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  1. I'll answer these without you having to waste your time watching TC: 1) Yeah, right. Taiwan Jones SUCKS and he'll never replace David Harris. 2) We do NOT have a TE on this team. We didn't have one last year either, so what makes you think we'll have one this season? Amaro may have been injured last season, but he's still not a TE anyway. If anything he's another bum. 3) Get the hell out. He's a John Idzik pick, so what the hell else could you be thinking? SAME goes for Dee Milliner. 4) The Jets still need a RB regardless of how Robinson turns out. They will be getting one sooner rather than later. Matt Forte does not have much left in the tank. 5) Catapano has a long ways to go before he'll ever contribute.
  2. I am not debating that Marshall and Decker are great, but they needed depth and IMO, unless we see something miraculous from Charone Peake, they didn't do enough at WR. Enunwa is probably the third WR and he cannot catch the ball. Forte is an excellent RB, but how is he going to gain yardage with this OL? Running the ball is a team effort and I just don't believe they are good enough up front to utilize Forte. Not to mention, they needed to draft a RB so they didn't have to rely on FA to get decent RB's.
  3. Most of all the OL. Mac completely ignoring the need at OL is inexcusable. Yeah, sure he drafted Shell in the 5th round and mortgaged our future in the meantime. But the guy still doesn't make a damn bit of difference in the short term and he'll never be a starter. The OL is where I believe this season will go disastrously wrong. TE - Not drafting a real live TE and not some H back chump in Jace Amaro was also a major need that was ignored. In other words, what lays ahead is collectively two seasons completely ignoring TE passing options, essentially making the passing game ONE dimensional. Besides that WR, FB, RB Mac pretty much ignored any needs on the offensive side of the ball in the last draft. That is inexcusable and it will certainly cost this team THIS season.
  4. Nobody gives a f*ck about 4 tainted championships. The fact is, Brady folded up like a cheap suit in the face of the big game. Fitz did the very same thing in the Buffalo game. Is it convenient for you to attack me, rather than face the facts?
  5. You're lying to yourself. Face it Geno Smith is a pea brained POS like no other. Fitz is the PROBABLE starter come day 1 and it is well deserved.
  6. This team SUCKS this season and their record will clearly define that. This team is just another sh* t team winning about 5 or 6 games in 2016 and is a laughingstock. When that happens you can blame Mac. He sucks as a GM.
  7. Excuses, Excuses..... The fact is Brady folded up like a lawn chair in the Denver game JUST LIKE FITZ IN THE BUFFALO GAME.
  8. You might want to learn how to read. My first post in this thread very clearly says Todd Bowles should have cut/traded the bad apples. So before you try to indict one of my posts you ought to know WTH you are talking about.
  9. I think the writer could be splitting hairs claiming that the Rams have the best DL. The Rams are very good, no doubt, but the Jets are a very close second, if not right there with the Rams.
  10. So go ahead. Trust him. What you view as being good for you, I support. However, there's no unreasonableness with my post. Bill Parcells came into this organization fresh off a 1-15 campaign under probably the worst HC in Jets history. He instantly took the reigns and there was never even so much as a whimper of needing things like "senior councils". The whole idea is just a guy that's probably in over his head trying to simplify things for himself.
  11. I say YES. Fitz is head and shoulders better than any QB the Jets have on the roster and still miles better than that bag of sh*t that Geno is. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very intelligent guy, but he is NOT stupid. Turning down 12 million this season would be called STUPIDITY. It isn't going to happen.
  12. A link is not needed. The CS deciding to go with an injured Fitz over a completely healthy tells you all you need to know. The CS trusts an injured journeyman over Geno.
  13. You mean like Brady did against the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship?
  14. The idea of a "senior council" is complete stupidity. If Todd Bowles truly had control of his organization he wouldn't need a senior council, short of that he would cut/trade all of the bad apples.. The point is a good HC will never allow players to step out of line in the first place. If Todd Bowles is so much like Bill Parcells, like every one here likes to think, Bowles (just like Parcells) would already have total control of the organization. After all, it's been more than a season since Todd Bowles took the reigns. This is just more evidence that Todd Bowles is doing a poor job of coaching this team.
  15. The answer is YES. Is Ryan Fitzpatrick a truly great QB? The answer is NO. But he is miles better than Geno Smith in terms of QB statistics and he IS a leader. The metamorphosis that this team went through last season under the leadership provided by Ryan Fitzpatrick was nothing short of amazing. The resulting chemistry is something I hadn't seen from the Jets offense since like 2010. Geno, on the other hand, has never built chemistry with any one teammate since being drafted. He had Eric Decker and did not build chemistry with him at all. Granted, he didn't have a lot of talent to work with, but I would be fine with Geno if he had shown some glimmer of hope. That is something I have never seen from him even once. Now, with all the nonsense having been popped in the jaw? It's simply too much for any honorable onlooker to tolerate. I am done with him and I am firm in that stance. Fitz, assuming he resigns, should be an excellent bridge to one of Mac's prospects. I believe he can give the organization respectability in the meantime.
  16. This article just points out what everyone already knew. The OL is VERY suspect this season. I figure this unit will cost us respectability this season. Mac did nothing to fix this very obvious problem. As far as I am concerned, the failure this team will suffer through this season is ALL Mac's fault. He sucks as a GM.
  17. WOW. I would never have thought this would happen so soon. He certainly didn't look 67 to me? RIP. THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! AND WE LET THEM OFF THE HOOK.
  18. I am not contradicting myself at all. 10 wins in 2015 is a winning record, falling short of the playoffs. But I caution people thinking this team is ready for great things when the fact is, they never really had any capability measuring competition in 2015. This season? This season is the true measuring stick. because despite all of you wanting to so desperately trip me up. I will tell you one statement that covers what any objective person to this situation would say: In order to beat the best, you have to PLAY the best. Last season they did not play the best, not by a long shot. THIS season, on the other hand, is about trying to beat some of the very best teams from last season. But what I see YOU doing is rearranging your priorities so it's easier for you to accept the Jets failures...... I say that believing they will not equal their 10-6 record from 2015. This is lame at best. Why not WANT and EXPECT the very best from the team you root for? Or better yet, let me ask you... Do you think it's OK to always finish 17th in the league or worse? because the fact is, I have a major problem with it, and you should to.
  19. Well, I appreciate your optimism although I do not share your warm, fuzzy view. I have nothing to point to in the line of evidence to say it, but common sense can take you a long way in life. If you want to criticize what I am saying, go to it. Like I said, I have no evidence whatsoever to back it up. Just a really strong intuition. Most of the NYJ fan base HATES Geno Smith. I do not have an official poll to rely on, but I would bet money (if there were any way it could be determined) that MOST of the fan base has a strong dislike for players that not only play like sh*t after they've been given multiple shots to get it right, but they also irritate teammates through ignorance so much that they end up getting their jaw broken. That is called stupidity to the enth degree. It is also the very opposite of ANYTHING resembling a leader. Jets fans are intelligent enough to know how to identify someone who simply has been a failure, is no longer deserving of another opportunity, is IGNORANT, etc. They simply want to see him get cut........And rightfully so I might add. The polar opposite solution to that is to go with a guy that merely wants to try and get top compensation for his services. Personally, I have no problem with Fitz attempting to get the best deal for him and his family. That's the smart thing to do given how much time he has left to play. Besides that, you have ZERO problems in reference to leadership or performance for that matter. Fitz numbers from 2015 were night and day better than anything Geno has ever done and that is a fact that cannot be debated. Now, if you want to point to the Buffalo game where Fitz pretty much folded up? well, I would point to the Buffalo Geno played in 2014. What was that? Like 3 interceptions in one quarter??? Geno very clearly takes the cake in terms of failure. Now, if you want to continue this Fitz/Geno debate? Go get yourself into a debate with Mike MacCagnan or Todd Bowles. They not only see things exactly the way I do, but they are the people in charge. The buck stops with them.
  20. You need to start listening better.. Or better yet don't even respond to my posts you don't seem to be smart enough to be able to read between the lines.
  21. Being a Jets fan has always been my thing. For you to question that shows how little you know. I always root for the team and YES, I tend to get very picky about the players. Don't like it? Don't read my posts. But most of all, I want what is best for the NYJ and under no circumstances will Geno Smith EVER be what is best for the team. Fitz on his worst day is far better than Geno could ever hope to be.
  22. Well, I WILL blame MacCagnan. There's no excuse for not getting the guy that played QB the best since Brett Favre was here. Especially when the going market rate for a veteran starting QB is around 18 million per season. Even more so no excuses when you consider Fitz was willing to play for less than 18 million per season. What will anger everyone even more is GENO starting. They'll see that stupid f*ck running out on the field, doing his best impression of a turnover machine, turning multiple positive plays into negative ones. They'll also be angry to begin with because they wanted so badly to see Geno Smith get cut altogether. Quite frankly, that's a pretty long list of reasons that are legitimate. Those are reasons just about everyone will see in the NY papers and it will make their blood pressure go through the roof.
  23. He'd still be an idiot if decided to retire. It's not like he wouldn't be there for his kids. He always expected to play this season anyway.
  24. You ARE what your record says you are. If we go 6-10 it means we SUCK. It means we are just another sh*t team with a top ten pick. Try and spin this all you want, but 6-10 means you are a pathetic f*cking loser bottom feeder. I will freely admit Mac has done a better job of adding talent than Tanny or Idzik did, but once again that isn't saying anything. And if you go 6-10 it means you added sh*t for talent. It means you did NOTHING right, especially after you won 10 games the prior year, because the expectations always go up, they NEVER go down. Mac also did NOTHING to aid an OL that was already very sketchy to begin with. The OL will be the area where the Jets start losing many games this season. And NO, I do not think this team is headed in the right direction. I think Mac/Bowles is just another pathetic tandem of Terry Bradway and Herm Edwards quite frankly.
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