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  1. Please go tell me about all the great OL and pass rushers to be had in free agency that we'd lose out on by signing Bell 🙄 "But but but but you can draft a back in the draft" yes let's use a draft pick in a draft that we don't have a full set of picks and use one that we could use on OL, WR, or Pass rusher on a RB that may not be half as good as Bell 🙄 Some of y'all are morons 🤦🏽‍♂️
  2. Some of you guys are ridiculous. Guy is saving a year of wear and tear on his body, and still will get the big payday he's looking for. Yeah, real dumb decision he's making 🙄
  3. King P

    Bowles is done

    +1 for the FF7 avi -1 for posting Kodak Wack
  4. It's funny, because I actually remember the fans praising him when he first stepped on the scene. Then once he left the Newark Star Ledger and started working for the New York Daily News, it was all downhill from there
  5. King P

    Possible HC Candidates

    Funny, because I'm the exact opposite. I don't understand why people clamor for retreads that have bounced around from team to time. I subscribe to the theory of "if they're so great, why were they fired numerous times?"
  6. Why would y'all be demoralized if Darnold ends up a bust? It's not like we haven't had enough busts as is? What's another? I don't think he will busts, but if he does then
  7. King P

    DEC 1st; Wilder vs Fury

    Spence is definitely going to beat the crap out of Mikey if that fight happens. It will be like GGG vs Brook. Pascal is definitely washed, but Bivol is legit. I mentioned him just so that @Paradis could get a chance to see him. Canelo fight is a stay busy fight, and he just fought 2 fights against GGG, so I'm ok with a stay busy fight. Afterwards we'll see where this goes. I like the Charlos. Especially Jermall. We'll see how things go when they step up in competition. Jacobs is definitely bout it. Funny you mention GGG, when his team is clearly keeping him away from Charlo. I think GGG is angling for a trilogy with Canelo and then retires after. I think we'll see Canelo vs Jacobs in the future, makes too much sense with them being on DAZN
  8. King P

    Rosen Rosen!!

    You're intentionally being obtuse. Stop it
  9. King P

    DEC 1st; Wilder vs Fury

    He's not that good IMO. He was dropped a light hitting cruiserweight in Steve Cunningham. Once Wilder connects with his straight right, he's done for. I met former Heavyweight champ Gerry Cooney, and he thinks Wilder gets Fury out early. As for upcoming fights, there's no other real big fights being that it's the end of the yeat. But there are some guys you should check out that have fights in November/December... - Alexander Ussyk (1 of the top Pound 4 Pound fighters) fights Tony Bellew next week in a unification fight to become the undisputed Cruiserweight champion of the world (CW is an overlooked division, but they put on very good fights) - In 2 weeks Claressa Shields (2x olympic gold medalist is fighting. Women's boxing is making a resurgence, and she's leading the charge. - in 3 weeks WBA light heavyweight champ Dmitry Bivol is fighting (kids got the goods) - The week after Wilder/Fury, Vasyl Lomachenko returns to the ring (#1 P4P) - December 15, Canelo Alvarez comes back - December 22nd the Charlo brothers are fighting (I'll be there live). Hopefully I'll get to see them deliver knockouts, which both of them have been doing lately.
  10. Elijah McGuire is back. Wonder if he'll have any any restrictions in his 1st game back
  11. King P

    DEC 1st; Wilder vs Fury

    @Paradis We spoke on this before. Anthony Joshua's team is stalling, trying to hold on as much as possible before having to fight Wilder. It's past the point of building up the fight. They're stalling. Fury wanted the fight, so he stepped up and made it happen. I'm glad this fight is happening. Fury was the guy to end Wladimir Klitschko's decade long reign. And he hasn't lost since, so he's still technically "the guy" at HW. I'm also not a fan of Fury, so I'm hoping Wilder knocks him into oblivion/irrelevance. I think the super fight will happen. Hopefully we get it in the summer of next year
  12. King P

    Who are Your All-Time Favorite Baseball Players?

    Ken Griffey Jr Barry Bonds Albert Pujols Alex Rodriguez Pudge Rodriguez Mariano Rivera Greg Maddux Pedro Martinez Manny Ramirez Roger Clemens Tino Martinez David Wells
  13. I'm only going off whats been reported https://www.sny.tv/giants/news/giants-plan-b-was-de-bradley-chubb-if-barkley-wasnt-on-board/274132662
  14. Nah. It was reported that if Barkley was off the board, the Giants would have went with Chubb

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