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  1. Another example of why I think athletes should talk to the "media" as little as possible
  2. Not surprised Rapistberger thinks this way. I dont necessarily have a problem with it though 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. King P

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

  4. If we're talking in hindsight, definitely Rosen and the picks
  5. And I feel like this is the part where all the pro Rosen posters are going to start acting disingenuous and backtracking because we drafted Darnold. Talking about "Oh I was banging the table for Rosen because I never assumed Darnold would be available!". I guess I'll have to be "that guy" (as I always am) and say that I have always had Rosen as my QB1, going back to last year when the Darnold bandwagon. Where Darnold was picked had no effect on my thought process, as I always wanted Rosen no matter what. I dont care what anybody says, I feel we made a mistake and picked the wrong QB. I like Darnold, dont get me wrong, but Rosen was always the cream of the crop to me. I'll be rooting for Darnold and I hope he proves me wrong, but until I'm proven wrong I will continue to say that Rosen is the QB that will end up being the best of the bunch
  6. There is no way Darnold was making it to 6. Even if the Bills weren't able to trade up to get him, Elway said if Darnold dropped to 5, they would have taken him (Darnold, Barkley, and Chubb were Denver's highest rated prospects overall). We would have been able to get Rosen though
  7. King P

    Jets UDFA Thread

    We missed out on Harrison too, Browns got him 😔
  8. King P

    Jets UDFA Thread

    Jeff Holland to the Broncos. We signed all those Auburn guys, yet missed out on the one guy from there I really wanted 😕
  9. King P

    Jets UDFA Thread

    He signed with the Eagles
  10. King P

    Jets UDFA Thread

    Hoping for Desmond Harrison and Jeff Holland. Would be cool with Deontay Burnett as well