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  1. WTH does this have to do with the NYJ??????????????
  2. You can only say that because we just came off a season where we played probably the easiest schedule in Jets history. We won 10 games against a bunch of bottom feeders - not exactly a great accomplishment. However, most Jets fans, including you, seem to think it is some sort of great feat. It isn't. Lets see what this team will do against probably about 9 playoff teams this season. The Jets average beating ONE team with a winning record per season over the last two seasons. Now, all of a sudden you think the Jets are going to beat MULTIPLE teams with winning records? I say BS. Like I posted many times already, this team is not anywhere near as good as most posters here think. I figure they'll win about 6 games this season with Fitz. About 4 games with Geno. They are not a very good team and haven't been for a long time now. I also do not think Mac is doing any good this team. He did a nice job spending 50 million dollars on free agents, but I could have just as easily done that. That's no great feat. Mac SUCKED in the draft this season and I don't see many (probably 2) making any contributions this season. Winning only 6 games will certainly prove that and that is all due to Mac's incompetence.
  3. I figure if he signs Fitz and the team still fails Mac would be fine. The fans won't complain about a roster full of potential QB's that are still yet to be seasoned and ready. Because he has loaded up on young talent at QB, the fan base will understand he didn't need to pull a deal to get a veteran in town, he already landed one in Fitz. Mac will likely look even better if he's the one that cuts Geno Smith. I know the fans have been waiting for that to happen for some time now.
  4. I never said he was sitting around and goofing off, but ultimately what he is doing is not improving the team. I figure this team is going to win about 6 games this season. All of the blame for a season like that should fall on Mac. He's the one that put the team together as it is currently comprised.
  5. This is ludicrous. Fitz is 33 and really only has a few years left to play football. If he opts to retire right now, he'd be leaving approximately 24 million on the table. DUMB move. I do not believe Fitz is dumb. At this point, I am beginning to believe that anything is possible about Fitz retiring, but I still do not believe it makes any sense. In fact, it makes ZERO sense. He should sign the deal already, it's time for Fitz to stop playing charades and report to work.
  6. Well, he's going to have to reduce his asking price. Both parties need each other. If the parties opt to divorce? BOTH parties turn to sh*t in the end. Fitz' career will be all over. Mac and Bowles will find themselves embroiled in controversy as to why they did not sign Fitz. This criticism will ultimately lead to their dismissal later on down the road. The controversy now will be so severe that any little mistake they make later on will cost them their jobs.
  7. The window for the Jets has already closed with this group of players. The offense was horrendously bad up until last season, they never had a franchise QB, but most of all the Jets have leadership. Going forward they will not win a championship because most of the Jets talent base is over the age of 30 and Mac is dragging his feet with adding talent to surround guys like Mo, Revis, Harris, etc. What's even worse is Mac did NOTHING to improve an already sketchy OL. This season everyone will see that this teams window has been closed for some time. In fact, after this season I'd imagine they would at least have to rebuild part of the roster.
  8. The very most OVERRATED player in the NFL right now is DARRON LEE...
  9. Just another limitation of Mac's genius solution at linebacker. Trust me, there will be may more to come. This is just a blown pick, we could have just as easily trained another big Safety to do what the CS has planned for Darron Lee. A complete waste of time and the beginning of the end of the Jets front office. Note to Woody Johnson: Start looking at replacements for the current front office.
  10. The context says that Geno Smith sucks as a QB, he's a punk off the field, and he has a brain the size of a pea. All of that is FACT and Geno supporters ( I truly find the whole idea to be laughable at best) had better get used to it.
  11. What you just posted is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even remotely be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this board is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.
  12. What do you think by getting emotional in your post that Fitz is going to read it, feel bad that your upset, and suddenly sign???!! Hold your breath and see how soon that happens...
  13. This article pretty much hits the nail on the head. Oh, let me see......... Accept the Jets offer and get almost two and a half times as much as I played for in 2015 or sit out of football, get nothing, RETIRE, and never play a down of football when I am 33 years old already????? There simply is not any logic in taking the retirement route. And YES, making that choice would make Fitz as DUMB as Geno Smith himself and I cannot even fathom anyone possibly being as dumb as Geno Smith. That would make Fitz the Harvard grad with the 5 cent brain. Fitz does not have any other paths to getting what he wants for money. He MUST accept the Jets offer and he MUST accept that offer by July 27 or I figure that offer will be removed forever.
  14. Mo not signing was never in play. Even if Mo hadn't signed a long term deal, he would have ultimately signed the franchise tender. Either way Mo would never have sat out. Although I love what Fitz did for the offense last season, make no mistake about it, he should NOT consider himself to be anywhere near how important Mo is. Mo is 26 and at the top of his game. You can build your defense around him. Fitz, on the other hand, has never been anything better than a journeyman up until last season. Based on last season, and last season solely, he is considered to be a great stop gap. He's the guy that we can use UNTIL we find that ever elusive franchise QB. However, Fitz days are numbered as our QB. We cannot think we'll have Fitz putting up 35 touchdowns and 10 interceptions for the next 10 seasons. Fitz is 33 and I figure based on his reckless style that he'll be in the league maybe another 5 seasons at the most and certainly not at the kind of production he put out in 2015. But I will tell you right now, and I have nothing to point to as proof, just a really good intuition, that if Mac goes with Geno, dumps Fitz, and Geno starts being the normal idiot he has always been with the football? Mac would essentially be putting his job on the line. If this guy wants to last in NY, he's better get Fitz to sign. That's the ONLY solution to this rather precarious position he finds himself in.
  15. There is no CONTEXT you can put Geno Smith's stats in.... He SUCKS pure and simple. He's also probably DUMBER than Ryan Leaf and only very slightly more talented. Face it....he's DOOMED.
  16. Well, if Mo's deal killed any Fitz deal in play, then it simultaneously KILLED Mac as well.
  17. The Jets defense ranked 4th in overall defense just last season. So what kind of improvement do you think that makes this team this season? They will go DOWN in overall defense this season. Todd Bowles is a terrible HC and you will see this linebacking corp overhauled 18 times or no NEVER win this team a SB. NEVER.
  18. Mac is trying to save face. The simple fact is this team will suck this season and Mac knows it. On top of that, he could quite possibly screw the pooch in reference to Ryan Fitzpatrick and that will surely put him in the crosshairs of just about every Jets fan a few pathetic dingbats aside. Like has been mentioned in so many words many times before, if the Jets suffer through a losing season, and they will, regardless of Fitz is their QB or not. AND Mac decides to let Fitz go permanently??? Then Geno starts playing like the total POS he's always been? Mac is on his way OUT. He just signed his own f*cking death warrant.
  19. You think one small fry linebacker constitutes OVERHAULING the LB position??????
  20. Don't like it? Well, I guess I'm happy to be back then.....
  21. Mac SUCKS as a GM. It basically took him a f*cking lifetime to sign Mo - an excellent players and one you can build your defense around. This team will SUCK this season and that's because Mac SUCKED in the draft. WHEN is everyone going to understand that when the Jets have a LOSING record/bad seaon that is a DIRECT indictment on the GM?
  22. Fitzpatrick supporters OWN Geno supporters. Geno is a dingbat from hell. Fitzpatrick is 100% BETTER than sh*thead Geno will ever be.
  23. WTH are you doing bringing this guff on the site? I thought you loved Geno Smith?
  24. What facts am I ignoring you idiot???? You're the dumb ass that CLAIMS the Jets beat two team with a winning record last season. Only in your tiny little brain did they beat a second winning team. They beat ONE team with a winning record - that's the FACT. And yes, the NYJ had the easiest schedule I think I have ever seen them have. But once again, RYAN FITZPATRICK won 10 games against those easy teams - FACT. This is also something Geno Smith could NEVER do - FACT. So shove your delusions right up your ass, the best QB the NYJ could possibly have in 2016 is Ryan Fitzpatrick and no one else.
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