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  1. I don't disagree with most of what you are saying. I do think New Yorkers in general find Fitz much more tasteful because he's an intelligent guy, people feel as though he could be viewed as a role model for their children, he was legitimately a good QB last season, and most of all, he's NOT Geno Smith. It is for those reasons they want Fitz and the vast majority of Jets fans, adults and children alike, do not want anything to do with Geno Smith. But you also bring up another reason for the potential start of Geno to come back to bite Mac/Bowles in the A$$. If Geno starts and he starts playing like he always did? They will heavily criticize the decision to start Geno and burn Fitz. They will simultaneously start heavily criticizing Mac/Bowles for not trading Mo when they had the chance. Whether or not it's true, is not important, they will still criticize Mac's inability to trade a premier player in his prime for something more than a 3rd round compensatory pick. EVERYONE knows he's worth at least a 2nd rounder in this last draft. I personally believe he's worth a 1st given his age and statistics, but it seemed like Mac could not find a buyer given Mo's expectations in the line of a contract, but for a 2nd everyone would think he should have been able to trade him. That's just adding more fuel to the criticism of the current front office. The honeymoon will DEFINITELY be over.
  2. Well, I also think it proves that they were criticizing what I like because they simply do not like me. They don't like what I have to say about the team. And really isn't that a role reversal? I think I stated in one of my first posts that I was going to remain positive. They had to have known this information about Newcastle, I knew it a long time ago. But yet they still went after me and the things that I truly enjoy in life. More than likely, because they were grasping at straws. At the end of the day, what I posted is the absolute 100% truth. ALL beer is a carcinogen, that's a FACT. The other cancer causing agent that Newcastle used to use is out of the equation for a while now. MANY beers, not just Newcastle have a touch of formaldehyde as it keeps beer from skunking during travel. Those are the facts. So, yes, if you like Newcastle? Drink up...
  3. I'm not denying any of this, and truthfully Mac and Bowles job probably would not be lost as a result of starting Geno, but it would start a fire storm of sh*t and criticism that would not soon go away. If they mess up again? They would still be talking about their gaffe pertaining to Fitz. It would probably be one of the main reasons why they got fired whenever that happened. It would most certainly change peoples opinions of them right now. The honeymoon would certainly be over and people would start to tee off on their every move.
  4. Fitz very clearly gives us our best chance at winning in 2016. If the CS decides to go with Geno Smith jobs will be on the line with that decision. I, for one, object to the idea of having Geno Smith. He has been given multiple chances for which he sucked each and every time. He also did something very stupid that caused a lot of embarrassment for my favorite team. This current FO should not have any loyalty to the creep. It is these reasons that I hope the Jets can manage to get Fitz to resign. This will not be a very good season anyway, but the only way this current FO retains their good reputation is persuade Fitz to resign.
  5. BB is a great talent evaluator, he's also great at bringing in a supporting cast for Brady to work with. But the fact is, without Brady, all his efforts may very well be for not because he doesn't have Brady throwing the ball. And the fact is he never even believed in Brady after he had been drafted for a while. As you recall, he signed Drew Bledsoe to a 103 million dollar contract while he had Brady on the team. Lets tell the truth here, he literally pulled the Brady pick out of his A$$ and he does not deserve any more credit for the pick other than to say he was looking for a backup to Bledsoe.
  6. Well, really what this all boils down to is a few factors: 1)The Jets fan base has already had more than enough of Geno Smith. They do not like what they saw from him. They saw a terrible QB. 2) They really don't like him. not after all the IK locker room altercation nonsense. Like many here on this site, they refer to Geno Smith as the golden arm with the 10 cent brain. There's a lot of fans that actually do believe this. And make no mistake about it, it's not complimentary in any way. Due to the competition we face this season, I only see the team winning anywhere from 4 to 6 games, with Fitz more like 6, with Geno more like 4 and a whole lot of very upset fans...
  7. Well, I don't think he will have to sell the farm to get Fitz to play. The Jets have an offer on the table and Fitz is going to have to accept it. But the money I personally do not believe is a big deal, the competitiveness of the team is. If the jets get Fitz back and they still go 6-10 (which I think they probably will), at least everyone is satisfied because they know Mac/Bowles went down with their very best on the field. Now, if they went into the season with Geno and Geno started playing like he always did (terrible), the fan base will turn on Mac and Bowles. They would get very angry from the standpoint that they knew Mac had a good QB in his midst and he chose to let Fitz go. Going with Geno has disaster written all over it.
  8. Regardless of what anyone thinks about Mac and Bowles, this season is where the rubber his the road. This season, much more so than last, Mac has been challenged to keep this team competitive. I personally do not believe he managed to keep this team competitive. They will have a losing record this season. Todd Bowles will be in for the challenge of his coaching life. With the kind of competition the Jets will be facing this season, Bowles will need to be at his very best every week. If Bowles is forced to go into the season with Geno as the starter, this season will go from presumably bad to certain disaster. Mac already failed the fans as GM. This offseason was a bungled disaster and it will show on the field this season.
  9. So you believe he's done all the things that Mogglez claims? He's truly a talent when it comes to evaluating talent amongst QB's. He can develop a QB into a successful career unlike other QB coaches in the league? If he's as good as you claim he is, some NFL team would gladly match his salary or beat it.
  10. Good man. Newcastle does not always travel well. When I was in Hawaii for a couple of months last year, I was having it often at the bars in Honolulu. It is NASTY on tap in Hawaii. It tastes very different and I did not like it at all. I ended up switching to another kind for that two months. I guess it doesn't travel well to warm climates in the middle of the Pacific?
  11. He would not have won a single championship without him, I know that. He never did in Cleveland and he had a pretty good defense and Vinny Testaverde still in his prime.
  12. Ha Ha Ha thew elite 11 QB academy?! What kind of drugs are you on? Elite 11 QB academy my A$$. He's done NOTHING to assist in developing the ANY QB, and if he did in fact do ANYTHING like what you're saying, he would have been hired as a QB coach by an NFL team. So as usual, you're talking through your A$$.
  13. But taking Treadwell over Lee would have been a great decision at 20. So would trading down and taking Spriggs in the 2nd round or maneuvering in the 2nd round to get Spriggs. Instead, we got two players that will likely have no major impact this season. Hack will do NOTHING this season and I doubt Lee will have much of an impact either. The selection of Lee makes me think Mac had some grand plan that did not come to fruition and as a result he panicked and made a very rash decision. I also believe moving up would not have mattered if Mac had managed to trade Mo. We would have been in great shape. The way I see it, Mac f*cked up not only the specific picks in the draft but also not trading Mo. He really bungled this draft big time and I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of Mike MacCagnan in NY.
  14. You have my prayers brother and it sounds like you're going to win anyway. You're a strong guy and you can succeed at anything you set your mind to.
  15. Trent Dilfer knows about as much as f*cking Ron Jaworski, which is ZILCHO. They are a couple hacks that talk just to hear themselves speak during draft time. They have ZERO personal knowledge or insight into who the next great QB is. Posting this article is completely f^cking useless.
  16. Oh yeah, I must be the moron in this conversation when you're the one who thinks the HC traded away his best linebacker because the terrible players in front of him could not do their jobs. You're an idiot and YES Demario Davis is 235 pounds and could NOT defend the wheel route to save his f*cking life, but yet this little twerp that the Jets drafted, an specifically because he's 5 pounds lighter is going to set the league on fire. Darron Lee is a f*cking nobody that will never be anything but a one trick pony. He will NEVER even be in consideration for a pro bowl, and he's also NOT an impact player. If the Jets had any hopes of being competitive in 2016 it was because they had a hope of drafting an impact player. Instead, Mac personally guaranteed that the Jets will suck A$$ in 2016. So stroke that little jack off linebacker all you'd like, the Jets are going to be a f*cking laughing stock again this season and it's specifically because our GM enjoys drafting little fags.
  17. This is truly the worst crime in this offseason. Mac completely f*cked up any plan (if he actually had one to begin with) to get a top OL in the 1st round. He could have traded up to gran one of the top names or he could have selected Spriggs with some minor maneuvering in the 2nd round. Instead, he took an afterthought linebacker and a developmental QB. The QB will NOT yield any return for at least two seasons and even then probably not any at all. That was a complete WASTE of perfectly good picks, for Christ sake Lequan Treadwell was there at 20 and instead he selects this guy little twerp that was never even mentioned a on single mock.
  18. First of all, you didn't give me sh*t. I moved up from NY. Second of all, any person from Massachusetts is the biggest ignorant sh*thead. In fact the entire state is a bunch of useless douchebags. What's worse is they are all democrats. They're bred like f*cking cockroaches in that POS state. It's no wonder why they all flood the Maine border every weekend, they already completely f*cked up their own state, they need a new conquest.
  19. Ellis would be a backup? What a crock of SH*T. So what you're telling me is the Jets DL back in 2006 couldn't keep guys off Vilma and therefore he played awful. And so Tanny/Mangini traded VILMA to another team?! If it's the way you say. Then WHY didn't they acquire better DLinemen and keep their very young linebacker (3 years in the league) that was a stud he was NOT playing in a 3-4? That makes ZERO sense and yet you claim it is the truth? Please go back to bed. I hope you don't hurt yourself coming up with your next line of BS.
  20. NASTY as far as I am concerned, but whatever blows your skirt up....
  21. And most notably he posts this scathing review of something I enjoy while being absolutely sure to never admit what he drinks and truly enjoys because just like ANY other beer, people COULD become critical of it? But yet to felt the need to run your mouth about the things that I like? It's guys like you that accuse others of being a prick, meanwhile, you should be looking in a mirror.
  22. And it's so typical of anyone from Massachusetts. They are all a bunch of whiny piss ants. They have this constant complaint whenever anything goes wrong that they never did anything wrong, it's always someone else's fault. The World just gave them a bad deal. Complete douchebags that run their mouths constantly. Every single f*cking weekend Maine becomes Massachusetts with all those f*cvking massholes driving into this state. MOST Mainers hate people from Mass in general because their attitudes suck. My solution? Force that a$$hole Ben Affleck back into Massachusetts, get every other masshole and contain them all within that POS state that they come from and then drop a bomb to make their state a f*cking parking lot. They're all f*cking useless anyway.
  23. SAME players the following year you dingbat. Herm was the HC in 2005 and Vilma was a very good player, THEN. The following season Mangini came to town and Vilma SUCKED. Thanks for proving MY point you moron. So once again WRONG.
  24. TX, you strike me as a Newcastle guy. I don't know what it is, but you seem like a guy that would swill Newcastle regularly...
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