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  1. But the NYJ, in particular, NEVER beat winning teams and that fact has been proven over and over again over the last 5 or so years. Just look at their record against winning teams...
  2. Good post. This is definitely a make or break year for him. Because the "honeymoon" period was in full swing is the only reason he got away with that sh*t pie he coached in Buffalo. Many other games in the middle part of the season where the team seemed to be sleepwalking, like what Bowles was teaching them was going in one ear and right out the other. Those are major concerns going forward. I don't believe anyone would have signed on with Bowles if they knew he was just another Herm Edwards and that is certainly what it seems like. If he's attempting to pass off as a Parcells guy, he needs to start showing it NOW. Right now, I see no similarities whatsoever. But even faster Mac could sign his and Bowles death warrant if they decide to march Geno out on the field this season. The very second he starts being a dumb sh*t with the football, the fans will go off on the front office.
  3. Ugh....10 games last season, 3905 yards passing 15 INT, 31 TD, he also brought this offense together. These are all things Geno Smith could NEVER do. NEVER. So crawl back in your hole. NO ONE will ever support bringing Geno back unless the Jets somehow cannot sign Fitz. Even then, after this season, he's GONE.
  4. I called in the other day and they asked that I call back in a month as they will have a lot more at their disposal when I call back. I'm fine with it. I'll fight the good nonsense battle in a month.
  5. Best case scenario the patsies will be 6-2 at the half way point...
  6. Geno Smith SUCKS. He's a pathetically sh*tty player that does every stupid thing one right after the other. He's so f*cking DUMB, that I'm sure the Jets have all they can do just to prevent Geno from sh*tting on the floor. On top of all of this, he has gotten multiple chances under the Jets with a very good HC in Rex Ryan and a great OC in Marty Morninweg. And true to form, he SUCKED every time. Geno does not build chemistry with anyone on the field, he never has, and he's had chances with some decent WR's like Harvin, Decker, Holmes. I will be ecstatic when Geno is finally cut.
  7. OMG, Marisa Tomei makes me stand up like the statue of liberty every time I see that movie. What a f*cking babe.....
  8. He was a stiff in that last game. Rex made him look like a retard. And really, although no one cares to admit it, this is very concerning moving forward. How many more of these blonde moments is Bowles going to have? What kind of intelligence are we looking at from our HC when we are in a very tight game that could decide our playoff lives?
  9. In other words, he made no in game or second half adjustments. What does that tell you when everyone else can see crystal clear what needed to be done and the dingbat HC can't figure it out?
  10. OK, well being that we are talking fantasy here.... If the Jets go 5-4, through their first 9, they will finish up 12-4, have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, they will beat every opponent they face 100-0 on their way to hoisting the Lombardi.....
  11. The Jets are not going to go 5-4 over their first 9. They are simply not good enough. They do not have the level of talent that our opponents have. The HC and GM are simply not good enough to face these foes and out strategize them. Throwing everything into consideration, I figure objectively the Jets are looking at about maybe 6 wins this season. It's going to be a down year.
  12. The HC that wins the game is always viewed as the superior HC. Rex swept Bowles that makes him the better HC. Now, will that always be the case? I don't know, but I don't think Bowles will ever improve. That's my personal viewpoint. I think he's just another retread in a long list of idiots that plays not to lose. For me, Todd Bowles is Herm Edwards with a little better clock management skills. I don't believe he'll ever win a SB with the Jets. I don't believe he'll ever even take the Jets to the SB. That's because Mac is not holding up his end of the bargain. Mac is also not anything special as GM's go. He is a marginal talent evaluator at best. He pretty much did NOTHING to improve this team over the offseason. The Jets are going to have a losing record and they will not make the playoffs. Mac's job is to improve this each and every year until they win a SB. That's why you hire a GM. When the Jets suffer through a losing season it will be because Mac did not do his job. In reference to your first sentence, I really don't know what you're talking about. Your initial response to me I never saw until I got back from work.
  13. Because jobs are at stake and the fans want to THINK the Jets can win a lot of ball games. I know based on their schedule, financial constraints, and what little Mac actually did acquiring talent that the Jets are not going to win many games. But most fans are always suckers for the green and white. Like most of the idiots on this site, there's NEVER any thing that the Jets can do wrong. They'll always be sure to police my speech. But the fact is, the perception is 9/10 of reality. The fans see a great guy like Ryan Fitzpatrick that managed bring the team together, he created camaraderie like had never been seen when Geno was ruining this team, the overall metamorphosis of this team was truly marvelous. The fans are sold on the fact that know Fitz played well for the team. They know the same set of characters is still here for Fitz to utilize. They know Fitz is a guy their kids can look up to. Most of all, what they know is that Geno never did any of those things. They believe he never will. With that said, if the front office opts to go into the regular season with Geno as the starter they would be committing career suicide. They would suffer through a firestorm of criticism like they've never seen. The fans would go off on Mac and Bowles for burning Fitz and making the Jets team suffer. Personally, for ME, I have been done with Geno since the end of year 2. He's truly the athletic kid with a 10 cent brain. He will NEVER get this game between the ears. He will NEVER elevate the level of play of the surroundings players when he enters the huddle. He will continue to do sh*t for brains things off the field like getting bitch slapped for stiffing a fellow player of a measly $600 for charity no less. He will NEVER be a leader. Therefore, I do not want him on the team at all. I want him gone as soon as feasible.
  14. And GENO is?! Geno sucks far worse and he's already gotten several chances. On top of that, he's got the all around intelligence of a turnip. Geno should NEVER see the field for the NYJ again, and if it wasn't for Petty developing so slowly, Geno would have been CUT long ago.
  15. Geno SUCKS and anyone with two eyes and an IQ above a turnip can readily tell. Fitz is by far and away a MUCH better QB than Geno will ever be. Even with money involved, I am completely content with the Jets making Fitz eventually their starter.
  16. Mark Sanchez SUCKED and was just a bad pick, SAME as Darron Lee....
  17. This could also be understood as him having "NO instincts" for playing linebacker. I mean, really? This guy played a in pro style defense his entire career at Ohio State under one the best Head Coaches in the nation and he doesn't understand?
  18. Oh, and one other thing....... The Jets had an absolutely TIT schedule last season. There was hardly any decent teams on that schedule. Quite frankly, looking back on their schedule they SHOULD have won at least 12 games in my estimation. Really Buffalo should have been a walk in the park. Rex did not have the defense dialed up last season like he had every season with the Jets.
  19. Not 100%. Ryan Fitzpatrick also could NOT handle that wind. Revis was injured. Bilal Powell was injured and I think that probably the biggest factor as to why the Jets lost the game, was no short passing options for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Todd Bowles controls the players, the strategy, the roster (active and inactive) on a weekly basis. Going into that game and allowing Revis to play off Watkins, not giving Chris Ivory many more touches, and consistently allowing playcalls that called for Fitz to throw long passes into that wind, was stupidity and the overall debacle falls completely on Todd Bowles. He's just not a very good HC and it was on full display during the final game of the season.
  20. That was one factor - taking advantage of an injured Revis.
  21. Who won the game???????????? Who gets credit for that win????????????
  22. Swept the season series, went 2-0, but most of all he stopped the Jets from making the playoffs. Now, I know that hurts you so bad, but personally I would rather tell it like it is. Todd Bowles was a rookie HC that got consistently outcoached by our former Jets HC. His ranking of 22nd in the league is actually too high, he should be right below Adam Gase.
  23. I was in Hawaii for most of last season, so I canceled my NFL Sunday ticket. I guess that means that even though I have been a DirecTV customer for 14 years, I would get treated like a NEW customer when I call in to order this season? We soon shall see.....
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