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  1. King P

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    I hate the logic you guys use against this. You'd rather the officials get it wrong for the sake of keeping games as short as possible or even worse "tradition"? Shame on you fools. I'm all for making penalties reviewable. Sometimes like what we saw yesterday with the Saints, it was an egregious call (or lack thereof) that if reviewed they would obviously have seen that it was a penalty and made the correct decision. I don't care how much longer replay makes the game go, as long as they get it right.
  2. King P

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    Trey Flowers is the guy we should really be pursuing in FA
  3. King P

    DEC 1st; Wilder vs Fury

    @RutgersJetFan Canelo vs Jacobs is official for May 4th Told you we'd get that. Great fight
  4. King P

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Ugh, gotta make those catches
  5. King P

    Andrew Luck

    Been with you there for the longest. He was crowned before he even turned pro. All that anointing with diddly squat to show for it
  6. "Joe Montana was the product of the system" - Bill Walsh
  7. That's the biggest quarrel I had. Drake is obviously the way more talented back, yet Gase continued to let Gore cut into his touches. Same thing with Mike McCarthy. Aaron Jones was obviously the most talented back on the Green Bay roster, yet it took Mccarthy 7 weeks to realize this and give him the majority of the touches (and yet this was the coach y'all were goo goo gaga over šŸ¤¦šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø). But I'm sure that's not in issue to any of you guys, because according to this board, running backs don't matter šŸ™„
  8. King P

    Matt Rhule speaks as per Cimini.

    Apparently Rhule had reached out to Bill Parcells for advice, and Bill told him not to go anywhere where he couldn't pick his own staff. Can't blame him šŸ¤·šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø
  9. King P

    Tim Tebow

  10. Marino. Ring or no ring, he's the most skilled QB ever IMO. And Peyton is 1B for me
  11. I wonder if the same would be said if we hired Rhule instead. Would all the anti-Rhule people be snowflakes as well?
  12. Well... um... yeah... at least I have my ascending Nets to looking forward to watching šŸ˜Ž
  13. McCarthy has become so overrated here, it's not even funny.
  14. Jets fans are going to riot if a no name coach that they don't know anything about over an overrated head coach who is a "name". Then you wonder why I saw Jets fans are clueless about anything that pertains to football not involving the Jets

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