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  1. LOL, can't to here the answer for this one
  2. When Josh Allen gets drafted by the Jets and he meets Hackenburg
  3. Move up at all costs to grab The Rosen One. If not, stay put and get Mayfield.
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Denver is actually the best fit for him. Tyrod's bread and butter is intermediate passing, Denver's offense is perfect for that. Plus he'll open up the running game and his mobility helps offset Denver's shaky o-line
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    And now watch them spiral downward and land a good enough pick to trade up for Darnold or Rosen. Giants - Draft Darnold/Rosen Bills - Trade up for Darnold or Rosen Jets - Left out in the cold If this nightmare scenario actually happens, I seriously might splatter my noodles all over my bedroom wall
  6. Breer On Josh Allen

    I refuse to draft Josh Allen in the 1st for the same reason I didn't think Wentz should have went in the 1st round For me if you're a QB that goes to a small school that's facing not so good competition on a regular basis, and you want to be drafted in the 1st, you better be putting up arcade like numbers (ala the late great Steve McNair, or even Joe Flacco). And Allen's numbers are pedestrian at best. And while it looks like I may be wrong about Wentz, Carson at least passed the eye test. Allen does not. He just looks the part physically, but I'm not enamored with that. Bring 6'5 with a cannon arm doesn't impress me as much as others. All in all, I wouldn't touch Allen before the 3rd (and even that may be a bit generous)
  7. Does Giants loss help/hurt us?

    Head to head has no bearing when it comes to draft position. If teams have the same record, the tie breaker is strength of schedule Browns - .506 49ers - .527 Giants - .500 Jets - .489 All 3 teams have a higher SOS than the Jets, so if they were to hypothetically end up with the same record as us, we'd leapfrog them in the standings due to that
  8. I think the Bills realized halfway through the season that they're supposed to be tanking
  9. Well actually this fight came about because Stiverne was the mandatory challenger to Wilder's WBC belt. Stiverne was paid money to step aside and allow Wilder to fight Luis Ortiz (one if the top guys at HW). Problem is that Ortiz failed a drug test, so the fight was cancelled. So they replaced Ortiz with Stiverne since he was already scheduled to fight on the undercard, plus they can get Wilder's mandatory out the way. That's the only good thing about this fight. I wasn't impressed with Joshua last week, but I still like him and think he's very skilled. Wilder vs Joshua is a 50/50 fight
  10. Ah, another boxing fan on here. I'm working today so I taped the fight, will definitely watch tonight. Not thrilled about this rematch but it is what it is. I also saw Joshua's fight last week (was not impressed). Wilder vs Joshua is definitely the next mega fight. If all goes well, should happen September of next year
  11. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    The posts in this thread have me pleasantly surprised, because I know most posters on here have the "play the game the right way" mentality. Probably letting it slide because it's the Jets lol
  12. This thread is funny yo me because I dressed up as Kaepernick for Halloween (people say I resemble him) Now back to the topic at hand: we've discussed Kaep's views to the point of ad naseum, so I'm not gonna get into that. What I will say is this... The narrative being thrown around that Kaepernick is too much of a distraction holds very little merit. It's been months and we're still talking about it. It's still a distraction, and one that isn't going away anytime soon. What people should be hoping for is for a team to sign him. And if he bombs then he'll be done with and we can finally move on. The longer he stays unsigned, the longer this is gonna drag out
  13. Unbelievable. Feel bad for the kid after his unbelievable start
  14. I believe Allen Robinson will be a free agent as well. I'd love to see the Jets take a crack at him