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  1. I have Joaquin Phoenix as the 3rd best Joker btw. Mark Hamill Heath Ledger Joaquin Phoenix Cesar Romero Jack Nicholson Nicholson's Joker is overrated as hell btw. He was basically just playing himself in a Joker costume.
  2. Joker was amazing. Well worth the wait. I gotta salute Joaquin Phoenix. He's a hell of an actor and did an amazing job. He needs an Oscar for this performance
  3. King P

    Let's go Yankees

    I mean, it is Verlander we're talking about. The best pitcher of this era. No surprise we couldn't hit him after the 1st. I think we can get to their bullpen, I'm just worried about our bullpen being worn out and the Astros bats coming alive.
  4. I think Pats are going to live off their defense, because their offense hasn't been all that great this year. I think Brady's finally starting to show his age.
  5. This could be an ugly situation. If Osmele is having doctors telling him he needs surgery, he needs to have surgery. Screw what the team doctors say. I never trust them anyway. They work for the team, so they have the team's best interest at heart and not the player
  6. King P

    Let's go Yankees

    Not true. First off Greinke would not wave his NTC to come here. Secondly teams wanted way too much for their pitchers from us. For example, Toronto traded Marcus Stroman to the Mets for decent prospects. You know who they asked for from us? Gleyber Torres 🙄 Then it was reported the Mets turned around and tried to offer him to us for our top prospects. Teams were essentially blocking us from improving by dicking around
  7. King P

    Let's go Yankees

    Yes, because the Yankees are the only team to spend money like that 🙄 News flash: all the teams that win these days have a high payroll. Yankees don't even have the highest payroll in baseball. The Red Sox and Cubs are currently spending more of us! Oh and the Nationals are Top 10 in payroll as well as Houston. But yet let's get mad at the Yankees for spending money. So stupid lol
  8. King P

    Let's go Yankees

    If Strasburg opts out, I want the Yanks to back up the brinks truck for him
  9. King P

    Let's go Yankees

    Can't do 💩 with RISP 🤦🏽‍♂️
  10. King P

    Let's go Yankees

    Must win game for us, let's get it!!!
  11. Great news. Hopefully he stays healthy. Groin injuries are the worst, you can easily reinjure them. I know this from personal experience. Let's hope for the best, because our defense as it's best with Mosley on the field
  12. And I'm sure people will come in here and say "bUt hE iS bEaTiNg bAd tEaMs!"
  13. Having a young promising potential franchise QB like Darnold is a blessing (especially for us), but it sometimes can be a curse. We're making decisions solely on 1 player, hellbent on protecting him as much as possible. So we passed up on a promising HC in favor of a proven mediocre one. If Darnold is gonna be great, he's gonna be great regardless of who's in place. I have always been and always will continue to be against coddling players
  14. King P

    Go Nats!

    It's an album cover made by a rap artist that's really into fashion and designing. It's street/dark art, not meant to be blasphemous or anything. He likes to take all kinds of stuff and mixes them together. Like he has a set of CDs called "Hitler Wears Hermes" and has designs and clothing of Hitler in Hermes outfits. Basically a play on "Devil Wears Prada" 🤷🏽‍♂️

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