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  1. How simplistic can we get? The HC with more determination and better coaching strategy WINS. In this case, Todd Bowles was b*tch slapped by several other coaches throughout the season, most of all by one Rex Ryan with the playoffs on the line. That constitutes approximately the 22nd ranked (or lower) HC in the league.
  2. Very well said Warfish. Quite frankly, I am so done with all of this racist accusation crap that now I don't even acknowledge it, I just criticize where I see fit. Geno Smith had EVERY opportunity and he did NOTHING with those opportunities. But for whatever reason, most of the pro Geno crowd is too dense to realize that when you were already given a two year stint to show something as a QB and he was the VERY lowest rated QB both years, or you caused major embarrassment for your employer, those are grounds for being FIRED. Hence the reason, I (and you I would imagine) want Geno CUT. In ANY other workplace if you had pulled the same nonsense as Geno has with the NYJ, you would have FIRED long ago. That's a fact. Now, if that makes me a racist? GREAT, I'll wear my white suit proudly....
  3. Well, I must hand it you, you were thoughtful in your response. But the fact still remains, and I don't care if you think I am lacking objectivity, Geno SUCKS. Everyone knows it, including YOU, so why not just acknowledge it? On top of that, on a personal level, he's a F*cking punk? How is that NOT objective of the facts? His play was, IN FACT, the very lowest of all starting QB's in the league two years running, AND he did something off the field that caused very serious embarrassment for the NYJ. So you tell me sir, how am I NOT being completely objective about the situation? The fact is, he EARNED his insults. And BTW, stop thinking there's any scenario where the team is "making out" by starting Fitz and saving money over Geno. That's not how COACHING TENURES work. If you want to keep your job, you try to win EVERY, SINGLE game you possibly can. FITZ gives us our best chance at winning, Geno doesn't. That's crystal clear common sense....
  4. I am ecstatic that it's only one game. This is great. I really thought it would be more. Sheldon will coming in week 2 in good shape and ready, unlike last season. GREAT.
  5. Do I need to repeat myself? Once again, if he is as good as you claim he is, money would be no object. EVERY team in the NFL is dying to have that next Peyton Manning on their team. That's common sense, dingbat.
  6. Here's my 3...... 1) Ryan Fitzpatrick will return to a ONE year deal BEFORE the 1st day of training camp. 2) Matt Forte will NOT lead the league in yards from scrimmage and it will not be his fault. I just think the OL will let the offense down in a big way this season. The right side is very suspect. 3) The Jets will have a losing record and not make the playoffs. Their schedule is the horrid I think I have ever seen the Jets have. I do not believe they will even win a game until week 8. there will be a bunch of reasons as to why. 4) Oh, and Darron Lee is hardly a blip on the radar. he can cover the wheel route when he has protection from the DL, but he cannot play outside or even be the pass rusher everyone thinks.
  7. Yeah, I saw that on NFL network yesterday and quite frankly I think that's a little flattering for him. Bowles only has one season under his belt and thus far I find him to be about the same as Herm Edwards with better clock management skills. He plays not to lose much like Herm did. He's got a LOT to learn. But look......... People had to know there would have been a drop off in coaching acumen after Rex Ryan left, right? I mean you guys don't honestly believe you were hiring an instant genius in the mold of Bill Parcells right the Assistant ranks? If you did, you're a fool. Not managing to get the Jets into the playoffs when the opposition had nothing to play for was inexcusable. A truly good HC would have willed that team to victory, especially when you consider the team had momentum in the 4th quarter and had closed within 2 points and in the red zone.
  8. Where are getting this from? That doesn't make any sense. I always want what is best for NYJ. FITZ is what is best for the NYJ in 2016. I don't see Kenny O'Brien knocking down the door, so we'll just have to go with who is best and in our midst. That is Fitz, By no circumstance is it ever going to be Geno. Geno SUCKS and anyone that watches the games should know that. Fitz, on the other hand, played surprisingly well last season. If Geno starts, all we'll be doing is going right down the same sh*thole that we did the last two seasons Geno started. He had his chance and he's an idiot with the football and a f*cking punk.
  9. It's NEVER too late for the Jets to sit down with Ryan Fitzpatrick and work out a deal suitable for both sides. Both parties need each other.
  10. You knew I meant Amaro, get over yourself....
  11. He needs to put some pounds on. I'm tired of this H back gimmick BS, I want the real deal TE. The guy that can block in the running game even when the defense knows that the offense is going to run and the guy that can catch passes. Jace Amaro SUCKS. Zach Sudfeld is easily a more complete TE than Sudfeld will ever be..
  12. So he got his chance and he BLEW it, not only on the field but also off the field....
  13. DUMB. Purely DUMB. If that was the case they would not be saving the starting spot for Fitz and Fitz alone. And to suggest that Gailey prefers Geno over Fitz is beyond absurd.....
  14. Total joke to even mention such an outlandish claim. The Jets have almost nothing on offense. They have a very old OL that is due to fall off the map, they have ZERO depth at OL, they do not have a TE, they lack depth in a big way at WR, they need a FB, they need better coaching, the list goes on and on. A QB would automatically make this team much better, but it will not push them over the top.
  15. Disagree all you want, and I don't believe this one single action will cause Mac/Bowles to lose their jobs, but it WILL be a firestorm of criticism that they ill not soon live down. ANYTHING else that they mess up will be multiplied 100 times and they will simultaneously bring up the Fitz situation. The honeymoon period where they can do no wrong will be OVER, PERMANENTLY. This one move could make their careers in NY pure, 100% hell.
  16. It makes too much sense to ignore changing the base to a 4-3. That's the only way Bowles can get all of their D linemena out on the field all at once and it also makes their small fry linebacker relevant. In a 3-4, You cannot all those great D linemen out there doing what they do best and small fry gets eaten alive. If Bowles is too dumb or stubborn (take your pick) as to stick with a 3-4 base? then he deserves to lose his job or finally pull his head out of his A$$ and use his guys in the way they are best suited.
  17. LOL I'm proud of you. If I were Scottish I would wear a kilt very proudly also.
  18. He doesn't have to raise the offer. The only thing Mac has to do to sweeten the offer and persuade Fitz to sign is to offer Fitz a ONE year deal at the same 8 million. Fitz still has to accept far less than what he wants, BUT he still gets to play one season with a good supporting cast and then he can shop himself in FA next year. That alone should do it IMO.
  19. It's not Fitz that's taking them down, what are you talking about? It's the situation. It wouldn't matter who the hell the good QB is, the point is they had a good QB and they CHOSE to go with the sh*thead that no one liked.
  20. Truthfully I think you're right, regardless of what happens this season with the QB, Mac/Bowles are safe in their jobs. But it WILL start a firestorm of sh*t and criticism like no other. This WILL be a PR disaster for them. The honeymoon will be over and most people will have Mac/Bowles in their cross hairs. And ANYTHING else wrong that they do will be multiplied ten fold and the Fitz will continue to be brought up. Look, I think Fitz will be resigned eventually. Fitz is not dumb. 8 million is the offer that's on the table and he's not going to turn down a 400% raise from last season, but if by chance he doesn't? I'm telling you right now Mac/Bowles will find their experience in NY to be nothing short of HELL once the fans start teeing off on the front office.
  21. Well, you can claim that all you want, but the rest of NY fans won't care. In their minds (and mine), Geno already got his shot. When he played he SUCKED. I'm done with him as are many others for more reasons than his poor play. If the Jets resign Fitz and start him? It doesn't matter what happens. Even if they won a measly 5 games, all the fans will know that the Jets fielded their best players. If you put Geno on the field, the fans will be pissed.
  22. I loved the Buddy Ryan style. Loved watching the Bears defense crush the patsies and later watching the Eagles become a major foe. Rex Ryan IMO was saddled with terrible GM's here in NY. They were cheap jerks that couldn't pick talent to save their lives. It was bad GM's that cost Rex his job in NY. If you gave this guy the talent, he would make something of it.
  23. I would feel bad about it, but what you're forgetting is that doesn't matter. So long as the Jets field their best players, then all the fans believe Mac/Bowles did the best they could. If Geno starts and the team sucks and wins only 4 or 5 games, the fans are going to tee off on the front office for allowing Fitz to get away.
  24. No, it's not. If Geno starts, it's because he's the best besides Fitz, so the jets opt to start Geno. Geno sucks as a QB and he will only win about 4 or 5 games, but the Jets will view Geno as their best option for potentially winning given all the other QB's on the team. Therefore, they would continue to stick with Geno thus completing that 5 win season.
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