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  1. Lynch is bad, cannot believe some people wanted him in the 1st last yr. He is a project and its showing
  2. Which game are you guys going to watch? I'm gonna put on the Tampa game because I live am in Florida. Jameis is going to be playing pissed after what happened to them last week vs the Panthers!!! Lets hope the teams that we need to win get it done it will help us!
  3. I appreciate this thread. It is important even though whoever we do draft will just end up becoming a bust anyway Anyways other teams winning or losing to help us secure a better pick, and the Seahawks missing the playoffs will be huge for us, IMO
  4. Hurry up and trade Forte for that draft pick we need all the ammunition we can get!
  5. This game was so exciting! Loved Rosen's pose this game
  6. He got back up and threw strikes, love that resilience
  7. Please Mangold be ok that was not good seeing him on his back like that
  8. 101 proven ways how to lose a football game... Come on, it went right thru his hands I know its windy but come on you gotta be more aware.
  9. Might get blasted on here but... I'm a realist. And what I saw last year was a veteran journey man QB choking in some big games for us. Sure, our wide receivers had some drops. But, BUT I remember a majority of the time our wide receivers had to bail this noodle arm out. Remember vs the Browns when Marshall attacked the ball out of the defensive backs hands? I do... Rewatch most of the games from last year and you will see the same thing. Balls were thrown behind, in front of the receivers. I will give him credit though... Maybe a stat junkie can look up the stats but I thought our redzone offense was amazing last yr. But the struggle was getting there. The drives were extremely long, and sometimes very ugly. I think Fitzpatrick has a weaker arm than Pennington. I am not a fan of the Beard but I am a Jets fan and just want to see us win, I just do not think he is the GUY. Honestly I just want this nightmare to end, it's gone on way too long. If he is going to be resigned so be it, but I hope it happens soon... It is truly going to be a distraction if this lasts all the way up to training camp. And I think even the Fitzpatrick supporters can agree with the fact that he is going to be unlikely to repeat last years #'s Just do not overpay this fraud
  10. Me too... If anything this has gone on too long and has most certainly becoming a distraction. It would be different if Fitzpatrick was a perennial all pro quarterback, but this guy was a journey man QB who had a Cinderella season for us last year and still could not get into the playoffs.
  11. I have never seen anything like it at the NFL in terms of Hackett's style. Really pulling for both of them, hope it is a good competition and we keep the better one of the two. All I would like to see is a upgrade over Quigley... he was a bum. Last year our special teams cost us some games.... Hopefully this year it can become a strength,
  12. I'm just hopeful a few of these guys can make a legit push to make the team. Our special teams was complete garbage last year. Watching some of these videos makes me think some of these guys can really help our special teams unit out.
  13. It is going to be interesting. Especially if Fitzpatrick does come back. I honestly hope he does not. We have what, 3.3M in cap at the moment? It might be a moot opinion on this board still hope that we can get a deal done with Mo. Still upset we lost Snacks Even though our team has not made the playoffs, that defensive line was still very fun to watch
  14. Please be better then Jalen Saunders, Shaq Evan
  15. I like the pick later rounds are honestly a crap shoot, but they still are important I'm watching him on youtube now
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