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  1. You sign and take shots on UDFA projects like this, not draft them in the 2nd round like Stephen Hill and other mistakes under past regimes. So lets see what this kid can do, we have been needing a quality KR and PR for some time now since Leon Washington & Brad Smith

    So far the only pick that has really pissed me off in Mac's tenure was Hackenberg. Everyone knew he was a bum. Other than that he has done a bang up job. I do not blame him on Devin Smith. Not Mac's fault the dude blew his knee out twice

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  2. 56 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Agreed.  His job to lose in the preseason.  Cant draft guys and sit them on the bench.  Let him get tons of reps this year and see what hes got.

    He has to prove he can see the field first

  3. Does anyone know the terms? Still love this move, low risk high reward. He can also be a gadget player for the offense as well as deep threat because of his speed, defenses have to respect that

  4. We could of beat that 1 yr 7M offer I just do not get it. PFF saying he got lit up in the slot, so I am trying to be realistic here. He wants to be a safety and those positions are filled but Bowles would of known what to do with him because he coached him his first 2 years in the league and helped develop him into the player he is. You've just got to be kidding me... He still definitely would of been an upgrade over Skrine. This team had plenty of money to sign a significant free agent and this should of been the guy. He is an all pro safety that would of stood out on this defense.  

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  5. Whatever it costs to get this guy. Buster Skrine has been my least favorite Jet since year 1 of his contract in 2015. This guy has been flagged for so many penalties, crucial penalties especially on 3rd down. He is just a bad player and that comment he had about "penalties not bothering him" is totally blasphemous. He is a bum, guy plays mostly the slot corner and gets ripped apart in coverage so sick of him. If someone can tell me how much me we would save by cutting him please do, not good with the #'s when it comes to contracts

    If we get Mathieu, resign Claiborne or sign another similar tiered CB to slot behind Johnson it will put our secondary over the top. Reminds me and my dad of the no fly zone with Revis @ Cro days. All we need now is a darn pass rusher which we have been crying for for years which can easily be addressed via the draft. Also one of our fellow posters mentioned the efforts of Adams and Stewart recruiting him via twitter. Those are real leaders right there because they want to see our team succeed and improve. Hats off to them.

    Off topic: I know a lot of the posters on here were kinda upset with Adams play last year, or rather he should not of been chosen 6th overall but his leadership skill is intangible. He may not be the all pro type flash type of player but I see him being a very good player at his position and a character you want in the locker room, see John Lynch, LeRoy Butler. He may not be elite, but he will get the job done.

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  6. I am okay with McCown coming back, drafting one of the top 4 QB's, and then having Hackenberg/Petty battle it out for the pine

    No need to spend so much money on another FA QB when we can fill other positions to make the team all around better. And it is a big if, but McCown showed us last year he can be a good place holder that we can win games with while the rookie develops under his wing. That is the route I would like to see our Jets go. Our team still has so many holes outside of the QB position which is why I am against throwing Cousins big money, I'd rather see the club build through the draft and plug some spots via FA. This is an intriguing free agency class. Mathieu could become available which would be an instant upgrade over Skrine. We need another guard, pass rusher, center, and WR. We could sign 3 or 4 other quality guys at the cost it would be to bring Cousins to the Jets.

    It would be different if the Jets were a QB away from competing, but we are not. If we already had a strong core intact outside of QB it would be different which is why im not for Cousins. Too big a price when we have more positions to fill.

  7. On 3/7/2018 at 5:26 PM, johnnysd said:

    Signing Snacks and letting Mo go was the biggest no brainer in front office history and Bowles and Mac messed it up. Snacks should have been extended before he even go to FA. I swear, there are a lot of procedural and legal things I would have to learn but I could handle the team better than Mac. With experience comes BIAS and his are really bad.

    Agreed. It absolutely sickens me. Damon Harrison was no 1st round pick, he was an undrafted free agent that worked his butt off to get where he is at and establish himself as one of the best NT's in the NFL. He was one of those good finds by Rex & Tanny (I give credit where credit is do.) Both my dad and I wanted him to stay with the Jets but we could not afford him because of the contracts given out... His motor never stops on the play and he does not give up. I am sad we were not able to keep him and when I was a lurker on here a lot of people were lobbying for Mo to be resigned. He absolutely Albert Haynesworth'ed us. Glad this toxic piece of crap is off our team. His comments about how not winning wore him out... A real leader would never say that, they would want to help turn it around!

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  8. Pass, what I would like to see us do is this:


    Resign McCown, draft another one of our own, and have Hackenburg/Petty battle it out for the #3 spot and loser gets waived to practice squad.


    Bad thing about that though is you know Bowles is not gonna go wit the rookie over McCown... But that would still be the route I would go. If the guy you like is available at 6, you take him no ifs ands or buts.

  9. Not a big fan of Cousins at all. He's another above average type QB. Would rather resign McCown, draft another one, and have Petty and Hackenburg battle it out for the #3 spot.


    McCown knows the system if OC's do not change, a quality teammate/leader type, and would be a hell of a lot cheaper. The money if Mac were to throw at Cousins would be better off using towards the offensive line, IMO. We need a center, another guard, and preferably LT. I'm just not a real Cousins fan. Never was. I would rather have McCown back for another year then have Cousins. Please stay away Mac.

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