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  1. Ryan Leaf and Nathan Peterman are much worse than Hack.
  2. Fowler has looked pretty good, wonder if he’s still a target for the off season?
  3. I don’t know, that Oakland team is pretty old. I think Gruden is gonna right that ship fast. I feel like he’s pulling a parcells and getting the guys he wants in. 5 first round picks in next two year. If he hit on 3 of the 5, he’s in business. If he gets a great edge rusher, he saved the raiders 80 million on Mack, which raiders couldn’t afford to pay anyway.
  4. I wonder how many times we have run on first down this year. 80 percent of the time? 85 percent?
  5. Keep Boyer and to be honest, maybe bates and give Darnold the same OC two years in a row and hopefully some weapons/o line upgrade.
  6. I’m rooting for Sanchez to do well over these next 4 games, especially after Plaxico’s comments. Those two playoff runs with him were great, it’s a shame he couldn’t handle NYC
  7. If the Jets do this, they should load up on O Line in the draft. I’m not against the move because he’s a great runner, Jets have a ton of cap space and it’s been a while since the Jets have had a great RB. Drafting RB’s in the later rounds and ignoring the O line in the top half of the draft is what is really killing this team right now. Bell will be a waste if the Line isn’t overhauled though.
  8. They ran the ball rather well today. Murray had over 150 I believe

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