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  1. Geno is a BUM pure and simple. On top of that he definitely rides the short bus. Only a total dumb A$$ does the stupid sh*t he has done. He wrote his own death warrant in NY. What's worse is people making excuses saying how they can't coexist in NY??? Personally, I want Geno cut ASAP, but what is truly bad is posters claiming Geno can't coexist with Fitz when the truth is.... HE CAN'T COMPETE. If he could, he would have kept his sh*t for brains out of trouble last offseason and he would have WON the starting job in TC. Instead the f*cking dingbat goes out and gets his jaw broken. Bottom line here is Geno is dumber than dirt, and a lot of posters have the audacity to try and defend him and make excuses for him.
  2. Fitz really is a very down to earth, NICE guy at the end of the day. I have NO problem with him and I am ecstatic (the for the Jets sake) that he will be their starting QB this season. I also think it takes major cohunes to make this deal. Fitz is in fact betting on himself. He's betting that he will have another great season after essentially having 10 very bad seasons. That takes major balls. It also leaves me felling that come hell or high water we WILL get Fitz very best each and every Sunday.
  3. NOT HAPPENING??? Just like how you told me Fitz would NEVER bet on himself? You argued with me then and you have ultimately been proven wrong. so I suggest you check your wonderful predictions at the door, you have yet to be right once.
  4. I agree with all of tis and it really was on display in Buffalo. Although, I would normally think signing Matt Forte would make the Jets better because it gives Fitz MORE short passing options, That won't be the case this season. The OL is on it's way down IMO. Mac simply did not do anything for the OL when it was a unit that everyone knew needed to be tended to. I believe this obvious neglect will cost the team this season. I really don't think the blocking will be there for Fitz in the passing as well as Forte in the running game. The OL is where this season will ultimately go down the tubes.
  5. This was ultimately the solution that seemed like it would inevitably come to pass. BOTH parties gave up something here to get this contract done. Fitz wanted 15 million, he did not get it. The Jets wanted Fitz for 3 seasons, they did not get it. What I love about this is that Fitz is essentially BETTING ON HIMSELF and it is wonderful to see. He's saying to himself, "I know I am not going to get what I want in compensation. The first year of my potential contract was going to pay me 12 million any way. I need to decide, given the circumstances that I find myself in, what is the best solution for me individually? I KNOW with that supporting cast that I can put up good numbers for another season, and I still want to get paid. So I'll play for ONE season, prove myself AGAIN, and then I will be in the driver's seat next season. I will demand market value and I will get it". That is the MAN thing to do right there and I have nothing but respect for Fitz. He earned it last season, lets see if he can EARN it again. On the flipside, thank god Mac got this done. The alternative to having Fitz start would have been an outright DISASTER. Everyone knows Geno rides the short bus. It's not any secret. If Mac had actually allowed Geno to start this season, it would have started a firestorm of criticism like no other. This signing is as much about getting the Jets starter in camp as it was about Mac saving his own A$$. Going forward, there is only ONE question to be answered during TC.... Can Bryce Petty take over the backup job? Because if he can? Geno is f*cking GONE and nothing would please me more. I'm really not sure about that angle of things. But I will say this... Geno MAY actually get a chance to start this season, if Fitz goes down to injury. And I know one absolute to come out of that. Geno will play like SH*T once again. The guy sucks and the sooner people realize that, the sooner everyone will resign to the fact that he does NOT belong in NY.
  6. HOPE in one hand and SH*T in the other, see which one fills up faster..........
  7. Dude, I must compliment you.... I like your style, you seem to just tell it like it is.....
  8. You know this Fitz situation is aggravating me so much, I am beginning to think signing Foles might be a great solution for the time being. I he still getting paid by the Rams?? If that's the case, we might just get him rather cheap? And really, truth be told, I believe probably anyone is better than Geno. I just do NOT trust him in any way, shape, or form. I also tend to think Fitz might just have to get his A$$ back to the negotiating table before the Jets sign Foles and move on altogether from Fitz.
  9. It's because he sucks and he's afraid to step on the field so everyone will know.
  10. So what was he going to say? This QB situation is killing me?! I think I'm going to cry! My vagina hurts!!! Dumbest, most obvious article ever written... Why anyone would ever post this????????????
  11. That's coach speak for, "I hate this &*^(*&^ POS and I wish to god I could just CUT him once and for all!!!!"
  12. Geno is too dumb to under stand zeroes go on the right side of the number. He would mistakenly think that a $100,000,000 contract is actually $000,000,001. So he'll get ONE cent and he'll think he's rich...........
  13. There are TWO tragedies about to occur as a result of this.......... 1) Fitz is being a fool and he is hurting himself, probably forever. Each and every day he continues this hold out he is seriously diminishing his ability to help this team this season. Fitz is not a great QB. He MUST have coaching to be successful and he'll be progressively less and less effective for this season and potentially, end his career (if he holds out). 2) The Jets on the other hand is the main tragedy here. They lose Fitz and they will SUCK this season. Not that they would have been a whole better with Fitz, maybe two games but who knows. This will cause serious criticism to the Jets FO for screwing the pooch on this one. There are two very sad stories about to unfold. Take your pick on which one makes you the saddest....
  14. The CS has already passed the point of WONDERING if Geno can jump start the team if they are in a slump. The CS is well aware that Geno sucks and under NO circumstances will that ever change. They will NOT, and I repeat, will NOT, barring injury of course, EVER go back to Geno assuming Fitz resigns and starts the season. End of lesson.
  15. Haven't you figured it out yet?? Geno is a dirtbag. PERIOD. And encouragement doesn't work on him either, just in case that is what you are attempting to do. He's too dumb for that. I can imagine Geno has BARELY been trained enough by the CS to not sh*t on the floor. Get over it. Your hero is a chump. And I will win our bet just as arrogant as I can possibly be....
  16. See that's what you just don't get. I support the Jets no matter what also. I just don't believe in Geno Smith nor do I like him. After all the water under the bridge, I am done wanting to see him QB this team. I figure we'd be better off with any number of veterans or even rookies for that matter. But, yes, I will root for the JETS just like you and no different. I just know they will NOT do anything positive with Geno Smith.
  17. I see an awful lot of very heartfelt argument/banter back and forth. It's obvious to me that both sides are especially digging their heels in now. My take on this is very simple...... I believe Fitz gives us our best chance at winning. The amount of wins can be debated, but regardless I think Fitz gives us MORE wins than Geno ever would. Although I will freely admit that as time goes on the less and less I believe in what Fitz can do for us. Fitz is not a great QB, he's just our best option. But for him to be at his best, he MUST go through training camp and build those relationships and tendencies with his WR's. He must have Chan Gailey coaching him. As this whole ordeal moves into TC, the less and less time Fitz has to be coached. That could ultimately leave him more useless than Geno Smith. There's going to come a time when the Jets just have to make the decision to move on with Geno. I say that date should be Wednesday July 27th. If he hasn't signed by then, the Jets management just needs to give themselves and the fan base closure and announce they are going all in with Geno for better or worse. It is definitely worse.
  18. Well, it's very realistic at this point in time to think the Jets could be going into the season with Geno as the starter. God help us and the Jets. This just does not make any sense. Fitz is out of his mind if he doesn't accept the teams offer. There's no way he'll ever get even close to what the Jets are offering from another team. But like has been posted many times before, if this impasse stays on it's current trek, this has disaster written all over it for not only Fitz, but Jets management as well. This is not turning out to be a very good offseason at all.
  19. Just another chance he'll complete f*ck up. How anyone could possibly support this turd is beyond me? But I have an idea the players will do anything they are required to earn their paychecks, but make no mistake about it, they will NOT: 1) Respect Geno or 2) Build chemistry with the jack ass. The players have had their fill of Geno. The very same players that put on that Geno support face are the same players that are strenuous supporters for Ryan Fitzpatrick. ONLY when they were asked specifically confronted about supporting Geno, did they confess that they would support whoever was the QB. Not anywhere near the same level of support they are ready to give Fitz. Regardless, if he is given another chance? It's: 1) Something he clearly does not deserve based on his past performance 2) His behavior off the field has been deplorable. Certainly NOT any reason to give the POS another shot. The bottom line is he's only getting this chance because the front office sucks at getting QB talent. Geno has been rated as the all around worst QB in all of football 2 years running and that Idiot Mac cannot find a replacement for him.
  20. Can you make your points about Geno without calling him names. You don't know this kid personally and you are making rash judgements over one stupid incident. Which I believe none of us know whole story on. No, I cannot. I am also not making rash judgments based on one incident. It is based on several incidents, between how he speaks to the press, to assaulting old men, to getting popped in the jaw for stiffing a guy involved in a charity. This, on top of his already piss poor play, which seems to validate what I believe to be an extremely low IQ. Just watch the guy play. I certainly understand you do not think he is a pro level QB, due to his past performances. I disagree with you for all reasons I and others have stated about the circumstances he was thrown into. What reasons are you specifically thinking of? Please list them as we can easily debate the subject. I believe I will win. I expect you were and angel at his age and never screwed up or did things you would come to regret. Me, I was pretty much a young punk myself at his age. I was a gentleman but still thought I was all that, and a gift to life itself. Well, personally I am sure you wouldn't believe me, but quite frankly I do not care. I NEVER did anything even remotely as dumb as the stuff Mr. Smith has pulled. Sure, I was a young immature kid when I was his age in my own way. But NEVER did I ever pull any of the nonsense he has pulled. My misdeeds all involved cheating on my girlfriend, and ultimately losing her due to my infidelity. It's amazing how fast one can grow up from your early twenties into your mid-twenties. This is especially true, when you're around much more mature peers. Geno Smith has ALWAYS had a support system in place. He has always had veteran players that he could go to. I'm sure many a time veterans had conversations with veteran players advising him to change his attitude and shape up his behavior. Why would you even suggest he hasn't? Did he not have guys like Nick Mangold, Brick, Eric Decker, Mo Wilkerson among others to lean on if he had really wanted/needed advice? All you have to do is ask. What about Rex Ryan being there for him when he needed it? Marty Mornhinweg? Regardless, of what you may think about their coaching prowess, they would always made themselves available to him to make sure he doesn't o anything to hurt the organization. Or better yet, Todd Bowles was the HC when he got punched in the face for stiffing as guy over a charity. A CHARITY no less. Which in turn caused intense EMBARRASSMENT for my/your favorite team. He SHOULD have been cut right along with IK at the time of the incident. The ONLY reason why he is still on this team is because of the possible adverse salary cap ramification it would have caused. NOW? He's only on the team because the FO does not know whether they will get their presumptive starter back and if Bryce Petty is ready to take the next step. What's worse is that these incidents have come one right after the other displaying a pattern of bad behavior over time. You say it's amazing how much someone can grow up from their early twenties to their mid twenties? I tend to agree with that statement, but with Geno he seems to getting more and more immature as time goes on. Or maybe his true colors are coming out through time? Either way, I do not want to find out which one it is. So why don't you give the kid a break on the personal attacks and just continue to criticize him on his performances. Alright fltflo, you got it pal. It seems more and more likely as this stalemate between Mac and Fitz goes on that ultimately we COULD be looking at Geno Smith as our starter. You may very well get your wish to be able to evaluate him on his performance. But let me be the first to tell you how this will go. Geno Smith will exacerbate an already bad situation. He will have far more turnovers than touchdowns, he won't throw for any type of yardage number even close what Fitz did just last season in about 15 games. He will NOT develop chemistry with some of the very easiest players to build chemistry with in Marshall, Decker, and Powell among others. And most of all, because he is NOT a leader, he will never elevate the play of the other players in the huddle. He will never have their respect. The decision to start Geno will be the beginning of a tremendous backlash against the front office because the fan base wants/likes Ryan Fitzpatrick. For MOST of the fans, just like myself without being so outspoken about it, they have been down the road of seeing Geno play and quite frankly they feel as though was given multiple chances for which he never improved one iota.
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