teams in 2016 with an 8-8 or better record. The first half of the Jets schedule, realistically, I cannot see the Jets winning a single game until week 8 against the Browns. But make no mistake about it, the fan base will be OK with the Jets having a losing record and Fitz starting. The fans will have confidence knowing that at least the Jets had their best players playing. If they decide to go with Geno? First of all, the masses of Jets fans hate Geno Smith. Like has been stated on this site before, they consider him to be the golden arm with a 10 cent brain. The Jets would have a far worse record with Geno as the starter. And the fans would go off the deep end complaining about Mike MacCagnan letting Ryan Fitzpatrick get away. It's hard to say if a season like that could possibly cost the GM and HC their job? Probably not. But the masses would not soon stop complaining about it and if the front office screwed up one more thing, they'd be packing their bags.
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