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  1. I agree that come hell or high water, we must keep Snacks. He's homegrown talent that's deserving of being paid. Wilkerson, IMO, is far different. The guy just wants too much money. So I say the Jets can franchise him and get at least one more season. Williams is only 21 years old. Lets hope Williams can step up his game and make Wilkerson expendable. Personally, I do not want the Jets to meet Wilkerson's demands. As much as I love the guy his contract demands are just hot logical.
  2. Kelly is still sexy I see! Would love to see the Jets grab a great linebacker that can run sideline to sideline. That for me was the big weakness for this defense. However, I must say a real good offensive lineman? RG? RT? Oh boy would I love that. Draft that Gronkowski FB, resign Chris Ivory. Oh boy would our running b game suddenly explode. You think it's pretty good right now? Just see how good it could be if the Jets started to go all in with that strategy.
  3. He did bench him. In his presser after the Buffalo loss, he claimed it was because he wanted to rest him for the playoffs?! Can you believe that? He THOUGHT the Jets would win and make the playoffs. Sorry guys but Woody hired a lemon. Todd Bowles is just another sh*tty HC in the mold of Rich Kotite. I look at the very most important game of the season with the Jets on the cusp of making the playoffs and Todd Bowles sucked a fat one. I look at the mid part of the season when the Jets players seemed to be sleepwalking through games. They didn't listen to the HC, they were doing their own thing. I think it's a just a matter of time before the Jets are looking for another HC. Todd Bowles wasn't even very good particularly as rookie Head Coaches go. He has real motivation tactic issues. However, Mike MacCagnan at least I believe is a good GM. I hope Mike realizes that Bowles sucks sooner rather than later so the Jets can hire a real HC.
  4. Peyton is a stud. He's been the real deal for so many years now, what is it like 17 years??? But he's still a little lean in the SB department as far as I'm concerned. Been to what 3 and only won one? I really want to see Denver win not only from the standpoint that they beat NE, but also doesn't everyone like to see David beat Goliath? That's what I see is a Carolina that's all but invulnerable. Way better than the rest of the league. I also want to see Manning retire as a champion. He deserves it.
  5. Idzik's 2014 draft is right up there. The guy squandered 13 picks for Christ sake. That's raising screwing the HC and the fan base to an art form.
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