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  1. There are NO starters out of that group. NONE. They needed starters as the right side was already shaky at best. There were several blue chip, very safe OL draft picks to be had in the draft as well. So in regards to somebody they could plug in for a while? They MIGHT be fine. But their current starters are getting prettyold, long in the tooth, and their play will be in serious decline THIS season. Like I said, if you want to know why this team is only going to win about 6 games? Just look at the OL....
  2. There are no better options than Winters and Giacomii and cutting Giacomini would surely make the offense, much, much, worse than it already is. None of those scrubs mentioned are ever going to unseat Winters or Giacomini. Yet, Giacomini is very clearly on his way down. His play has diminished quite badly. If he is member of this team he will surely cost us games. If he's cut, there are no suitable replacements. This is the crux of the issue with the offense. It will be no wonder why the Jets will only win 6 games this season after you see the OL in action. It ALL starts and ends with the OL and Mac did NOTHING to fix a rapidly aging OL. Look no farther than Mac as the reason why this this season will suck.
  3. First of all, the Jets will not sign Mo. If they hadn't already, they certainly aren't going to now. The two parties have reached several impasses each and every time they've sat down. Second of all, Geno Smith is a f*cking POS and the only thing he lights up is his farts. He's got a f*cking pea brain. He's so DUMB the CS probably had to teach him not to sh*t on the floor. He will be on the unemployment line sooner rather than later...
  4. He's an injured BUM that should be cut ASAP...
  5. Who cares? They are still going to win the division hands down for the umpteenth year. The Jets are their greatest opponent within the division and we won't even come close to even a .500 record this season.
  6. This tells me that this regime is no different than all the others. Mac had one good season because he had multi millions to spend. Anyone can do a nice job when you have that much money to spend. We all knew that this offseason was the real challenge for Mac. IMO, he didn't do a very good job because this season has disaster written all over it. It is my estimation that this team, regardless of who is the QB, will not win any more than 6 games. Well, isn't the success or failure of the team a direct reflection on the General Manager? Can any fan honestly say that the Jets going 6-10 this season will please them? Well, I live in the realm of common sense. That's how I make every decision/prediction about this team. As a common sense thinking person, if this team goes 6-10? I, for one am going to be pissed and completely disappointed in the General Manager, the HC, and all the rest of the organization. 6-10 is a flat out disgusting failure. You could possibly defend the front office claiming that although they had a bad season, they will be a better team in the long run? Well, in this case, I do not buy that standpoint either. Mac has his entire success/failure all wrapped up in whether his QB's, Petty or hack, succeed. If we strike out on both, which odds will tell you that more than likely we will, then at that point, the Jets have sucked for several years and the criticism is now so deep that Mac gets fired. Make no mistake about it, Mac can prematurely have his fate decided this offseason because of the Fitz situation. New Yorkers like Harvard educated QB's that played well under the OC who coached him with another team. They do NOT like QB's that played terrible and get into fights with teammates for the dumbest, shallowest reasons. I am telling you right now, this bears watching. If Mac loses out on Fitz and the Jets go into the season with Geno Smith as the QB, the Jets WILL falter this season. When Geno starts being a turnover special, and he will, the fans will turn on the GM very quickly. Looking at the facts, this team will not win anything more than 6 games even with Fitz, so the bad record is already going to have the fan base edgy. There are also a lot of other bad trends starting to show on Mac's watch. He did not manage to get Wilk traded. Now, the Jets will nothing for Wilk, possibly not even a compensatory pick. The guy was worth much more than a measly 3rd rounder even in the worst case scenario that he gets traded. Yet, Mac failed to get anything for him. The Jets are destined a for a terrible season in 2016, and he may fail the fan base by not getting Fitz to resign. That's 3 strikes against the general manager the way I see it.
  7. But maybe if I scrambled his brain he might become a better QB? Certainly can't hurt. He's already the worst f*cking QB on the face of the earth, any brain damage he suffers can only stand to make him a better player.
  8. First of all. that would never happen. If he ever came after me he'd go down in a heap after I put a .308 right through his tiny little brain. Second of all, what difference does it make even if he did? He's still a f*cking POS that can't play QB to save his life.
  9. My selection would be Geno Smith for two reasons: 1) He's got a glass jaw. 2) He DESERVES any f*cking beating he takes.
  10. NO. What planet are you from with this nonsense? Players make a name for themselves ON THE FIELD. Dee Milliner has done NOTHING on the field. Therefore, you have nothing to provide as evidence to say, yeah, I think we should hold on to this guy. He's a f*cking china doll for crying out loud. The day he gets cut is a GREAT for the NYJ. At least after he gets cut the Jets can reassign his roster spot to someone that is actually contributing.
  11. Not necessarily. For the most part I would agree, but QB is one of positions where it is not uncommon to take a developmental guy with a first day pick. Mike Tannenbaum took Vladimir Ducasse in the 2nd round as a developmental pick in 2010. That's a prime example of squandering a 2nd round pick. It can also work out rather marvelously as well. The Giants drafted Jason Pierre Paul as a developmental pick and it worked out quite well for them. So it really depends on the position.
  12. If this guy is lost to injury this season the Jets season goes lost just as quickly. Mac did NOTHING to improve an OL that was in major need of an overhaul during this offseason. He's hanging Ryan Fitzpatrick and all of the skill players out to dry by doing that. This never stood to be a good season anyway, but Mac only made it a lot worse by completely screwing the pooch.
  13. The big question is can Bryce Petty be good enough to occupy the backup role? Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to resign, to that end I have no doubt. He will be named the starter upon his return. After that if Bryce Petty can assume the backup role, Geno is DONE. This guy has lingered around for far too long now. He's an idiot and an even worse QB.
  14. It doesn't matter. Hack is a developmental player. Most people should have known Hack would not be ready this soon. This season is a wash anyway. The jets are at best winning about 6 games this season. Hack is a name for the future and I am still excited to see what Bryce Petty can do.
  15. You're obviously not as smart as I am giving you credit for being. Hurt my feelings? Nothing would make me happier than to see the New York Jets have a successful season and get to the playoffs. I just know there's no way Geno will ever be a leader or a good QB. You must be both in order for the New York Jets to have a successful season. With Ryan Fitzpatrick we have a chance, with Geno? NO chance.
  16. That was a brilliant coaching job by Rex Ryan. By far and away the very best coaching job of his career. Meanwhile, Geno Smith passed for 12 touchdowns, but threw 21 interceptions and fumbled the ball away 4 times. 25 turnovers against a measly 12 touchdowns.
  17. If all those bets have to do with your personal confidence in Geno Smith??? Get ready to pay because I GUARANTEE you will be...
  18. Who gives a sh*t about OTA's? It's f*cking OTA's. Why don't we get into preseason before we start drawing conclusions?
  19. And you think OTA's is the ell tale sign????? Ha Ha Ha I have a second bet for you since you seem to be so cocky....... I will bet you right now that Geno does NOT start opening day? Game???? And the only person changing their avatar is going to be YOU. Geno Smith is a f*cking scumbag like no other.
  20. He also said on Jets nation, "What is this offense without Ryan Fitzpatrick?". So once again from a strictly OTA standpoint I guess the retard Geno Smith will suffice. But not even the guy that you're attempting to point out believes in Geno Smith, believes in Geno Smith. Wrap your head around that one....
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