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  1. I thought Hansen played last year and did ok for the Texans I believe. Did he get released in the off season?
  2. This post didn’t age well lol
  3. This team has a really bad coach, bad wr’s or injured minus crowder, a pretty bad o line, a 37 year old starting RB and pretty crappy play calling. Who would succeed with this team at QB? Honestly? So we are going to draft another QB, with a new coach and staff and he’s gonna do better? Lawrence might be the real deal but maybe not and a lot harder on this squad. What happens then? Everyone hate on Lawrence and then wish for the next best college QB of the year?
  4. Did you not watch the special teams? Top 5 unit this season. Kick coverage was beyond solid.
  5. Allen isn’t progressing like you think. He’s still super inconsistent with his throwing. He looked awful most of the first half of the Ravens game.
  6. First play of game he got double teamed, pushed both lineman back into Carr, which blew the play up. didn’t see him much but doesn’t mean he didn’t have an impact. Another strong performance by the D, which he is a part of. Noticed a lot of 4/3 fronts today.
  7. Lot of the d line looked good. Adams, Maye, Bell. this season sucks, lots of injuries derailed the season before it even started. The o line was awful. Time to just root for the team and see who else they’ll keep and watch the young guys develop like Q. im not killing Sam because the line sucks and he just doesn’t have time to throw at all. When he has time to throw, he’s looked decent to good.
  8. His D is middle of the road because they are always on the field. 16 play drive to start the game and then Sam throws a pick and they are right back on the field. Crap corners and no pass rush and they still play hard the whole game. williams won quite a few games as the HC of the browns last year. How many games have the browns won this season with a much better team this season?
  9. Fire Gase and make Williams the coach for the rest of the season. The browns did well under him and look at where the browns are this season. He’s got the D playing till the final whistle. Gase punted on 4th down on the 50 down 33-0 with 6 min to go. I would fire him just for that but the play calling is really where he was bad tonight. Running the ball on first down to start every drive but one, no roll outs, no quick slants, the o line was trash and the protection wasn’t there. I know Sam played really bad tonight but he didn’t have much to work with. This looked like how the jets looke
  10. Eddie Van Halen from 78’ to 84’ absolutely destroys Frank Gamble, especially 78’ to 81’ Eddie Van Halen.
  11. Ryan Leaf and Nathan Peterman are much worse than Hack.
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