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  1. King P

    Which teams are actually looking QB?

    Oakland is the X factor here... Personally I don't think they're looking to draft a QB. But they're looking at QBs and it's been said that Gruden really likes Haskins and that some people withing the scouting circles truly believe Haskins won't get past Oakland at 4. Whether it's true or not, if they can get people to actually believe it, then it really helps out our cause
  2. King P

    JetNation 2019 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    I have a feeling there's not gonna be as many trade ups/downs (in the 1st round anyways) lol
  3. I'm ok with defense, but none of those names
  4. King P

    JetNation 2019 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    Bucs looking to trade down. Send some offers my way
  5. Because I'm talking about them as prospects. Mayfield's performance on the field has no bearing in this. Much like how Mahomes came in and lit up the league, winning the MVP in his essentially his 1st year as a pro. Yet you'd be hard pressed to find many people who graded him as a better prospect than Watson or even Trubisky coming out of college
  6. He's a better passer than Allen. I would also have him 3rd or 4th. Definitely behind Darnold and Rosen, and most likely behind Mayfield too
  7. It may or may not. How do we know teams even like Murray enough to come up for him? It's been said that if the Cardinals (who would see him as a great fit for KK's system) don't take him at 1 then he'll be in quite a fall (at least outside the Top 10) Then again, who knows. All it takes is 1 team 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. He said we were looking at Seth Roberts, but once we got Crowder that wasn't going to happen
  9. Like I said, the guy i apparantly a former player who has friends and connections in the scouting department. He basically called the Osmele trade before it happened
  10. Yeah, I found him during the Osmele news. He apparently is a former player and has friends who are scouts as well
  11. King P

    SIGN UP SHEET: 2019 JN 7-round mock + rules

    So when are we starting again?
  12. Haha, I was listening to Kid Charlemagne today. Steely Dan is awesome. Not a fan of how they do business and they come off as pricks, but dig their music.
  13. King P

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    If Adrian Peterson got a year for whipping his son with a switch (which was horsecrap if you ask me), I can only imagine how much time Hill will get for this

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