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  1. 😂 Brady is becoming more likable because he actually has shown a ton of personality since leaving New England
  2. Flacco wasn't that good back then. Most people (even many Baltimore fans) felt he was holding the team back. He really only had 1 lightening in a bottle type run the year they won it all, but that's really it. We don't do any better with Flacco then we did with Sanchez.
  3. Hence why I said more than fair. I'm not going to knock players and call them greedy for wanting to get as much as possible. It's a business, that's how businesses work. Would I give him 35 million? No. But that's not for me to decide what his value is. That's what the open market is for
  4. Keep in mind that nobody knows if this report is even true. You should take this with a grain of salt. Whenever a report comes out asking "Player A was offered X amount of money, and turned it down" it's usually horsecrap. Teams make this stuff up because they like to negotiate through the media. Because the media and fans 9 out of 10 times will side with management. This thread (really this forum as a whole) is further proof of that
  5. 35 million a year is more than fair for Dak. But if he thinks he can get more, then I don't blame him for trying to get more. That's the name of the game
  6. As a minority, I can tell you this is really ******* stupid. It would solve nothing. I guarantee you'd just end up with teams using minorities as figurehead GMs, especially teams who's owners have alot of control (ie the Dallas Cowboys) I could see Jerry Jones hiring someone like Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin to be his "GM" all while still actually making the pick himself
  7. Can't agree at all This isn't a ranking of numbers. Brady may be considered the GOAT, but he's not so far ahead of everyone else that he should be in a class all by himself. That's like if this was a basketball hierarchy saying that Michael Jordan should be Tier 1 alone because he's the GOAT. Nope, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson should (and would) be there right along with him. Just like Montana and Manning should be there with Brady even if they're not better
  8. https://www.sogsports.com/best-quarterbacks-ever-hierarchy/?fbclid=IwAR0bHQt95QcnpZoUHrhGOo4xejEGoSvzvF59k1adhBKnTr60He0RZMukH6c
  9. Well actually since we're not trying to tank, this would be the year we get the #1 pick lol
  10. I'm not so sure he's that much better than Justin Fields. Hell, I'm not so sure he's better than Justin Fields at all
  11. Don't see it. There are better places for Cam than here (ie Pittsburgh, Tennessee)
  12. Schedule doesn't look bad at all honestly. I can see 9-11 wins if everything goes well. But that's all just guessing
  13. I was really high on him coming out of college. Oof, what a miss there 😭 Guess that's why I'm not a scout or GM 😂
  14. He was he bad for Big Ben when Big Ben did fine with him. I can easily counter that too by saying that AB was fine Tom Brady. In fact Brady probably vouched for AB and lobbied for Tampa Bay to bring him in. If he's good enough for the "GOAT" QB, he's good enough for Sam

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