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  1. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Highly unlikely. I think 7 or 8 is the best we can do realistically
  2. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Man, that KC win cost us 4 spots. We'd be at 6 right now had we not beat them
  3. Other Week 15 Games

    No, they have a lower strength of schedule then us. So they'll be higher in the draft than us
  4. Gotta root for the Bills to make the playoffs. Doesn't matter how many picks the Bills have, nobody's gonna wanna trade down from Top 5 to the low-mid 20's. That's too steep of a drop and that team would be missing out on alot of prospects if the trade back that far.
  5. Baker Mayfield

    Good. Matt Miller keeps saying the Jets have done the most homework on him, and that scares me. He's not what we need, and really the only option that would make me puke
  6. Baker Mayfield

    Aaron Rodgers is the same height as Sanchez, and he's done just fine
  7. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    If the season were to end today, the Jets and Washington would have to have a coin toss to decide which team gets the lower pick
  8. Patriots-Dolphins MNF

    Fins winning helps us because now it ensures that the Patriots will be playing at full strength against us at Week 17 because they will be neck and neck with the Steelers fighting for home field advantage
  9. Deshaun Watson v. Lamar Jackson

    Lamar has a higher ceiling, but a much lower floor. But I'm sure everybody is gonna come in saying Jackson should switch positions at the pros and isn't a real QB, so I'm gonna make my exit right now...
  10. Keeping up with the Tank.

    It raises Miami's strength of schedule, which will keep us ahead of them in the draft order
  11. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    Looking at the schedule, I think the best we can hope for is 7th. I don't see us picking any higher than that
  12. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    The expected recipient of this season’s Heisman Trophy, Baker Mayfield figures to generate plenty of opinions during the pre-draft process. Some of the immediate responses from NFL evaluators have been positive following the Oklahoma senior’s dominant regular season. Albert Breer of SI.com surmises from the several-dozen scouts he’s spoken to throughout the season that Mayfield should wind up as a first-round pick, his baggage notwithstanding. “He’s extremely talented,” an AFC college scouting director told Breer. “Guys want to play for him, players believe in him, the staff believes in him. I’ve heard the comparisons to (Drew) Brees, (Johnny) Manziel, (Russell) Wilson, and there’s a little bit of all of them in his game. And he’s not Manziel in terms of the off-field stuff — he studies his ass off; he goes through his progressions; he’s not a typical spread QB. He has first-round ability.” Mayfield’s height, around 6-foot, could be an issue for some teams. And his Big 12 background may as well. But Breer expects a first-round investment to occur. Here’s more on Mayfield and other key prospects. Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com polled five NFL execs regarding Mayfield’s best destination and didn’t get one definitive answer. While some quarterback-needy teams came up, two decision-makers mentioned the Saints and Chargers as Mayfield fits. Both suggest multiyear apprenticeships behind Brees and Philip Rivers. However, a source told Matt Miller of Bleacher Report Rivers’ resurgence has “basically shut down” the prospect of the Bolts making a quarterback-of-the-future pick in the upcoming first round. Rivers turned 36 on Friday. Josh Rosen is the likeliest of the likely first-round quarterbacks to start from Day 1, a group of seven executives polled by Yahoo Sports concluded. The UCLA passer’s throwing motion is “as elite as it gets for a prospect,” Charles Robinson of Yahoo writes. That septet of execs rated Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Mayfield as the Nos. 2-4 prospects and likely first-rounders. Darnold’s elongated throwing motion and tendency to bail on plays, in the mind of some evaluators, could cost him the No. 1 spot. Allen received the “project” label in this piece, but the Wyoming product’s size/speed/arm strength combination could be enticing — especially come workout time. On Allen, Miller notes the Cardinals are connected to the current junior signal-caller. Miller writes the Cardinals abandoned their first-round quarterback crusade after Patrick Mahomes went to the Chiefs at No. 10, with the team declaring it was going to delay its Carson Palmer succession strategy a year. Allen may be the next guy the Cards are eyeing, viewing his athleticism and potential — and presumably the likelihood he won’t be a top-two pick like the Pac-12 passers — as Mahomes-esque. That might not mean much at the moment, with Mahomes having yet to play, but Miller expects Allen to be a top-10 pick. That’s more than could have been said for Mahomes at this point in last year’s process. The Jets remain the team that’s done the most work on Allen, however.
  13. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Nope. Strength of schedule is always the #1 tiebreaker. If by chance 2 teams have the same SOS, they go to division tiebreakers if both are in the same division. If not, it goes to conference tiebreakers (if both teams are in the same conference) If not, then it goes to a coin toss