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  1. Look at the first tweet. Adam Schefter said Lamar turned down a 200 million dollar guaranteed contract. And Lamar responded by saying "cap" Meaning he's calling him out on his tweet, saying that it's not true. Which is why he responded with what Baltimore actually offered him, hence the 3 year 133 million guaranteed tweet
  2. Yes he did. He replied to the Schefter tweet with a guy wearing a large hat. That was basically his way of saying "that's cap" Cap = Lie So yes, Lamar did call him out.
  3. He didn't turn down 200 million. He just called Schefter out for lying about that
  4. Looking at this list, I could see why Lamar wouldn't jump to take it.
  5. Don't want to make this all about Lamar, but once again I can see why Rodgers wants to leave Schefter in the dark. And I'm actually enjoying it now more that he's being called out 😂
  6. Slow, drop issues, weak YAC He's worse than Corey Davis 🤦🏽‍♂️
  7. It's not spewing media reports by saying he doesn't have an agent. But because he doesn't have an agent, we are regurgitating all the talking points made by the Baltimore Ravens. Which may or may not even be true. There's nobody to speak for Lamar, because he can't publicly speak for himself.
  8. This is Schefter to a T. He's the mouthpiece for the teams. That's why I rolled my eyes when I watched the clip of him passionately defending teams when it came to the Lamar Jackson saga. He was obviously speaking for the teams. That's also why I'm also a bit skeptical of the reports about Lamar. Because Lamar doesn't have an agent, so he has nobody to speak for him. Everything we're hearing is from the teams viewpoint, which may or may not be true. This is why I keep saying we need a players reporter in the NFL like the NBA has. Because if we're going to have reporters act as mouthpieces, we might as well hear it from both sides
  9. Adam and Ian get all their info from teams/front offices. Especially Schefter. Whenever Scheft reports on something where there's an impasse between a player and team, he reports on it from the team's side. So I can see why they don't rock with him. That's why I said the NFL needs a reporter like Shams Charania in the NBA, who clearly gets most of his info from the players (or their agents)
  10. What Schefter and Rapoport say doesn't matter. Rodgers already said they don't speak for him. Times like this is where I was there was an NFL version of Shams, aka a reporter who's plugged in with the players. Adam and Ian are definitely credible, but it's obvious they get their info from teams/front offices (esp. Scheft)
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