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  1. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, so I wouldn't mind a suspended game clock for the weekends or at the very least an extended time limit.
  2. You can make your 2 picks that you missed whenever you get the chance. At least I think so
  3. I thought about going 3-4, but I think I'm gonna do 4-3 instead based on how the board has played out
  4. @Stark is OTC Followed by @JiF and @greenwichjetfan
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  8. Seems we have a dilemma, ruh roh. @Obrien2Toon just picked Ken Easley. @T0mShane picked Ken Easley, but he accidentally picked Ken Houston by mistake even though he really meant Easley, and never changed it
  9. King P's Playas Ball selects... Andre Johnson, WR Darren Sharper, S
  10. You're tagging the wrong @T0mShane