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  1. estang74

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    They ran the ball rather well today. Murray had over 150 I believe
  2. estang74


    It’s like the coaching staff was reading the message boards this week. Darnold sneaks on 3rd and 1’s, throwing deep to Robby, D looks good and aggressive.
  3. On why this coaching staff has to go. How they don’t go for it down 25-3 with 12 min left is just beyond me. Draft an OLB, O line and spend some money on some free agents and hire an offensive minded Head coach
  4. 7-9. Higher if the jets pick up or trade for a pass rusher. I truly think the D suffers if we don’t upgrade ASAP
  5. As a dad of a special needs son, you have no class and I’ll leave it at that.
  6. estang74

    Jets Offensive Line

    I’ll take edge rusher for a 1000 Alex
  7. It seemed like no one could sack him. Everytime I thought he was going down, he would fight it off and throw a first down.
  8. That is prob one of the most spot on descriptions of Big Ben I've ever read.
  9. Honestly was impressed other than the pick 6. He stayed in the pocket, made some insane throws and seemed like every play he was blitzed.
  10. estang74

    Talent Available Rounds 4-7

    Why are we so afraid of drafting an edge rusher? Did we really need to draft a TE in the 4th rd?
  11. No way he is a camp arm. It’s weird how they signed him and then they traded up. Trade chip for next year. I think it’s a great deal for both parties. If the jets draft a QB(which is prob 95 percent) then you can sit him for a year, have the QB competition between Teddy and Josh and if Teddy wins, it makes for an interesting off season since it’s just a one year deal and Josh will prob join the coaching staff.
  12. Better hit on the right QB and RB in the 3rd rd. Still doesn’t solve O line or Edge issues.
  13. I like how most people didn’t follow the question correctly lol. Following the question correctly, I would take Chubb since the 4 qb’s and Barkley would be off the board. I would then trade back into first rd(depending on price) and grab Jackson. Take a RB in 3rd rd and finish off with O line help.
  14. you wont need to trade up for Rudolph and trading both second rounders to trade up when the Jets have a ton of needs to fill I don't think would be a good idea.
  15. No way that draft board looks like that but if it does, Chubb for sure.

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