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  1. That's not what I'm saying. I do not believe Petty should win the number 2 role unless he shows it on the field and in preseason games. That's the only fair way of doing things. As much as I dislike Geno, I do want a fair and impartial contest for the 2nd string job. Now, I can't necessarily argue with you saying Geno will be the 2nd stringer. I haven't seen enough of Bryce Petty to say. Really I am just relying on what Petty looked like in OTA's - not so good. But this is why I believe Bowles really has to focus on getting Petty a lot of work. The front office has ZERO loyalty to Geno, or at least they shouldn't. Mac/Bowles very much want to keep Fitz, Petty, and Hack and that leaves Geno based on his rather sketchy past, that I'm sure the CS will want to cut.
  2. Fitz and Hack's roster spots are guaranteed. With that said, the only question regarding QB's is who will be 2nd string? After Fitz obviously, The reps should be split between Bryce Petty and Geno, the CS needs to hope they can see enough from Bryce Petty because going into the regular season with 4 QB's is not feasible IMO.
  3. Well, I have to give Mac kudos here. A month ago I wanted him fired, but managing to Wilk signed long term was an incredible feat that I just didn't think would ever happen. Getting Fitz back and avoiding the alternative was the correct move. So really all in all, Mac did OK for the offseason. Bowles, on the other hand, just as Jetster says, was NOT very good at all. I put the vast majority of the blame on Bowles shoulders for losing in Buffalo. The idea of stranding Fitz to go long in Buffalo all day long, in that wind no less, was stupidity. I could point to no less than two other major gaffes from that game. His challenges suck, he's marginal at best with time management. This is no Bill Parcells. So these constant articles pointing out how Bowles grew up from the Parcells tree is absurd. This apple fells MILES from the tree. And really this season is not going to be very good any way, so Bowles is going to need to be at his very best. Strong coaching is the only way this team can be successful this season, because they do not have the horses. Unless Bowles gets much better at what he's doing, the fans and media are going to have field day with Bowles this season.
  4. It's obvious the only thing keeping Geno on this roster is the inability of Bryce Petty to assume the number 2 role. Really what must happen here is Bowles has to make a concerted effort to see what Bryce Petty has to offer. Dedicate some time in each and every practice for Petty to work with the one and two's. Make an objective evaluation of Petty. Otherwise, he KNOWS Geno will stick as the number two. There simply isn't enough snaps for four Quarterbacks, so Hack sticks as the 3rd string developmental QB, Fitz sticks as the unquestioned starter, from there allow Bryce to get at least as many snaps as Geno gets and make an objective decision. Carrying 4 QB's into the regular season really hamstrings the team. In fact, I'll go out on a limb right now and predict the Jets will NOT carry 4 QB's into the regular season. Everyone knows Fitz and Hack are safe, that cannot be debated. The front office also does not have any loyalty To Geno, he's John Idzk's gaffe. My prediction says Geno is GONE.
  5. Who are you kidding??? We have watched Geno for more than two seasons, and one thing is true - he has ZERO upside. WTH specifically did he ever show you?! He made the same rookie mistakes over and over again in his limited playing time in 2015. He does NOT get it between the ears and that is a FACT. Fitz is a MUCH better QB than Geno will ever be. Mainly because he gets it between the ears. But also there's this little thing called STATISTICS, for which Fitz OWNS Geno there also. So please, enough of the foolish nonsense, the sooner this team gets rid of Geno, the better for EVERYONE on the team.
  6. I could care less what he thinks. The very second the punch happened, every fan should have been done with him just like myself. He's not smart enough to understand pro style defenses, he's never been able to go through progressions to find 2nd, 3rd, 4th options, etc. He consistently makes rookie mistakes over and over again, He did it in 2015, his 3rd year in the league no less, he takes points off the board by taking the offense out of scoring range by either taking a dumb sack, running out of bounds. Essentially he cannot walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. So building up to the punch, he could not have been high on anyone's respect list. Now, I just hope the Jets can get Bryce Petty on track. Because if he can, Geno finally gets cut. His walking papers have been long overdue. Geno is the last and worst break in the chain of team chemistry and harmony.
  7. That bear needs to see the dentist, major gingivitis going on there....
  8. Thank you..........BTW, I also loved the strawman as a 16 year old that had Mets season tickets.
  9. Hmm hmm........Darryl Strawberry hit 335 home runs, has a career .259 batting average, and stole 221 bases. The only thing Geno ever stole was a broken jaw. Honestly, until Straw fell victim to drugs he was an excellent player. Geno has never been excellent even one microsecond of his pathetic, sh*tty career.
  10. There's no problem here whatsoever........ This is so simple. There's only one of two scenarios that could possibly happen at this point: 1) Geno manages to last another season on the roster because Bryce Petty is not ready to take the backup role. The Jets own personal cockroach infestation.....Thanks John Idzik. 2) OR, and this is what I am really, really, really, really, hoping for.... Bryce Petty plays great in the preseason and the CS decides he is ready to be promoted to the back up role. Geno gets canned. The Jets finally hired Orko.
  11. I was a Ted Cruz supporter. Get it right.
  12. Control yourself. You need to stop all of these over the top tirades..........
  13. Yeah whatever. I guess I must be a racist because I think Obama sucks also, ugh? You people make the laugh. You have no argument to make, so you accuse that person of being a racist. Typical for those that cannot win an argument and don't like what the winner has to say.
  14. No worries, there's plenty more to come....
  15. Now how did he know I was a Trump supporter????
  16. He can be Hollywood's replacement from the movie Mannequin.....
  17. Exactly. Jetsplayer does not seem to realize that both parties gave up something to make this come true. Fitz got less money than he wanted. Jets are not getting Fitz for 3 years like they wanted.
  18. He's not a bargain, not by any stretch. The fact is, the stupid sh*tbag should never be paid another thin dime from the Jets. He's too dumb. And here we go with you again constantly trying to argue. Listen, you have no argument. ALL of your arguments are laughable at best. Like I said, the ONLY thing saving Geno's roster spot right now is the possibility that Bryce Petty is not ready for the number 2 role. If he is? Geno is GONE....
  19. Yeah OK whatever, You damn well you were arguing with me when I said he was betting on himself months ago. Go check your posts you liar.
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