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  1. First Favre, now Bortles. Why do people feel the need to be extreme both ways? Truth be told, I think Darnold will end up somewhere in the middle. Not elite, but not bottom tier either. To me, I just don't think that he'll never be type of QB to carry bad teams, but he has the talent to take good teams far (without giving the feeling that the team is carrying him ala Dak Prescott)
  2. But that was the beauty of Favre. He had such a good arm, he could win you and lose you a game. When a QB is that talented, sometimes you have to accept the bad with the good 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. I don't think that's a bad thing because Winston is damn near a mini Favre himself 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. "But but but what if he ends up like RG3???" I love that comparison, because of how wrong it is, yet people still force it! Of course Lamar can get hurt. Any QB can get seriously hurt. Just look at Andrew Luck (who also was running QB 😏). Players take hits and get hurt. It happens. What I will say about Lamar is that he doesn't put himself in a position to constantly take big hits. He runs out of bounds and slides quit a bit. That's the difference between him and RG3, who didn't even know how to slide lmao. Plus he's not wreckless like Vick, who also fumbled the ball. Everybody's comparing him to other "running QBs" but not the right one 😉
  5. Funny how all the people who doubted Lamar's talent from the start are now moving the goalposts, talking about "ahh he won't stay healthy!" Gotta love it lol
  6. Just like @Untouchable, I'm fully on the CeeDee Lamb train. I think he's the best WR in this draft, and I think he's going to be a top tier WR, maybe even elite (don't see that in Jeudy at all). He's the guy I want at the spot we're picking. I know everybody wants to go O-Line, and rightfully so. But I suspect that many posters pounding for OL don't really follow the draft/college and the players like that. They're just thinking "we badly need offensive lineman, so take the best OL available!" Which is fine, that's their way of thinking and they're entitled to it. I've never thought like that though. I prioritize talent/player over need/position. I'm not going to choose B- talent over A talent just because the former fills a bigger need. When I look at the list of prospects, the only OT that I like as much as Lamb is Andrew Thomas. And he'll be long gone by the time we're on the clock. Lamb should still be there. I'm choosing Lamb over Wirfs every time. I like Leatherwood, but not as much as Lamb. Austin Jackson is a I really like and he has a ton of potential. But he still looks a bit raw to me. Needs more refinement l. He's a guy I'd target in a trade down. But if we stand pat, I'd rather take CeeDee Lamb. Then in the 2nd take a guy like Prince Wanogho, Josh Jones, Mekhi Becton, or Trey Adams
  7. Of course the execs are going to side with the Jets/against Osemele, because they're looking at the team side of things. The best interests of a team almost never coincides with that of a player.
  8. Not surprised. They got a new owner, so I expect him to clean house. Rebuilding time in Carolina
  9. I see Buster Skrine is still a bum 😂
  10. I'm celebrating Pilgrim's Day by working 16 hours. I'll be thankful for that holiday check 😎 Hopefully everyone enjoys their day tomorrow. Stuff your face full of whatever food you have. And please, don't drink & drive like a moron. If you're going to get frat boy wasted, get an Uber
  11. OL in the 1st, then Edge & WR in the 2nd & 3rd
  12. It's hilarious seeing all the people who doubted Jackson would be good at all, are now pivoting and moving the goalposts talling about "oh he's a running QB, he won't last long. We've seen this story before." The even more hilarious part is nobody keeping the same energy for Josh Allen, despite Allen already having 1000 yards rushing and 15 rushing TDs (more than LJ who has 11 to date).

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