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  1. I'm seeing all these clips on Twitter, and he looks really slow. I loved him coming outta ND as well, but dude looks shot, that injury did a number on him
  2. 2.63 seconds is "holding on to the ball forever"
  3. Darnold looking at Wilson getting pummeled behind a porous O-Line
  4. Cautiously confident. The 1st time I took a look at him, I watched him throw up several 50/50 balls and was horrified (PTSD kicked in lol). But the more I watched, the more I liked. Kid has plenty of talent/tools, now we just need to see if he can put it all together. Honestly, had it not been for JD's excellent FA/Draft, I probably would have picked on the fence. But he really put alot around for ZW to succeed. So I'm slightly optimistic about him reaching his potential
  5. Good for him (and I mean that with all sincerity). Nassib seems like a good guy, and I'm sure he'll be accepted and embraced in the locker room. Glad he's comfortable enough to live his truth, much respect to him
  6. At the Nets game rocking a Hitman tee? Yeah, JD is our GOAT GM, it's settled
  7. This has been a good series. Isles should really be up 3-1 now if they didn't blow Game 3.
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